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Charlie Row Campo – Gang Tapes

Here is one of the classic albums released by The Urban Kings Music Group. Its by Charlie Row Campo, and called “Gang Tapes“. You can see Chino GrandeMidget Loco and Baby Jokes all featured on the front cover of the album. This is a classic album that made a huge buzz in the streets, and fans all over the world were influenced by songs like “Keep Runnin Runnin”, “Young Free and Single”, “Fresher Than A Mutha Fucker” and “Homie, Homie, Homie”. Also featured on the album are Camponero’s Fiesty 2 Guns, Lil Minor and Skandle Oso. The album also featured Wreck of Wicked Minds (R.I.P to Big Wreck). Its a classic track featuring all those heavy hitting rap shit that keeps it real. A must have for all Charlie Row Campo fans, so make sure to add it today to your collection!


1. Choices
2. Skit
3. Give It Away Now
4. Keep Runnin Runnin
5. Murder  Your Team
6. Empty Whitt Out You
7. Strap On The Side Of Me
8. Skit
9. Young, Free And Single
10. Dirt Off Your Shoulders
11. Homie, Homie, Homie
12. Skit
13. Summer Groove
14. Slanging Glass
15. Tramp L1F3
16. Skit
17. Fresha Than A Mutha Fucka
18. Show Must Go On

Chingo Bling – Pos Why Ju Hating – NEW SONG

Urban Kings Music Group got a super new exclusive for you guys. We were just sent this song by Silent Giant Entertainment about a new song they have created with Chingo Bling called “Pos Why Ju Hating”. It’s made in classic Chingo Bling form, a remix of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”. Its funny and made us laugh out loud at the lyrics and the thought of it. This is definitely worth checking out because it will lighten the mood, and maybe you have that girl that is just hating on giving you a chance. I put this song on my playlist right away. Shout out to Khool Aid, E Dubb, Chingo Bling, Pocos Pero Locos, and Big Chile Entertainment. Remember, you heard this song first on Urban Kings Tv!



Chino Grande – Shine On Me – Music Video Behind The Scenes

Chino Grande & UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr Before The Video Shoot

Filming Shine On Me

Carolyn Rodriguez On The Hook

UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz, Carolyn Rodriguez & Chino G Behind The Scenes

We have told everyone that UKMG Artist Chino Grande has filmed his first Music Video since he was away. But now hes back, better than ever, and grinding non stop. He was on set this week, recording his first music video in a long time. The video is to a song that will be on his upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released in 2013. The song is called “Shine On Me” and features Carolyn Rodriguez aka Medicine Girl, formerly of Dopehouse Records. With Chino Grande’s first music video, of course UKMG contacted Jeff “Echo” Reyes from Echosworld Films to film and direct. UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr caught a few behind the scenes picures exclusively for our blog to share with fans. We also have much more behind the scenes pictures and videos from the video shoot, as well as a few surprises for our fans. Make sure to keep our blog locked in, bookmark us, because we will be showing all that very soon!

Are You Whipped For Your Valentine?

That guy is in the true holiday spirit! Happy Valentines day!



Breaking News!

Got some sad news to tell ya. It all comes back, its to real. You can also check out the albums we had the pleasure of releasing by him here.


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