UKMG 16/8 Featuring Jasper Loco Releases Today

Today, we release the brand new segment for our 16/8 Webisodes, and for episode 2, we are featuring UKMG Artist Jasper Loco Of Charlie Row Campo. The song that will be featured is “Eastside Ridin”, taken off the collaboration album “Eastside Classics” by Jasper Loco & Baby Jokes. This is the second webisode for the 16/8 series, the very first one was by Stomper called “I Wish It Was Fake“. Make sure to tune in around 4:00pm Pacific Time to watch the upcoming 16/8 Webisode Jasper Loco called “Eastside Ridin”. The album is available now!

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I Love Jenni Marathon Tonight @ 6/5c

Tonight, Mun2 will be airing a Marathon of Jenni Rivera’s show “I Love Jenni” in honor of her passing, which happened because of a plane crash. Mun2 will also be airing additional Season 2 episodes on Wednesday, which will be followed  by episodes from Season 1, as well as her television show “Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis ‘n Control” on Thursday and Friday. Mun2 also dedicated as many as 30 hours of its programming to honor the late Ms Rivera that started on Monday, and ending on Friday. Filming had begun on Season 3 of the “I Love Jenni” series, when Jenni tragically perished along with six other passengers that were also on board the small lear jet. Ms Jenni Rivera had five children and two grandchildren, and has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. She had also just signed a television deal to star in a comedy called “Jenni”. She was working on becoming a cross-over artist into the American market until her untimely death.

Urban Kings has also worked with Jenni, who was featured on a song called “Love Again” by Chino Brown and also featured MC Magic of NB Ridaz. It was directed by acclaimed photographer Estevan Oriol. The song and the album had done incredibly well, and now it is the anthem, because there will be another Jenni, and we can never love another “la diva de la banda” as much as we love her. Here is the song and the information if you want the song.

Chino Brown Featuring Jenni Rivera & MC Magic – Love Again

Old English Brand Presidents Day Sale – 20% Off

The Old English Brand Dead Presidents Sale is on right now! Save 20% Off our collection, including Tees, Sweaters, Snapbacks, Beanies, Bandanas, Shoes, Windbreakers and more. All you have to do is add the promo code “GETMONEY” at checkout and you save some big money. Plus, the sale is also good at the The Old English Brand Flagship Shop. Get the gear you had your eye on, save some money, and we can ship it right to your door! Happy Presidents Day! And you get a free Dead Presidents Wristband!

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Chino Grande Interview On Rap Cartel

We have an exclusive interview from Rap Cartel who has done a quick interview with Chino Grande from Charlie Row Campo, while in back of the concert of the Charlie Row Campo/Mack 10 show. Chino Grande and Jasper Loco performed an awesome set, which was also caught on camera by Rap Cartel Tv. Chino Talks about his brand new album, and performance footage is after the interview. Make sure to check it out exclusively on Urban Kings Tv!



Music Thursday-Better Run, Better Run

One of the hard hits coming out of The Camponeros album by Charlie Row Campo.

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Midget Loco Performing Live

UKMG Artist Midget Loco will be performing in July at a really big carshow! It will be taking place in San Bernardino, California at Pharaohs for the Summer Concert and Carshow! The concert will be a great event and will also feature Rocky Padilla, Daphne and Tease along with Martin Destruction, DJ Bugssy, Mike Elite, DJ Sloe Poke and Special Guest DJ Mix Habit. Many lowriders, classics and bikes have already been registered for the event as well! There will be thousands expected to attend the concert, and some really good music will be performed by some really great artists. Make sure to come out and support Urban Kings and Midget Loco at a positive event! Taking place on Saturday, July 19th!


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