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Have you ever had a question and you just didn’t know who to ask. You didn’t want to ask your parents, or  your family members, and just wanted to ask a question? Well UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is now giving fans advice from other fans, while also giving her thoughts on the subject. She has been posting and giving advice for a week or so. All different types of topics are discussed, from relationship problems, to child problems, to problems reaching goals. Everything is wide open and being talked about. This is a great way to get  advice from your favorite artist. All you have to do is LIKE Ms Krazie’s Facebook Page. Thats all you have to do!


Extendo Gang With The Reaper

Extindo Gang Comin At  Ya

Finess X DMack Swagger X Bounc3 X MerLo X OE

MerLo & DJ Calindamix

Have you heard of this new upcoming group from the westcoast named Extendo Gang? They are a branch from The Rej3ctz, presented by Rej3ctz member Bounc3. Bounc3 was one of the creators of the song “Caddy Daddy – Staring Chris Brown“. This is the new project Bounc3 is working on, and he did a photo shoot with the members of his new group “Extindo Gang”. The pictures came out great, and featured MerLo rocking the Old English Brand “Reaper Bandana” in the photos! The Reaper Bandana is available now in our Online Store. Check the pictures out and also check out the two music videos below, of Cat Daddy & Good Weed. OE also sponsored an upcoming Extindo Gang music video, that will be coming out very soon, so make sure to stay posted to our blog for more info!

Cat Daddy – Music Video – Staring Chris Brown

Extindo Gang – Good Weed – Music Video

Handling the Stage with OE

On stage with DJ Quik, and Lyrik making sure everything runs smoothly.Nothing is old about making business, same goes for the OE Classic Flannel. This was back when DJ Quick was known as DJ’ing and not a beat has change from rockin the stage.

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New Music Video From True Starr

Its finally here! Old English Brand Sponsored Artist True Starr released a music video today, a song taken from his new album You’re Welcome on iTunes, and to celebrate the album coming out, he also released a new behind the scenes video called “Mind Right” that will feature Chino Grande. The song is pretty dope, and the music video is pretty crazy too. Plus you can see True Starr rockin his OE “Faded Beanie in Black“, which is always dope to see artists rockin our collection for video and photo shoots. Make sure to support True’s new album by downloading it here!

Sneak Peek of our 2 New Shirts!!!

Check out the sneak peek of our 2 new shirts – Plead the 5th featuring Midget Loco and Trust No One which is our first collaboration with tattoo artist Huerito! This is the 3rd new shirt in the last 2 weeks and will be available the upcoming week. Save your money and be ready to place your order fast because these shirts will for sure fly off our shelves, website and be shipped out to stores. Spread the word and leave us your comments below.

Menace x Wiz Khalifa x Aint Changin Me x Behind The Scenes

Menace Sporting Old English In “Aint Changin Me”

 Compton Menace Rockin The OE University Tee On Camera

Jasper Loco x Compton Menace x Chino Grande

Old English Brand was invited to participate in Compton Menace’s brand new music video called “Aint Changin Me” featuring Wiz Khalifa. Compton Menace been our friend for years, and we always support him on what he does. Menace linked up with Wiz Khalifa earlier this year and made a dope song called “Fucc Shit” which was placed on Wiz Khalifa’s “Cabin Fever 2″ Mixtape. The pair made a ridiculously dope track and they have came back to create “Aint Changin Me”, which is another hit. The music video was filmed earlier this week, and Old English Brand came to the set and met up with Jasper Loco and Chino Grande, who are also other artists that are sponsored by Old English. Menace was really feeling the Old English Brand University Tee and decided to wear the shirt during most of the music video. You can even see Jasper Loco reppin with the OE Shield 2 T Shirt and Chino Grande sporting the OE California Love Tee . A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Compton Menace, Fattz, Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, Urban Kings, Jaime C Diaz, Hollywood Donut, Omar Cruz, and everyone who was at the music video!