XSetForLifeX Super Show Update 2

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We have an exclusive update for the upcoming XSetForLifeX Super Show staring Ms Krazie, MC Magic and Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo! UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr gives everyone secret information about the concert, what to expect, and who will host this huge event! Want to know what other secret items will be available for purchase only at The Set For Life Super Show? Want to know who else will be performing at the concert? Want to know how you can get another chance at a FREE LOCA SNAPBACK HAT?!?! Watch the video and hear for yourself!

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Urban Kings Photoshoot With Chino – Fiesty and Jasper

UKMG artists were in full effect last weekend, getting together with UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr and the creative team of Vendetta, Kast N Fame. Our artists Chino GrandeFiesty 2 Guns and Jasper Loco, who are all from Charlie Row Campo, got together to hang out and talk music, fashion and cd covers. Each Charlie Row member will be releasing brand new solo albums in 2013, and thats the business we were doing here. We did an exclusive photo shoot for each artist, for their upcoming albums. With a creative vision from each artist, with input from Jaime C Diaz Jr and photographers Kast N Fame, along with Famous 8 and Stayin Gold. Everyone has a creative input to add their own flavor to each cover. What will the end result be? You just have to wait to see the covers when we release them, but we promise to put them out once they are finalized. Thats right, 2013 Chino Grande, Jasper Loco and Fiesty 2 Guns will all have new albums that you all have been waiting for! Make sure to Click Here For The 2013 UKMG Release Schedule!

There will be a Behind The Scenes Video that we did for this Photoshoot, stay posted to our blog for more information!

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Invasion Starts March 1st

Here is the Official Movie Poster for the movie “Invasion” which will be releasing March 1st at the Panavision Theatre in Woodland Hills, California. This movie I have not even seen yet, because I want to be into this movie while I watch it for the first time like everyone else. We will be there with the Urban Kings Staff watching and supporting this movie, because our friend Jeff “Echo” Reyes from EchosWorld (The same director who filmed and directed Midget Loco’s “Thirteen Letter” and “Sunday High” and Baby Jokes “She Used To Be My Side Kick“) is back with this all new movie. He also directed the Movie “ASH” which also will be out in 2012.

Invasion will be premiered March 1st at The Panavision Theatre at 6219 De Soto Avenue in Woodland Hills, California 91367. Showtimes start at 6:30 & 8:30pm and will also have a meet and greet with the stars of the movie. The movie will ONLY BE $5 per person, which is alot cheaper than films out right now, plus your supporting a independant filmmaker.

Movie Trailer for “Invasion”


A Secret How To Be Successful

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UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr gives everyone a very big secret on how to be successful. Not too many people now a days give information like this to help others grow as people. And personally, I think thats why the world is going where its going. These are some tips that will guarantee you to be successful, not just in the business aspect, but in your personal life as well. Have you ever heard of the term “Its not what you can do, but its who you know”? That is all too real in this world, and learn how to be successful by watching this video. But….You are only able to watch this video by LIKE The Urban Kings Facebook Page.


I Wish It Was Fake

Have you seen this Urban Kings series called 16/8? It is a series that we created that we make for fans, along with UKMG Artists. We create a short music video, a 16 bar verse and an 8 bar hook, and make a song that fans want. It might be a classic song, it might be a song released only on a mixtape, or it might be brand new. This was the very first episode of our series, and features UKMG Artist The Stomper. The song is called “I Wish It Was Fake” and is taken from his album “Once Upon A Time In America“. Watch it now here on Urban Kings.


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