A Fan Drew Ms Krazie in Squares!

First off Shout out to Sandra Diaz for making this real dope picture of Ms Krazie. The drawing is entirely made of squares with different colors in them. And Ms Krazie’s songs from her Firme  Homegirl Oldies 2 cd. And the picture looks like the Cd cover too! Its something everyone can tell took a whole lot of time, energy and precise coloring to make this picture as great as it came out. We love when people do something artistic and creative for us and our artists because they enjoy the music they listen to.  If you do things like this, it will earn you a spot on our blog as well, because we do appreciate our fans and they are all part of our team as well! Thank you Sandra for allowing our staff, Ms Krazie and all the fans to appreciate your hard work on the drawing. We Love It!!!! Remember if anyone has pictures, paintings, drawings, graffix or anything creative when it comes to Urban Kings or Midget Loco, Chino Grande, Baby Jokes, Fiesty 2 Guns, Ms Krazie, Jasper Loco, Stomper, or Spanky Loco, email it to us and let us post it on our blog by CLICKING HERE .




Creative Designs

Every wonder who comes up with The Vandals designs? No one else but our one and only boy EdGutter. He has his own site where he puts up his work to real life. So you can get to see the creativity that goes through his mind when he comes up with the designs. We don’t have no fancy designers here just real people putting their thoughts into play.

Go Hard Or Go Home!

Check out this new video my boy just showed me. Artist 3nvious representing Compton is promoting his new mix tape coming out soon.

Our First Warehouse Sale

This saturday it will be the first time we open our warehouse to the public for our very first back to school warehouse sale. We will be giving out 10% to 75% off our merchandise in the store. We wanted to make this event pop like all the events we do so we will have music, and a skate ramp provided by our friends from Unmodern. So bring your boards.

Fat Trel Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Menace 2 Society

We found this really dope clip of Old English Brand sponsored artist Fat Trel in the BET Presents “Hip Hop Stars Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Menace 2 Society”, which originally aired on May 24th, 2013. Fat Trel has been on an East Coast Tour for a few weeks, working with other well established artists. Fat Trel is one of the realest dudes in hip hop, traveling everywhere, hitting all cities, and getting love from all over. It was really dope working with Fat Trel on a photo shoot, not only because we are fans of his music, but because he always keeps it real. We will keep everyone posted on upcoming moves from Fat Trel, and make sure you stay posted to our blog so you can see what we are working on!

BET Presents – Hip Hop Stars Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Menace 2 Society

Time To Re Up

Sportin OE With His Back Against The Fence

Im From L.A , You Already Know

No Angels In L.A , Just Tatts and Gatts

We just got our new shipments of the Old English Brand L.A. City Of Angels Where There Are No Angels T Shirt ! They have been a shirt that was in demand since we have posted them on the Old English Brand Store. We were sold out of product and first shipment was also sold out. We are in the process of making even more so we can get them out to you, and its looking like within a week we will have all sizes. Right now we have a few sizes available, so make sure you check out our store and find the colors you like. We have the City of Angels shirts in Grey & Black , Blue & Black , and Black & White .