UKMG Drawing of Chino Grande & Midget Loco

Here is a drawing we found of UKMG Artists Midget Loco and Chino Grande. It also features Baby Jokes. Drawn by Carolina Manriquez, she drew her favorite Urban Kings artists. We always support those who support us. so when we find something is related to Urban Kings, we always post it up to share with our fans. We also encourage fans to submit their material, wether it be with an Urban Kings artists, drawings, or your Urban Kings music collection. Make sure to submit your pictures to us by CLICKING HERE. Dont forget to include your facebook and twitter name so we can post it on the blog and make you famous and show the world your a big UKMG supporter.

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Ms Krazie Performing In Denver February 27, 2016!

Ms Krazie and Urban Kings has just announced the new tour date for Ms Krazie’s upcoming “SadGirls Club Tour”! She will be performing in Denver, Colorado on February 27th, Presented by The Paisa Movement! This concert will be All Ages and will be taking place at the world famous Roxy Theater. Click Here To Order Your Concert Tickets! More information and flier will be coming soon!

Out On Bail by Slush Tha Villain

One of my favorite albums we have released through The Urban Kings Music Group is the Slush Tha Villain – Out On Bail CD. I have always been a fan of Slush, and to release one of his best albums was dope. The album featured UKMG Artists Chino Grande, Jasper LocoMs KrazieStomperMidget Loco along with Kozme. This album featured 11 dope tracks that came out with some of the tightest rhymes and with the top features. The whole album is dope, and Slush takes you along for the ride through some grimey stories. Produced entirely by Kast N Fame, this album is available to listen to FOR FREE. It is available now in all major music retailers, like FYE and Amazon, and digitally through iTunes. It is also available on The UKMG Merch Store. Below is one of my favorite songs from the album, called “All I Know“, its the first song from the CD and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Check it out!

Slush Tha Villain – All I Know – Taken From “Out On Bail”

Apple’s New CEO Gets 378 Times More Than Steve Jobs

Apple recently released new CEO Tim Cook’s compensation package for 2011. Making more than $378 MILLION DOLLARS. Splitting a $900,000 yearly salary, and $377 Million in stock grants of Apple. Steve Jobs, Apples founder, and past CEO made $1.00 yearly. YES. ONE DOLLAR. 4 QUARTERS. But in turn, Steve Jobs created Apple, and had BILLIONS of dollars worth of Apple stock grants. The stock was given to Cook to maintain and increase that 378 Million to an even higher amount, so the stock will go up or down depending on his work and success.

Remember Apple has over $100 BILLION dollars in revenue and over $400 BILLION in market capitalization. So there wouldnt be any downfall to crazy but the upside is limitless. With Steve Jobs planning year plans for the 3 years after his death, (Yes, Steve Jobs planned out the next three years with releases and new inventions, with his idea that he did not want Apple to downfall because of his death) anyone could really do the job for the next three years and learn how the business is ran.

Tim Cook with Steve Jobs

Ceasar Chavez Starved for us, Martin Luther King Dream for us, and Jesus died for us. R.I.P MLK

The perfect song for the perfect day, i really wanted to put up the lyrics but cant find them nowhere on the net. If anybody has them send it to us by clicking here. Of course we will give you credit and even add your facebook or link to your website.

Music Wednesdays

Its “Music Wednesdays” lets sit back and enjoy this classic track “Suicide Note” by Chino Grande off Charlie Row’s Stop Studio Gangsters.


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