A Fan Draws Ms Krazie With Only Stencil

We have a really dope picture that a fan drew of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie, using only stencil and shading. This is a really dope picture because you can tell the type of hard work, effort and pure dedication went into the picture, because the shading is the first thing I look at, because that is what details the features and likeness of each facial feature and hair. This is one of Ms Krazie’s infamous pictures, and the picture came out amazing. I am not a artist, but I have to give props to whoever did this. I wish I could have gave them credit, but they didnt leave a facebook, instagram, twitter, or website for us to post up. So if you have a dope picture, drawing, or anything having to do with UKMG Artists, send them into us by Clicking Here.

2Mex – This Too Shall Heal

It’s interesting how we are engaged in people’s life journeys through social media. One artist that has really inspired me in the recent months has been hip hop artist 2Mex. I started really paying attention to his instagram posts when he first checked into the emergency care due to complications with his diabetes. As the posts kept updating the time line kept getting darker. 2Mex was about to lose his leg and maybe his life. Suddenly I see an ig video in a dark hospital room, the flashlight from the phone shining at the empty spot were his leg used to be, and him repeating, “This too shall heal, this too shall heal.”  2Mex’s right leg from the knee down was amputated and his life was changed forever. I kept checking up on his instagram and saw how many people came to support him. How much love and prayers were sent his way. Which it seems that all that love from his fans, family and friends seemed to give him strength. I am now currently staying updated in his progress from him learning to walk with a prosthetic leg, to going to back working weekly at 93.5 KDAY and his new journey on advocating health. Which it is one thing that we lack on. We think we are invincible, we think we may live forever, we think that it can’t happen to us. The reality is, we are all fragile, sure we are distracted so much that we forget to take care of our health or we think is not relevant to teach or learn healthy choices that can make us stronger. The thing is what is fame and fortune if you are sick? What is fame and fortune if you can’t get out of bed to enjoy it? Health is the greatest gift given to man. So in words of 2Mex ‘Everybody use what the fuck has happened to me as an example go take care of yourself.’

Clips from 2Mex Benefit show:

Written by: Famous8

Sneak Preview Winter 2016

Here’s a sneak preview of how one of our designs coming out this Winter 2016, “Hustle Accordingly” Can now be pre-ordered on our online shop. So sign up and be one of the first ones to get your hands on it.


Have You Met Alexandra Bombshell?

Have you ever met Alexandra Bombshell? You may recognize her as the sexy model from Music Videos from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle ft Lloyd “Feelin Myself”, Nipsey Hussle “A Million”, The Game “Cherry Khool Aid”, Bobby Brackins, YB aka Ya Boy, Nu Jerzey Devil, The Pricks featuring B Real, and more. We recently shot a few video clips of her wearing the Old English Brand Shirts “LA City Of Angels : Where There Are No Angels” and the “First Off I Wanna Thank My Connect” Tee Shirts. We will be releasing the video on Friday, June 15th so make sure to keep our blog posted!

The Smokers Club Tour

Check out The Pricks at their tour going on from Oct 12- Nov 24. Old English Brand will soon be having a collaboration with The Pricks. Be on the look out for our exclusive interview with Tnut from The Pricks. He stopped by the other day  for a photo shoot in our studio. Check out the Old English shirts in their music video.

Meet Cecilia This Saturday At The Old English Brand Flagship Shop

We are having a very dope Meet & Greet this Saturday, July 11th at our Old English Brand Flagship Shop Grand Opening! You can meet Cecilia, take pictures with her, and she will have her posters available and she will be hanging out with everyone. If you think she looks familiar, your right, she is featured on the OE “Cecilia Tee“, and it is available now! You can even buy the tee at the meet and greet, and have her sign it for you! She will be there on Saturday, will you? The directions to the flagship shop are below!

Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670