Troublesome With Chino G & Midget Loco

Our friend Troublesome from G'D Up Entertainment sent us a cool picture of the Lowrider Supershow with the one and only Chino Grande.

Troublesome also sent us a picture of himself with Midget Loco, ALT The Saint, and some other homies at The Dub Show. Im really feeling that Old English Brand Blue Sweater and those bandanas.

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Youtube Friday – Caught By His Mama

There is almost nothing worse then doing anything and  being caught by your mama. No matter what age you are, what race, whatever it is, you never wanna be caught by your mama, and especially with it being caught on tape. This guy went into the gas station and decided to rob a gas station. And got caught by his mama. Watch the clip because it was all caught on tape

Urban Kings Presents – Brown Pride Soldiers

Urban Kings Music Showcase is back with another fan favorite album. This CD is called “Brown Pride Soldiers” and features your favorite UKMG Artists, like Chino Grande, Ms Krazie, Stomper, Midget Loco and Baby Jokes. It also features Conejo, Bugsy, Sen Dogg, Slush Tha Villain, Joker of LSD, Cuete Yeska and more. Its a really dope album and has some dope songs like “A New Connection”, “76 Bars”, “Up To No Good” and “Its Kinda Sad”. Its a really dope album and has 18 jammin tracks on it. It is available now in all major music retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally on iTunes. Make sure to check out my favorite song  below called “Its Kinda Sad” by Chino Grande!

Chino Grande – Its Kinda Sad – Taken From Brown Pride Soldiers

Book UKMG Artist Chino Grande Today!

Urban Kings Artist Chino Grande is now available to book for concerts, shows, carshows, private events and more. He is available to travel anywhere in the world, including outside of the US. You can now book him for your event and see him in your city! Watch him perform hits from his past albums, including jams from Charlie Row Campo. He will also perform some new songs from his upcoming album! You might even be able to meet him and take pictures with him. All you have to do is tell your local promoter to book him and have the promoter email us at or you can just Click Here!

Also Urban Kings Artists Ms Krazie & True Starr are also available for booking! Email us for the best price today!

Spanky Loco Tattooing San Diego

Urban Kings artist Spanky Loco will be a special guest tattoo artist at Nittis Tattoo Parlor in Mission Valley this weekend, February 21st & 22nd. Spanky has been tattooing alongside legendary tattoo artist Mr Flaks for a few years, and now Spanky will be tattooing in Mr Flaks shop as a guest artist. Spanky has been touring the country for his tattoo tour, heading to many different states in the Northwest to the East Coast. He has also gone international, touring many different countries, including Europe and Japan. Now his next stop will be in San Diego, California, so fans and collectors who live in the area, make plans to get some westcoast ink by scheduling an appointment by texting 716-562-6828 or just walk in!

Richard Cabral Featured in Out The Box

There are some people who have told me they have not seen the Urban Kings and Richard Cabral video of “Out The Box“, so I wanted to give everyone a recap of what Out The Box is. UKMG and Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, collaborated to bring a different type of video to release to the public. Videos where there is no box, no limit, no rules that can be done for anything that we do. We will be releasing more videos soon, with different people who will share their stories, poems, music and life with the world in artistic way of showcasing it. Watch the first episode of Out The Box featuring Richard Cabral, an accomplished actor who has been featured in roles of movies “End Of Watch”, “A Better Life”, “The Counselor” and just wrapped up his role in “Blood Father”. He has also had supporting roles in the television shows “Southland” and “Chicago Fire”. He is currently staring in the hit television show “American Crime” on ABC every Thursday Night at 7 Eastern/10 Pacific Time!


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