Vote for Baby Jokes Music Video!!!

Tele Mundo 2 is taking a poll for top 18 music videos. Make your voice heard on the mainstream and vote for Baby Jokes music video She Use To Be My SideKick. Let them know the movement is going strong, every vote counts.

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Long Live JRox Mixtape Coming Soon by EMC Senatra

One of the mixtapes we are excited to hear this year is from AK47 Boys artist EMC Senatra. He announced that he will be releasing his mixtape “Love Live JRox” this year, and just debuted the mixtape cover to the world. He is the newest artist to King Lil G’s label and was featured on King Lil G’s song “96“. The photo was taken by Urban Kings photographers Kast N Fame, during their shoot with our friends from Old English Brand. We will keep everyone updated on the release date for the mixtape, but its gonna be dope.

Ms. Krazie Radio Interview

This is the recorded interview of Ms. Krazie on 103.1 Las Cruces, New Mexico. The interview was on May 15 on a Sunday afternoon and for those who missed it Urban Kings got the exclusive tapping of the show for everyone to hear. Get her newest album Firme Homegirl Oldies 2 out now. Her newest song “Letter To My Felon” on ITunes or get the newest edition Street Anthems 3. Also don’t forget to get your autographed poster signed by the one an only Loca.

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Spanky Loco’s New Ink

Here is a new picture of Spanky Loco’s newest artwork. He did this new artwork right on the elbow, and if you had tatts on the elbow before, you know how painful it really is. The art came out too sick, with the collage of the guy and the girl. Spanky has been getting down on tattoos and is available to do your ink! Here is exclusive video of Spanky Loco doing an Exclusive Tattoo to one of his friends. If you would like a tattoo by Spanky Loco, make sure to hit us up by CLICKING HERE .



Analog Vs Digital – Free Stomper

The Stomper released his album  ”FREE STOMPER – Unreleased Kuts 2” and it is now available! And for just $7.99! It’s one of his best cds he has released, and features are solid. Stomper worked really hard on putting this album together, working day and night to finish the album. Did you know Urban Kings was in the studio with Stomper and Fame of Kast N Fame. They previewed a songs that will be featured on this album, including the song that everyone was asking about, called Heart of Gold. Stomper has a really good line up of guest features, including UKMG Artists Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo, along with Spanky Loco, and Midget Loco. Also featured on the album is Carolyn Rodriguez of Dope House Records, Troub Nasty, Huero Snipes, Cuete Yeska, Juan Gotti, Oso Vicious, ALT The Saint, Malow Mac, J Hind and more! Available now and just $7.99 only from Urban Kings!

The Stomper – Heart Of Gold – Taken From FREE STOMPER Unreleased Kuts 2

Ms Krazie Recording Her New Album

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie has announced she will be coming to Los Angeles to record her latest album “Sad Girls Club”. Since the announcement of the album and the album title, everyone has been hyped up about the CD. Ms Krazie has already started working on the album, and she will continue to work on it until its finished. She wrote a message to share with her fans about her trip, and her experience through her recording, and we have posted it at The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page!


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