WestSide Coasting -Jasper

One of Jasper’s greatest hits makes it to his latest album EastSide Assassin now in stores. Get Jasper album on youbuycds, ITunes or FYE stores nation wide as well as your neighborhood mom and pop shops.

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Official Facebook of UKMG Artists

Midget Loco

The Stomper

Jasper Loco

Ms Krazie

Spanky Loco

Chino Grande

Fiesty 2 Guns

Urban Kings

Since the Myspace days, there have always been imitators of UKMG Artists. Fake pages here, Fake accounts there, all the time. Here at Urban Kings Music Group, we only show the official pages of our artists, authenticated by us, for the real fans to follow. Each artist has a Facebook account, keeping them in constant contact with their fans. From Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco, Spanky Loco, Chino Grande, Ms Krazie, Stomper, Midget Loco and even the official Urban Kings Facebook. Here is the Facebook Links for all of our artists, make sure to click the name or picture to take you to their page, and make sure to click LIKE on the page.

Baby Jokes signing

Baby Jokes was at a signing with Mc Magic and Chino Brown at Norwalk records for the Album The Rewire that was recently released on this month. Urban Kings had the chance to pull Baby Jokes away for a quick interview about south land and Chino Grande’s drawing that were sent from the pen. We were also able to see Baby Jokes taking some pics  and signing posters for the fans (lucky motherf****ers) lol.

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Happy Thanksgiving From Urban Kings

Urban Kings Music Group would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We have many things to be thankful for, such as working with the top artists in our business, a wonderful staff, and our staffs dedication to making everything perfect for our fans. We hope everyone out there has a great safe holiday and we will continue to bring the quality music and product that you are accustomed to. We will have another busy schedule for 2013, including new albums and secret ideas we are already putting into use. As usual, we will keep everyone informed on our plans! Stay connected with our blog with the most current up to date information about Urban Kings and our artists!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Out The Box Interview With Tony Ramirez Today!

Check out this behind the scenes picture of the exclusive Urban Kings Out The Box Interview we did with Tony “Lefty” Ramirez! If you haven’t seen his Out The Box episode yet, then you must watch it right now. It might be one of the best episodes so far. He titled it “A Cold Piece Of Work“, and it is a true story that he wrote based on his life experience. It was a stand out episode and we wanted to talk a little bit more in depth with Tony about his story, and we learned some new things in the story that we didn’t know.  The Out The Box Interview with Tony “Lefty” Ramirez will be premiering TODAY, Thursday at 7pm Pacific Time! Make sure to stay posted to our blog to watch it first! Until then, make sure to watch Tony’s episode again below!

Out The Box – Staring Tony “Lefty” Ramirez – A Cold Piece Of Work

With Ms Krazie Guy Contest Begins Now

Get the rules down and start uploading your videos of Rap like Ms. Krazie. A rule violation will have you disqualified. Let the world see what you got, as we nominate the best of the best.

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