UKMG 16/8 Webisode – Loco To The Brain

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Urban Kings will be releasing the brand new 16/8 Webisode This Monday, May 19th! We have announced who will be featured in the new 16/8, and its Charlie Row Camponeros Lil Minor and Jasper Loco. We brought out the 16/8 Series because fans always ask us when we are making music videos to their favorite songs, and they kept requesting them. So we started the Webisodes and already featured The StomperSpanky Loco and Jasper Loco, and this time we feature Lil Minor & Jasper Loco from their song “Loco To The Brain”, that was taken from the album “Eastside Classics“, which is available now! Make sure to tune into our blog on Monday to see the official full version of Urban Kings 16/8 Webisode 4 – Featuring Lil Minor & Jasper Loco called “Loco To The Brain”!

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Ms Krazie’s Official CD Cover of Forgive Not Forget

Urban Kings Music Group is proud to announce, that today, we release the highly anticipated and long awaited Official CD Cover For Ms Krazies 5th album release “Forgive Not Forget”. Fans worldwide have been asking Ms Krazie about her CD cover, on all of her social networks, and fans have also been asking UKMG on our social networks and our website. Well the wait is finally over and is no more. Here is the OFFICIAL CD Cover of the “Forgive Not Forget” album by Ms Krazie. Creating the ideas and concepts of this album was a complete team effort, thanks to Ms Krazie, designers Kast & Fame, and UKMGs CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr. And the design came out spectacular, with a smart, edgy, classy and sassy and sophisticated look, which are all qualities that Ms Krazie has. Ms Krazie is currently on tour, for her Hello Loca 2012 Tour, and has been super excited about showing this cover to all of her fans aka her TEAM LOCA. If you see Ms Krazie at any of her upcoming concerts, make sure to ask her for the Official CD Cover Flyer for Forgive Not Forget! Also let us know what you think of her new CD cover by leaving your comments below. I personal think this CD Cover came out amazing. Dont forget Ms Krazie’s new album “Forgive Not Forget” will be releasing in SUMMER 2012 by The Urban Kings Music Group and will be in stores Nationwide and also digitally through iTunes! Stay updated to the UKMG Blog for the exclusive snippets for Ms Krazies album “Forgive Not Forget”, which will be coming very very soon. Make Sure to LIKE Ms Krazies Official Facebook Today!!!!!

My Homies Music Video By Ybe

We gotta shout out this brand new music video by Ybe called “My Homies”. Urban Kings went behind the scenes with Ybe for the music video to give everyone a first look. We went on set and filmed the set, and the exclusive freestyle from Ybe. UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr takes you with him as he interviews Ybe and talks about the music video, upcoming music, his plans on his new album, and his sponsorship from Old English Brand. He also interviews the director and asks him what the 5 things that the artist should do on the music video set. We also interviewed a instagram contest winner that won a FREE TATTOO that was done during the music video. Make sure to check out the behind the scenes below too!

Urban Kings Behind The Scenes of Ybe Music Video – My Homies

I GOT 5 On It

Tomorrow is our boy Big Lyrik Entertainment is doing this event called “I GOT 5 ON IT”. Featuring special performances by Uncle Imani from the Pharcyde,Marvel The GR8, Philieano & Fate, and Big Girl Cookies “Tony Monroe”. There will be free givaways all night long from many different sponsors, and come to network at this event. THIS IS A NETWORKING EVENT WITH SOME DOPE PERFORMERS AND DJS. And did I mentino they got Dj K-Sly (formerly of 100.3 The Beat and a contestant on B.E.T’s “Master of The Mix” Tv Show) dj’ing along with Danny Parra and Ruckusredd. This event is 21+ and come down to meet and get sponsored by clothing lines, meet designers, printers, artists, promoters, public relations people and CEOs of companies. Its gonna be a great event with a great turnout so come out and get your networking on!!!

New Days New Ways Track Listing

Urban Kings has another bangin release this year. Its by UKMG Artist The Stomper and its called “New Days New Ways“. His first album since he was released. The album is pretty sick, that has 15 tracks featuring Conejo, Chino Grande, Troub Nasty, Spanky Loco, Carolyn Rodriguez of Dopehouse Records, Low-G, Venom of Tattoo Ink, Oso Vicious, Huero Snipes, ALT The Saint and more. Nothin but bangers and that real street shit that Stomps always brings. Make sure to support and get the album today by clicking the order button below! Here is the official track listing of the whole album. Click the button to buy.

Stomper – New Days New Ways CD – Track Listing

1. Nothing Else Matters – Stomper,Conejo, Venom – Produced by Kast N Fame
2. G.S.R – Stomper, Troub Nasty – Produced by Niles Davis
3. Gang Bang Boogie – Stomper, Chino Grande, A.L.T The Saint, Lil Dee – Produced by Danny Padilla
4. High On Life – Stomper, Chino Brown, Concrete Beretta, Johnny Blade - Produced by Concrete Beretta
5. Another Day – Stomper, Carolyn Rodriguez, Low-G, A.L.T The Saint – Produced by Kast N Fame
6. Getting Cake – Stomper, Spanky Loco, Oso Vicious – Produced by Kast N Fame
7. I Smoke Alone – Stomper, Troub Nasty – Produced by Kast N Fame
8. Im California – Stomper, Spanky Loco – Produced by Niles Davis
9. My Home – Stomper, Oso Vicious – Produced by Krypto
10. Im On One – Stomper, Chino Grande, Huero Snipes – Produced by Gnostik Minds
11. Money – Stomper, Huero Snipes – Produced by Kast N Fame
12. Yeah Buddy – Stomper, Huero Snipes – Produced by Kast N Fame
13. Mestico – Stomper, Conejo – Produced by Musica Asina
14. Streets Is Grimey – Troub Nasty – Produced by T-Nut (Pricks)
15. Nothing Else Matters (Remix) – Stomper, Conejo, Venom – Produced by Kast N Fame

Check This Out

First off, I wanna send a big shout out to Rebecca from Arizona (I put her Facebook link so fellow Urban Kings fans can follow her) for sending us one of the dopest pictures that have been sent to us! She is one of Ms Krazie’s biggest fans and she has the ink to prove it. Check out her tattoo of Ms Krazie’s lyric “Mas Vale Sola Que Mal Acompanada” from her song “Mas Vale Sola ” from the Ms Krazie CD “Smile Now Cry Never “. We always encourage fans to send in cool pictures they have to be posted in our blog. We will put your facebook link up and make you famous. You can send your tattoos of lyrics if you have any, or holding up one of your favorite Urban Kings CDs or even just a drawing or if you come across something cool related to Urban Kings. Remember you can send Click Here To Submit Your Pictures .

Thanks Rebecca!!

Ms Krazie – Mas Vale Sola – Song


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