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We got Jasper Loco out in Las Vegas for the Magic Show. Doing what he said like he do, his on his Smoke Break.(so don’t interrupt him lol) Get his solo album East Side Assassin and if your feeling his  shirt you can get that too at Old English Brand.

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Music Thursdays-Police Work

This song is from Spanky Loco’s album The Superior

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Street Anthems 1 Is A Classic

Urban Kings Street Anthems was one of our best compilations we have released to the public. I remember talking to fans, and they would always ask when we would release a CD that featured all Urban Kings artists. They are fans of all our artists and wanted one CD where they can listen to a mix of different songs, and we decided to put out the Street Anthems CD. Since it came out, fans loved the artists and the songs and asked for more. We have released four CDs under the Street Anthems name, and we are thinking of doing Street Anthems 5…This album was dope though, and featured our all UKMG Artists. It also featured Conejo, Kid Frost, Capone, Top Dogg, Chino Brown, Danger, Frank V of Proper Dos and more. It had songs like “Urban Kings Street Anthems”, “Ask No Questions”, “Its That Gangsta Life” and “Ride For The Cause”. Make sure to check it out and watch the video of “Its That Gangsta Life” by Ms Krazie! It is all part of our Analog Vs Digital Campaign, bringing all Urban Kings CDs down in price to just $7.99 each CD, ONLY FROM The Urban Kings Merch Store! Get your copy of Street Anthems 1 today!

 Ms Krazie – Its That Gangsta Life – Taken From Street Anthems Vol. 1

The Cypher Effect Interview With King Lil G

Click Here To Watch The Cypher Effect King Lil G Interview

We were enjoying ourselves at the Cyber Effect show that took place at The Yost Theater in Santa Ana,ca a few days ago. The place was filled with hip hop fans that came to see: Reverie, King Lil G, Phora, Gavlyn among other dope acts. We actually got there a bit late, so they gave out our media passes away. We stood there for a couple of minutes waiting for us to get our new backstage passes. As we stood outside you could hear the people screaming and you could feel the energy just seeping out thru the doors. We just had to get in there. So we decided to forget the passes and just be part of the crowd and just enjoy the show side by side with the audience. Later, we saw King Lil G and so we had to go by and show some love. Gave us an exclusive interview, which he gives some inside to his success. A couple of minutes later, Jimmie just walks towards the backstage area. As if he had an invisible VIP pass or something. Next thing you know we are enjoying the show from the backstage. I guess you could say, in this case, Urban King walks around with an invisible VIP pass. Click Here To Watch The Urban Kings Cypher Effect King Lil G Interview.

Ms Krazie- Olvidarte Nunca Cover by Brenda

Check out one of the submissions off the “Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest”

This one was done by another Brenda.

If you’re not familiar with the contest make sure you click here.

Flashback Friday – I Dont Give A Fuck

Flashback Friday, work week is done and the weekend is here. I am listening to some Urban Kings music, and put in some Chino Grande music. We are gearing up to release the new album by Chino, called “1300 Block Boys”. Its a really dope album, its finished, getting mixed and mastered already. I found a really rare photo of Chino as he wrote a track for the album, and then this song came on. One of my favorite songs from Chino called “I Dont Give A Fuck” and its featured on his album “Trust Your Struggle” and Features Cash Money Records Artist Glasses Malone. Take a listen to the song below. We just made all UKMG Chino Grande CDs just $7.99 exclusively and only inside The UKMG Merch Store!

Chino Grande ft Glasses Malone – I Dont Give A Fuck



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