The 3 day Count Down

The anxious wait for Monday at four o’clock, we will upload the unseen video of Chino Grande’s interview that was filmed one week before his incarseration. A full day with Chino Grande one on one with our camara telling us about his struggles in life and how he plans to move foward with his life. His message to his fans. If you thought you knew Chino Grande, this will open your eyes to who he really is. This isn’t like the other interviews you have seen him on. While your waiting for the 3 day count down catch up with his other videos interview for the Camponero Album, Slow it Down Signing, His last moments, working on slow it down and more videos can be seen on our YouTube channel be sure to subcribe. Don’t forget you can always put money in Chino Grande’s Books.

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Ms. Krazie, Champion On The Air Waves

Ms Krazie’s song Baby Angels was recently RETIRED from the 8 O’clock Knockout. She went up against top artists challenging her for the championship Jennifer Lopez, Rhianna, Pitbull, LMFAO, Tyrese, Gym Class Heros, Miguel and More! We added Ms Krazie’s 8 oClock Knockout Interview, and some of the voters who called in and voted for Ms Krazie to Knockout the artists competing against her. She is the longest reigning champion EVER on the show!!!Since Baby Angeles is now the retired champion, will be played through out the day. All you have to do now is to request it. Visit U-92.7 on FaceBook or Twitter, you can even do it old school can call them (lol) (760) 322-9236 OR (760) 345-9236 to request Baby Angeles to come out of your radio speakers. Shout out to everyone that called, posted, tweeted its because of you guys that will now be played anytime of the day. (we did it!!) We have opened a door of endless possibilities,but stay posted because we are still going to be taking down more radio stations.Plus we are even going to be introduce another song by Ms. Krazie on the air waves. Join the team.

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This is why you Don’t talk back to your mama!

As always we bring you the best from youtube. In this video by Cholo Adventurse they show why you Don’t talk back to your mama. As you can see Chino Grande “Hood Rats need loving too” is being played on this video. You can find it off his solo album “Still Active”. They are also wearing the classic Old Englsih Shirts, slippers and bandanas. Enjoy

~Jaime UKMG

Ms Krazie Performing In Boise This Saturday

This Saturday, UKMG Artist Ms Krazie will performing for the FIRST TIME EVER in Boise, Idaho at THE VENUE. This is her first time ever, just in the state of Idaho. Brought to you buy Paz Promotions, Ms Krazie will not be performing alone, as the event will also feature Cuete Yeska, Mr. D, Proper Dos, Selo, Sonny Locs, L Boy, and Mister One. That is a very dope line up of artists and the show is almost sold out. I heard there were only 20 tickets left and its still 5 days away. Tickets are very affordable for this concert, going for only $25 for eight really dope acts. And for VIP, its only $10 extra above the entrance price!!! So it would only be $35 for VIP!!!! As always, Ms Krazie will have Merchandise available for sale,like all her albums, including her new album “Forgive Not Forget”!! She will also have the Forgive Not Forget Posters available as well as the Hello Loca 2012 Tour Shirt!!! Doors open at 7pm.

This event is a Charity Event, with proceeds g0ing towards Cancer, So please leave the negativity at home.

Buy Tickets Online Now at

Or Call


Chino Grande Photoshoot With The Reaper

We has set up a really dope photoshoot with UKMG Artist Chino Grande and the clothing line Old English Brand. OE was telling us that they had a brand new bandana they were going to start marketing and promoting, called the OE “Reaper Bandana“. Its dope, featuring the grim reaper sickles all over the bandana and the Old English Brand logo on the corner. OE sent us this picture of Chino representin with the bandana, and it came out dope, and we cant wait to get more pictures so we can share them with everyone. Make sure to go to and check out their new tees, crew necks, bandanas, shoes and beanies.


Chino Grande – Words Of Thought

“If u love to hate what u love the most. Would it still be considered love… If u were sad because she left today. Would you be happy that shez gone by tomorrow.”

- Chino Grande


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