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Richard Cabral In American Crime

Richard Cabral has officially wrapped his episode for the pilot (the first episode of a tv series) for the upcoming tv show “American Crime”. It is a new tv show that will be about a racially charged murder of a war veteran and the trial, which will be shown through the personal lives of the people involved. It will be about an ex-wife and mother of the victim (woman played by Felicity Huffman). The story will be more detailed once the premier date has been announced, but the episode has already been filmed. American Crime is written and produced by John Ridley, who won a Oscar this year for “12 Years A Slave”. He also wrote and produced movies like U-Turn, Three Kings, Red Tails and Undercover Brother. Urban Kings has worked with Richard for years, releasing Richards music albums “Life On The Streets“, “Eastside Classics“, “California Boys” and more. Richard recorded music under the name “Baby Jokes” and has some really good music. Make sure to watch his music video below of his song called “She Used To Be My Sidekick” which was taken from his first solo album, called “Life On The Streets”.

Baby Jokes featuring Jasper Loco – She Used To Be My Sidekick – Music Video

Things To Do, Things To do

Alot of people always ask how we do so much, well let me first start that nothing can be done with out having a team and being organized. But before all this you have to have a clear mind on were your going. For me a check list is next to me every second of my day. As I travel, drive have lunch or do anything ideas are always popping up. So I make sure I write everything down so I have a reference to look at later. As you can see below my list was full but most important I actually followed through and eliminated one at a time. You have to remember that besides talent, the most important thing is the hustle. Because if your moving better then somebody else u are going to be were others cant be. In the mist of all this you still got to keep a level head, work with others because one thing i have learn is inspiration from others is motivation for yourself.

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Urban Kings With Compton Menace And Chris Brown

Urban Kings will be on set today with our homie Compton Menace of his upcoming music video called “Put On My Niggaz”, featuring Chris Brown. We have known Menace for years, before he was on TMZ and on MTV, BET, Worldstar, etc.  We were on set with Menace for his music videos before, including the one he did with Wiz Khalifa, called “Aint No Changin Me“. This is a dope new song by Menace and Chris Brown and we will be out there, and you may see some Urban Kings artists in the video. Below is one of the pictures we took on set with Menace and UKMG Artist Chino Grande during one of Menaces videos.

Chino Grande & Compton Menace On Set Of R.O.M.E video shoot

Raffle Winners

Mixing Them Up

A Fair One

And The Winner Is…..

We did a raffle to  promote Ms Krazie’s song “Let Me Love You” that has just hit the airwaves on The Heat 100.9 in Lancaster, California. Since the song was new to the station, we held a raffle that was FREE to enter. Every time someone requested “Let Me Love You” by Ms Krazie to either DJ Craig EC’s Facebook or Liz The Latina’s Facebook, they were automatically entered in the raffle. Each request would enter the raffle, limit one per day. I would like to thank everyone personally for entering! Your votes have helped Ms Krazie’s song have more of a chance to be played every day, and please continue to request her song. And now…The Winners Are

Mireya Avalos Garza

Patricio Holguin

The Winners win a Urban Kings Prize Pack!!!

Remember to Keep Requesting “LET ME LOVE YOU” BY MS KRAZIE on DJ Craig EC’s Facebook and Liz The Latinas Facebook or call 1-888-490-4328!

UKMG Sports – Super Six Championship

This Saturday the Super Six Championship will be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Features Andre Ward vs Carl Froch, both finalists in this tournament. The Super Six consisted of six great fighters at the super middleweight division. And a tournament style fight schedule throughout a 3 year span finally puts the two left standing against each other. Andre Ward and Carl Froch both fought tough fighters and clawed there way into the finale. The Super Six was designed to separate the tough middleweight class to one top fighter and the winner of this fight will be just that. Up for grabs is Wards WBA title, Froch’s WBC belt, Ring Magazine’s vacant title, and the Super Six trophy, along with bragging rights that they are the best in the division. This looks to be a tough fight for both fighters as both can mix it up and hit hard. Froch said “I’ll be trying to hit Andre Ward in the face — very hard and very often. Will I be targeting the right eye or left eye or wherever his cut was? To be totally honest, no. It’s too difficult to target a square inch on somebody’s cranium.”

This fight will be taking place on Saturday Night, on Showtime TONIGHT at 9PM ET/PT.


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