Throwback Thursday

Todays Throwback Thursday is another classic moment in time. We brought out a classic picture taken from the Las Vegas Super Carshow a few years back. This was back in the days when everyone would head out to the car shows, meet up with fans, other rappers, and some clothing lines. Its always cool to go to things like that, dig the vibe and see all the models walking around. We took this picture of Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie and Charlie Row Campo. A real classic picture.

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Available now “Talking Guns”

Fiesty 2 Guns’ CD “Talking Guns” is now officially available on our online store. For those who don’t know who Fiesty 2 Guns is, he is a one of the rappers from Charlie Row Campo. He use to be known as Mr. Fiesty, then to Fiesty Loco and is now representing himself as Fiesty 2 Guns. Albums he has been in with Charlie Row Campo were “Stop Studio Gangsters 1 &2“, “Southern Gang Violence“,and ” The Camponeros” just to name a few. He has another album he is working on called ” Street Scriptures” which is going to be released next year. If you want to request your copy of “Talking Guns” or just want to listen to the songs that are going to be in the album click here.

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Unreleased Kuts 2 – Out Now

The Stomper released his album  ”FREE STOMPER – Unreleased Kuts 2” and it is now available! And for just $7.99! It’s one of his best cds he has released, and features are solid. Stomper worked really hard on putting this album together, working day and night to finish the album. Did you know Urban Kings was in the studio with Stomper and Fame of Kast N Fame. They previewed a songs that will be featured on this album, including the song that everyone was asking about, called Heart of Gold. Stomper has a really good line up of guest features, including UKMG Artists Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo, along with Spanky Loco, and Midget Loco. Also featured on the album is Carolyn Rodriguez of Dope House Records, Troub Nasty, Huero Snipes, Cuete Yeska, Juan Gotti, Oso Vicious, ALT The Saint, Malow Mac, J Hind and more! Available now and just $7.99 only from Urban Kings!

The Stomper – Heart Of Gold – Taken From FREE STOMPER Unreleased Kuts 2

Ms Krazie’s Hello Loca 2012 Tour

We have been announcing that Ms Krazie will be doing her Hello Loca 2012 Tour to perform for her fans around the country. She has announced some dates to kick off the tour and has many more dates throughout the year. The first stop of the Hello Loca 2012 tour will be DENVER, COLORADO. The event will be 21 and over with Valid ID. It will be taking place at Casselmans Bar in Downtown Denver. There is a General Admission and VIP admission and the VIP admission includes alot of items included a RAFFLE FOR A FREE TATTOO. Also performing for the night is El Cacho, P.O.M Records, Brown Prophetz, Charms G, Imperio Kingz, Mr. J Brown, Young P, Mr Hukla, Nacho Average Mexican and Dj Smiley.

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Spanky Loco in Nebraska & Iowa Next Week

Did you hear that UKMG Artist Spanky Loco is in the middle of his Tattoo And Music Tour 2014 and his next stop is in Omaha, Nebraska is on Friday, May 16th! Spanky will be in Nebraska from the 16th to the 18th and then headed towards Iowa on Weds May 19 and Thursday, May 20th. Next would be in Vancouver, Washington on June 6th through June 9th. Spanky has started the Tattoos and Music tour to give fans from out of the state a chance to get a dope tattoo, and Spanky knows its hard for people to travel to Los Angeles to get one, so he took it upon himself to travel to you and set up exclusive VIP Tattoos for fans, friends and ink collectors to get an exclusive Spanky Loco Tattoo. To book an appointment email to schedule your time and design today! I also heard Spanky will be performing in Nebraska too! Stay posted to our blog for more information!

Stomper Is Coming

Stomper’s Once Upon A Time In America 2 will be releasing 6-19-2012. The anticipation is growing for the new release by Stomper, with people asking when we are going to presale the album. Stomper continues to go in on politics like he did on his last album  ”Once Upon A Time In America Vol. 1“, but now coming with guest features like Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, Omar Cruz, Chino XL, MC Magic, Guzzle, Kid Frost, Slush Tha Villain, Spanky Loco and more. Dont say we didnt warn you. Stomper is coming June 19th, 2012.

7 Plus 6 Music Video Trailer – Taken From Once  Upon A Time In America 2 by Stomper



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