UKMG Drawing of Chino Grande & Midget Loco

Here is a drawing we found of UKMG Artists Midget Loco and Chino Grande. It also features Baby Jokes. Drawn by Carolina Manriquez, she drew her favorite Urban Kings artists. We always support those who support us. so when we find something is related to Urban Kings, we always post it up to share with our fans. We also encourage fans to submit their material, wether it be with an Urban Kings artists, drawings, or your Urban Kings music collection. Make sure to submit your pictures to us by CLICKING HERE. Dont forget to include your facebook and twitter name so we can post it on the blog and make you famous and show the world your a big UKMG supporter.

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Ms. Krazie Inspired Tattoo

These are pictures of Rudy’s first tat. It says “Smile Now Cry Never” inspired by Ms. Krazies album tittle.

Shout outs to Rudy for submitting this!

If you have any pics you’d like us to post email us at

Have You Seen Out The Box Yet?

There is one video that set the internet going crazy this week, its the video of Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, performing some spoken word poetry for Urban Kings’ collaboration with Richard called “Out The Box“. It is a raw poem that Richard had put written and put together to be filmed for the video. Since it was premiered last week, fans have been talking non stop about this video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Have you watched the video to see what everyone is talking about?  Watch it now!

You may recognize Richard from movies such as “A Better Life”, “End Of Watch”, “The Counselor” and the upcoming movie “Blood Father”, staring Mel Gibson. He has also had supporting roles in television’s “Southland” and “Chicago Fire”, and his new pilot “American Crime” will be airing nationwide on ABC very soon!

King Lil G / Old English Brand

We just received this video of Old English Brand Photoshoot with King Lil G, who is a talented up and coming mexican artist from Los Angeles. He is building his music resume, which includes “Letter To Dr Dre“, “Narcos Corridos” and his newest music video “Who Shot Tupac“. UKMG filmed the behind the scenes of this music video, hosted by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr and features an in depth look about how King Lil G feels about Old English Brand Clothing, and what a company like OE represents to him. We want to shout out King Lil G, Old English Brand Clothing, and Jeff “Echo” Reyes from Echosworld Films, who helped film and edited the video.


Brotha Lynch Hung/Thief Sicario/Stomper Performing In Portland May 9

Nu Music / Strange Music Presents the Coat Hanga Strangla Mangla Tour, Staring Brotha Lynch Hung on May 9th, 2012 at the Mt Fabor Theater in Portland, Oregon. Also performing live is Thief Sicario and Stomper from Urban Kings. Along with Meezilini, Blacc Macks, Anine, Cognac, Ace Due, Quiz, Mr Revenuez, Mischief, and Spec Da K Koshir. Tickets will be available at the door and online at .

Stay Humble Snapback Hat

We gotta stay true to who we are and what we are. That has always been a main principle no matter what. Sometimes people that gets clouded with success, but for me, that means we got to stay humble and keep reaching for our goals. Set one goal, work hard to reach it, then once you reach it, set the next goal even higher. Never be satisfied where you are, always strive for more. But that doesn’t mean to not appreciate what success you have reached, it just means to stay humble and always stay hungry and rise the ladder of success. While the whole time stay humble and stay appreciative that you have reached your goals. That is what the OE “Stay Humble Snapback Hat“, which is available now at!


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