A Fan Draws Ms Krazie With Only Stencil

We have a really dope picture that a fan drew of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie, using only stencil and shading. This is a really dope picture because you can tell the type of hard work, effort and pure dedication went into the picture, because the shading is the first thing I look at, because that is what details the features and likeness of each facial feature and hair. This is one of Ms Krazie’s infamous pictures, and the picture came out amazing. I am not a artist, but I have to give props to whoever did this. I wish I could have gave them credit, but they didnt leave a facebook, instagram, twitter, or website for us to post up. So if you have a dope picture, drawing, or anything having to do with UKMG Artists, send them into us by Clicking Here.

Old English Exclusive – Bank Sale Sneak Peak of Anger Management

Old English Brand will be planted squarely in The Bank Sale, the Biggest Clothing Brand Expo taking place this weekend. We have also some secret information, that we have just received our Booth Number, and that is D-8. That is where we will set up and that is where we will be! Here is an exclusive look at one of Tee’s that will be available FOR ONE DAY ONLY. It is called the OE “Anger Management Crew” Tee shirt in Burgundy. This shirt has been asked about since we have released the premier of the design, and here is a better look for this exclusive tee. Make sure to visit us at The Bank Sale this Saturday, February 8th at The Los Angeles Convention Center and be able to own this shirt before EVERYONE ELSE! The Bank Sale is All Ages and is open to the public!

Our Clocks Dont Work

Here at Old English Brand, we never sleep, we work over 12 hour days, every day, to bring the best products to our people. We work from the early A.M to the late P.M working on designs, websites, blogs, products, stickers, posters, ads, flyers, hang tags, and we usually lose track of time and days because we work so much at the office. With no windows around us, its like Las Vegas when you never see the sun go up or go down or see daylight turn to dark. We are also working on a brand new commercial that shows us working throughout the day when we outwork clocks, and the clocks stop but we are still working. Theres always tasks to do at the office and when we almost complete them, a whole new project comes out of the last one, keeping us busy. And we do this for our fans, who love our clothing and support our movement and we bring to them the quality and exclusiveness that we are all divided by none. “OLD ENGLISH BRAND WHERE THE CLOCKS DONT WORK” VIDEO IS COMING SOON!!!

Stomper’s New Trailer For 7 Plus 6

Stompers has filmed his first Music Video for his newest album “Once Upon A Time In America 2″. The song is called “7 Plus 6″ and came out extremely sickkkk and was filmed, directed and produced by Kast N Fame. This video will be releasing within the upcoming weeks for the new album. If you haven’t heard yet, Once Upon A Time In America 2 will be featuring some of todays dopest artists right now, like Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, Chino XL, Fingazz, Omar Cruz, Guzzle, Frost, MC Magic, Slush Tha Villain, and more. With that being said, welcome to the mind of Stomper and his story of 7 Plus 6. And Check out the Old English Shoutout at the end and if you dont know, Stomper is wearing Old English Brand Clothing in this video, Can you guess which design he is gonna wear!

The OE x Mr Flaks Photoshoot

We had a very special guest come through our office for a awesome photoshoot. He is building his legendary career from tattoo work, to artwork and design. Flaks has toured the world for his tattoo work, and established his own tattoo shop in San Diego, California called “Nitti’s Tattoo Parlor“. He has tattoo’d professional athletes from the SD Chargers, Big Gus of Tattoo Nightmares, skateboard legends, rappers and more. Flaks has also designed for clothing companies like Osiris, Sullen, and Tribal. Check out this awesome photoshoot we did with Mr Flaks and you might see a collaboration between us very soon. He is rockin the OE “High Expectations Crew Neck” in heather grey. It is available now in sizes L – 3XL. Available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop, open Mon – Fri from 12pm to 6pm at 11781 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670!

Mr Flaks x Old English Brand

Flak Nitty aka The Script Killer

Click To Order the “High Expectations Crew Neck” Today!

King Lil G – Out To Get Me – Official Music Video

King Lil G – Out To Get Me – Official Music Video

We have the exclusive Music Video for King Lil G, called “Out To Get Me”. This is a really dope music video that came out sick. Filmed and Directed by Jeff “Echo” Reyes for Echosworld Films. Old English is also involved with the music video, sponsoring Hittman Gottem, who is the person who betrays King Lil G in the video. Hittman is wearing the “OE California Love Tee” and it looks very awesome on camera. It has been a favorite to everyone we show it to. So everyone make sure to watch the music video, support King Lil G, Echosworld Films, Hittman Gottem and Old English Brand Clothing.