UKMG 16/8 Featuring Jasper Loco Releases Today

Today, we release the brand new segment for our 16/8 Webisodes, and for episode 2, we are featuring UKMG Artist Jasper Loco Of Charlie Row Campo. The song that will be featured is “Eastside Ridin”, taken off the collaboration album “Eastside Classics” by Jasper Loco & Baby Jokes. This is the second webisode for the 16/8 series, the very first one was by Stomper called “I Wish It Was Fake“. Make sure to tune in around 4:00pm Pacific Time to watch the upcoming 16/8 Webisode Jasper Loco called “Eastside Ridin”. The album is available now!

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La Loca’s Lesson #21

you may want a guy who is taken, but let me be the one to tell yo ass…come after mine and see what happens… try me lol

- Ms Krazie

Join Our Movement and Save!

Urban Kings has officially joined the Analog Versus Digital Campaign along with many major music labels to keep physical CD copies alive! For the fans who prefer an actual CD, read the credits and information, and appreciate the hard copies. Im the type of person who prefers having a CD in my hand, reading the notes, and playing it in my car. Just having it and owning it is a big thing for me when it comes to CDs and my CD cases. We have made each and every Urban Kings CD for only $7.99, only available inside The Urban Kings Merch Store! Dont believe us, just watch!

Fiesty 2 Guns – Talking Guns Mixtape

Make sure you check out Fiesty 2 Guns new mixtape coming out very soon. It is a really good project and will sure to stamp Fiesty 2 Guns’ name in this game.

Frankie J Wants To Try This Shirt

Frankie J came to the office a few weeks ago and picked out some Old English Brand Clothing and picked up the Ms Krazie T Shirt . He took a few pictures with the shirt as well. Frankie J has always been an artist that has made great music throughout his career.

Also make sure to download Frankie J’s new single at How Beautiful You Are – Itunes Link . Shout out to Frankie J!

Kruk One Freestyle Presented By Old English Brand

Check this out! Our friends at Old English Brand did an Exclusive Freestyle with Kruk One, a dope, talented artist from Los Angeles, who went to OE for a photo shoot and a freestyle video. We did a crazy freestyle video with Kruk, while he was rocking some of the OE Collection. He was rocking the OE “Stay Paid Crewneck” and the OE “Members Only Snapback“. He spit a dope two verse freestyle, letting you hear the flow, style and patterns of his music. Make sure to support the video by watching it and sharing it! Shot by Famous 8. The OE Stay Paid and Members Only are both available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside their online store!


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