A Fan Draws Ms Krazie With Only Stencil

We have a really dope picture that a fan drew of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie, using only stencil and shading. This is a really dope picture because you can tell the type of hard work, effort and pure dedication went into the picture, because the shading is the first thing I look at, because that is what details the features and likeness of each facial feature and hair. This is one of Ms Krazie’s infamous pictures, and the picture came out amazing. I am not a artist, but I have to give props to whoever did this. I wish I could have gave them credit, but they didnt leave a facebook, instagram, twitter, or website for us to post up. So if you have a dope picture, drawing, or anything having to do with UKMG Artists, send them into us by Clicking Here.

MC Magic Rocking Old English Brand


Old English Brand did a behind the scenes video of our photoshoot with MC Magic (formerly of NB Ridaz). MC Magic has been influential behind huge hit records like “Runaway“, “So Fly“, “Sexy Lady“, Reasons – Live” and more. He has been one of our favorite artists and one of the few artists we really wanted to work with. We filmed this exclusive behind the scenes during our photoshoot, showing a sneak peak of how OE photo shoots take place. You can check out MC Magic in this video sporting the Old English Brand “Street League” Crew Neck, OE “University” Tee and the Old English Brand “Heavy Lies The Crown” Tee. Make sure to check out the video and support MC Magic and Old English Brand! Make sure to visit MC Magics website to see music videos, free song downloads and more at www.NastyBoyRecords.com.

OE Sponsored Artist True Starr On BSide Show

Have you seen the interview with Old English Brand Sponsored Artist True Starr, (of Urban Kings Music Group) who was featured on one of the biggest online radio stations, called BSide Show. It is ranked in the top 5 online hip hop radio shows and this weeks guest was True Starr along with Self Provoked. Here is a picture taken of True Starr along with BSide Show Hosts Silly Rabbit and Susie Plascencia. The full episode is now available online and we have the show just for our blog readers! You can see True Starr rocking out reppin Old English Brand with the OE “Logo Sweater” and the OE “LS ANGLS Snapback Hat“, both available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and our online store! Watch True Starr’s interview below at about the 44:00 minute mark.

True Starr Featured Guest on The BSide Show

Respect The Hustle

I been in the Old English Office since 9am today, and when I came in, I was sporting the OE “In The Trenches Tank Top“, because the weather was nice and sunny this morning. After a few hours, it was lunchtime, so I grabbed my keys and open the door, and the weather was crazy cold. The weather change has been weird this year, going daily from real hot to real cold. Good thing I work at Old English, because I just grabbed my OE “Street Breed Crew Neck“, threw on a OE “Original Grey Beanie” then headed out. While at lunch, I ran into DSG Artist Problemz, and we were talking about when we did our photo shoot with him for the sweater I was wearing. We looked at a few photos taken during the shoot and they came out dope. I will be rocking the sweater all weekend through town and we will be scheduling some new photo shoots very soon with some artists and models!


The Revenge Super Sale – OxExB

The Riot on Us? You gotta be kidding me. We cant let no one get one up on us. And we are gonna prove it by showing you the revenge. We are gonna offer a bigger % than what them other boys tried to do on our site. They may have known someone that knew someone, but we are that someone. We are gonna raise up the percentage again for Monday, November 26th, for one day only, for a 25% discount off every minimum purchase of $30. This is gonna prove who control what we do. Our Revenge on the Black Riot sale is here!

Monday, November 26th, 2012. 25% off every order (minimum of $30)

Code Word is : TRUSTUKMG

And we partnered up with other great companies like www.UKMG.net, The Psycho Shop, Custom Frames, and www.YouBuyCds.com …. Old English Brand has revenge like no other, but we serve it hot!

L.A is the mission…