World Premier New Charlie & FREE C Row Poster!

Charlie Row Campo’s new album “California Boys” will be releasing on August 7th, which is almost one week away. But UKMG is giving some fans a bonus. If you pre order the new Charlie Row Campo album this week, you will get a FREE California Boys Poster with your CD. So not only will you receive the CD and get a FREE RINGTONE with your order, but now it will come with a free poster. This will only happen for the fans who pre order the CD BEFORE THURSDAY, August 2nd! So make sure to get your orders in, because posters are gonna be going out to all the Charlie Row Campo fans!

Also we are WORLD PREMIERING A NEW CHARLIE ROW CAMPO SONG FROM “CALIFORNIA BOYS” called “Hometown”. It features Charlie Row and The Stomper. This is one of my favorite songs from the new cd. With dope verses from Fiesty, Jasper and Stomper, this song bangs and represents all hometowns everywhere. And dont forget Charlie Row Campo’s California Boys will be available August 7th at every Major Music Retail outlets All FYE Locations, digitally on iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store!!! Check out the brand new World Premier of “HOMETOWN” by Charlie Row Campo below!

 Charlie Row Campo – Hometown – Taken From California Boys

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Up Close And Personal – Chino Grande – Pocos Pero Locos

We have the exclusive interview of UKMG Artist Chino Grande for the Pocos Pero Locos Interview Series “Up Close And Personal“. It is a segment where Pocos Pero Locos interviews the top artists, and gives fans an inside look on knowing their favorite artist, from questions about their career, to random questions. Khool Aid is an awesome host and always has been, and with this brand new interview with Chino Grande, asking questions like how he first linked up with Wreck of Wicked Minds (R.I.P Wreck), to what is his favorite restaurant and more. Make sure to check out this interview and support Chino Grande as well as Charlie Row Campo by watching the video! Make sure to read up on all and everything at! And shout out to Pocos Pero Locos for the interview!

Chino Grande – Up Close And Personal Interview – Pocos Pero Locos

Reverie – 1 Syllable

Check out one of my favorite tracks I been bumping from Reverie called “1 Syllable”. Its a deep song that she made that hits alot of topics of how she felt and how girls feel when they go through bad parts of their lives. Make sure to check it out, the video has over 200,000 views on youtube. Make sure to check it out and support. Let us know what you think of Reverie’s song at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Fiesty 2 Guns At La Raza LowRider Car Show

Fiesty was seen in the sick city of Kent, Washington. Performing Make The Hood Cry, which is featured in his newly released album Street Scriptures. Watch one of Street Street hit singles “What I Dream Of” produced by BadFame. Get his album at, ITunes, FYE locations, or the mom and pops.

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UKMG Sports – Manny Vs Floyd

Manny Pacquiao’s camp recently said that the Megafight with Floyd Mayweather wouldnt make sense money wise. Here is ESPN’s “First Take” on the fight between Skip Bayless and Stephan A Smith. If it will happen, if it wont happen, how it can happen and who is ducking who.


Youtube Friday – The Homies


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