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Ms Krazie Exclusive Interview on 982 The Beat

Ms Krazie will be doing an exclusive ON AIR Live interview with 98.2 The Beat on September 1st, 2011. She will be talking about her career, her music, how she came up with concepts of songs, and what her inspirations are. It is a full in depth interview with Ms Krazie by the radio station 98.2 The Beat. We will be recording the interview and will post it up for #TeamUKMG and #TeamLoca!!!

Ms. Krazie Inspired Make Up

This video comes from LaDelManicomio. Everyone has their different way of coming up with the Ms. Krazie look where your using pencil, liquid or gel they all look good.

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Ms Krazie Concert Pictures from Santa Maria, Ca

Welcome To The Hello Loca 2012 Concert

The Tickets To Happyness

Ms Krazie Concert V.I.P Badge

Ms Krazie Signing Autographs In The VIP Area

Ms Krazie With The Chicana Movement

Ms Krazie On Stage

Ms Krazie performed at her first ever California city from her Hello Loca 2012 Tour. Santa Maria was the city that was hosting the event, and Papa Jay was the promoter who put the show together. When we first arrived to the concert, we seen a HUGE Santa Maria Fairpark sign that had the billing of Ms Krazie on her tour. That was pretty awesome seeing our artist achieve success like that! Then we met a fan who took a picture of what the general admission tickets looked like. These were pretty cool tickets! The concert had a few hundred people at the show, which also had artists like The Suave Band Live, Mic Bless, Second Chance, and Sara S. All the other artists were very dope and played some really good music. Then we got up to the VIP Area and we seen a huge line of fans waiting to meet Ms Krazie, and Ms Krazie was also waiting to meet them! We found a few Urban Kings Street Anthems 3 Posters from the Urban Kings Office (The only CD that has Ms Krazie’s “Letter To My Felon”), and we brought them as a suprise for some VIP guests. Then Ms Krazie went downstairs to check out some of the other performers, and to watch the show. We then met up with the girls from TCM, aka The Chicana Movement, and took a few pictures and said hi. From then on it was meeting a few more fans, and Ms Krazie was preparing to hit the stage! To let you know, Ms Krazie never does an exact same show, she mixes up her songs for different cities, and she performed many of her classics from her albums. Remember, Ms Krazie will be performing This Friday and Saturday, May 18th and 19th in Farmington and Gallup, New Mexico.


Lifes A Risk Carnal

Life’s a risk and it is all how you make it. Your decisions, your life, and your rules. Our friends from Old English Brand releases our latest design, the “Life’s A Risk Tee” in White. A classic look with the lifestyle that explains it all. Putting your life on the line and risking it all, or it all be taken away. But one thing we know for certain, is to never give up without a fight, and if you go down, go down swinging. The Life’s A Risk Tee is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop (Open 12pm to 6pm, Mon – Fri) and online inside Online Store!


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