Throwback – Blue Rose

Today im posting a Throwback Tuesday one of songs that came out dope. It was for the ladies by UKMG Artist Chino Grande from his album “Story Of My Life“. The song is called “Blue Rose” and features Baby Jokes. It has been one of the most requested songs from our label, it was a favorite on radio stations around the country and on the syndicated radio show Pocos Pero Locos. Make sure to bump this track, and pick up the album if you dont have it already. “Story Of My Life” is available now exclusively for just $7.99 inside our online store!

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Music Thursday- Neighborhood Anthem

This song comes from the Charlie Row Campo’s album East Side Classics with Jasper and Baby Jokes.

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Snow Tha Product Behind The Scenes

Urban Kings Music Group was at the brand new Snow Tha Product music video shoot for her new song “Play” from her upcoming mixtape “Good Nights And Bad Mornings 2″. Her first GNBM mixtape brought us dope songs like “Hola” and “Cookie Cutter Bitches“. This new mixtape is gonna be dope. We been WOKE since we first heard Snow rap, and she has always been dope. We were invited to the music video shoot, which was directed by Jeff Reyes of Echosworld, and we took some exclusive behind the scenes pictures. Many specials guests were in the house too, like King Lil G, Khool Aid and E Dub of Pocos Pero Locos, Cecilia The Mamacita from Latino 96.3, The Cup Cake Cartel and more! Check out these exclusive pictures!

Play It Back

Gettin Hype

An Urban Kings Exclusive

BTS Photoshoot With Chino G – Fiesty And Jasper

Urban Kings has a really dope video to share with all our fans. Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a CD Cover? The type of pictures and photography it takes to get the right look, plus the right locations and scenery. This will show everyone a behind the scenes look of how CD Covers are made for our artists, during the photoshoot process. For this session, we linked up with Kast N Fame for not only the photography of each artist, but a exclusive behind the scenes video that will show everyone how the photo shoot process is. This video features UKMG Artists Chino GrandeFiesty 2 Guns and Jasper Loco, making their albums for Chino Grande’s “Shine On Me” album cover, Jasper Loco’s “All About The Money” album cover and Fiesty 2 Guns “Bring It Home” CD Covers. All three artists are members of Charlie Row Campo. This exclusive video will be released on Monday, July 29th, so stay posted to our blog for more information about this dope video. Photo shoot by Kast of Kast N Fame, and Directed by Kast N Fame.

The Behind The Scenes Video will be released exclusively on

Ms Krazie Love You Till Death Music Video Album Version

Ms Krazie’s brand new music video of Love You Till Death (Official Music Video Album Version) is the next big project Urban Kings is scheduled to release. This Music Video Version is the Album Version, which is taken from Ms Krazie’s brand new album “Forgive Not Forget” and features Ms Krazie, Problemaz and Kozme. We have released the Love You Till Death (Official Music Video Radio Version), which we are sending out to various television channels, both nationally, and for cable channels. We have announced the official release date for the Music Video, which will be December 24th, Christmas Eve! This is UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr Christmas present to all of our fans, supporters and representers. Make sure to stay posted to our blog, because we are going to give away more Ms Krazie CDs!

How about we do one right now! What I want you to do is take a screen shot picture of you watching Ms Krazie’s (Official Music Video Radio Version) and send it to me at Doing that, you will be entered in a RANDOM RAFFLE to win an AUTOGRAPHED MS KRAZIE CD! I will end the contest in ONE WEEK, Friday, December 21st and Post the winner on MONDAY, December 24th, right before I Post The Video!!!

Good Luck!

Remember, Ms Krazie’s “Forgive Not Forget” CD is Available In Stores Everywhere

Including FYE, Hastings and Best Buy!

Youtube Friday – Cops Kill

A picture describes a thousand words, and this video describes a million more. RIP.


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