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and the rest get block from the world.. They are not just trying to stop us but also Twitter, youtube and Facebook and even big artist and labels. The new law they are trying to past is called S.O.P.A and P.I.P.A. Sign the petition by clicking here and here to stop it. Even google and other big companies have our backs.. 

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Words Of Wisdom

I do what I can most of the time, but the most of the can is getting harder. People depend on me on all aspects and I’m proud. Proud that I can deliver, but sometimes I wonder, who or what can I depend on when I’m down on my own two and when I say my own too I don’t mean down as in struggling. I mean down as in a mental state. Stay strong they say, stay strong. Maybe I don’t want to be strong no more. Maybe posting this, is what I needed to do to show weakness. Because for dam sure everybody’s weak at one point. So now let me go on my day and be that strong person everybody expects everybody to be.


- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Old English Brand Commercial Featuring True Starr

Our friends at Old English Brand releases the highly anticipated commercial for the “Life’s A Risk Tee“, the newest tee into our collection. This brand new commercial features Old English Brand Sponsored Artist True Starr. It takes place inside his gym where he trains for Boxing and MMA. Watch as he describes what the meaning of “Life’s A Risk” means to him. The OE “Life’s A Risk” tee is available now at the Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside Our Online Store!

Summer nights with JD!

Hey what’s up this is Jaime with Urban Kings and i want to introduce you guys to a new series of postings. I’ll be calling it Summer nights with JD, which is me, and ill be posting some oldie jams that i personally like. I’ll be posting at least 1 song a week or even 4. They won’t all be oldies but for sure they will be from the past. I just want to share my extensive knowledge of music to you guys, the FANS. On some songs i will be posting the link to our online store so you can purchase, others will be just be songs for you guys to enjoy. Over all these are the songs that i listen to while I’m either preparing for the next release or for the next big meeting. It allows me to think back to the good Ol’ Days that i can only imagine since i wasn’t there to experience them. I will start my first post with I’m Just An Average Guy by The Masqueraders which is a song that i was blown away when i first heard it.

Song is taken from this album which has alot more classic rare hits. You can view it by clicking here

Ms Krazie Performing in El Paso

Here is a clip of Ms Krazie performing “Baby Dont Leave Me” at her most recent performance, which was the Hello Loca 2012 Tour stop in El Paso, Texas on March 11th. Ms Krazie had a sold out show in El Paso with a sold out V.I.P and General admission area. A Ms Krazie fan sent us this video they recorded at the concert. Ms Krazie might perform “Baby Dont Leave Me” at the Spring Bash 2012 in Yakima, Washington this Saturday! Make sure to come down to the Spring Bash 2012 Concert in Yakima if your in the area!! Tickets are available at The Yakima Sundome Box Office or .

I Dont Give A Fuck

Urban Kings released a really dope album from UKMG Artist Chino Grande from his newest album “Trust Your Struggle“. The second single from the album was a very dope, very raw song that featured Cash Money Artist Glasses Malone. The song is called “I Don’t Give A Fuck” and went hard over a solid westcoast beat. That was one of my favorite songs from the album, and was the follow up single following Chino Grande’s first single from the album, called “Shine On Me“. If you havent heard this dope album yet, make sure check it out and listen to I Dont Give A Fuck below! Trust Your Struggle is available now at all major music stores, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally on iTunes!


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