UKMG 16/8 – Eastside Riding

Urban Kings has a really cool idea and has featured some dope artists in short music videos we call “UKMG 16/8″. The idea of the 16/8 is simple, we record music videos in a format of a 16 bar verse and a 8 bar hook. Not only that, but we have no rules for the songs we want for a video. We could pick anything we want, but we always think of when fans ask about songs and why their is no music video for it. We take it into consideration and we come up with our decision. We can pick a classic track, a brand new one, one that was a fan favorite, or even a unreleased track. This episode we featured artist Jasper Loco and his song Eastside Riding from his collaboration album with Baby Jokes called “Eastside Classics“, available now on all Major Music Retailers, like Amazon and FYE, and digitally on iTunes! Below is his album cover and links to order!

Jasper Loco & Baby Jokes – Eastside Classics – Official Album Cover

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Stomper – Once Upon A Time In America 1

Im bringing a classic back from one of my favorite songs of all time. Its by UKMG Artist Stomper, taken from his classic album “Once Upon A Time In America Vol 1“. This album featured so many dope songs, like Gangster Relief, Aztlan Is The Truth, My Story, 76 Bars, I Wish It Was Fake and more. My favorite song from that album was Gangster Relief and featured UKMG Artist Chino Grande and Lil Minor. If you have this album, then you know what im talkin about. Its raw, and real. Stomper always speaks knowledge and truth in his songs, but Gangster Relief hit hard. With over 300,000 views on Youtube, I know everyone was feelin it! If you didnt see it, im going to post it for you.

Stomper – Gangster Relief – Featuring Chino Grande & Lil Minor

Studio Stories Of Stompers Studio Sessions

Kast of Kast N Fame reminisces upon the studio sessions with Stomper while recording Once Upon A Time In America Pt. 1. He goes through a few songs and talks about what went into the songs and how they came about. It’s really interesting stuff. You don’t really get a chance to hear this with every album so this is a good and very interesting thing to watch. Remember to go pick up the album on 7.6.10 at your local FYE Store!

Listen What STOMPER said Yesterday!

Click Here To Watch The Video!

Urban Kings had a very special phone call yesterday with UKMG Artist  The Stomper, who is currently in custody, and talks to us about his current situation. We have told him we are already on the #FREESTOMPER campaign, and he lets fans know what he thinks of all the support everyone has been showing and giving. He also talks about his music, what to expect and what he has planned for this year. Make sure to watch the video and support The Stomper!

Rest In Piss From Ese Chino G

Chino Grande’s album is coming out August 16, but we already got our pre-sales available to buy. Get the album before it goes in store at Thru a new deal youbuycds will be sending out the orders before the release date so that all our fans from Chino Grande can get the album before it gets released. You can only get this from youbuycds. Pick from the Basic, Premium, and VIP package.

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East Side Assassin Sneak Peak

Urban Kings Tv releases snippets of Jasper Loco upcoming album “Eastside Assassin”.Check out what his album as to offer. East Side Assassin is scheduled to be out on June 21st 2011 on all FYE locations, Itunes, private distributors and youbuycds.

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