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Have you ever had a question and you just didn’t know who to ask. You didn’t want to ask your parents, or  your family members, and just wanted to ask a question? Well UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is now giving fans advice from other fans, while also giving her thoughts on the subject. She has been posting and giving advice for a week or so. All different types of topics are discussed, from relationship problems, to child problems, to problems reaching goals. Everything is wide open and being talked about. This is a great way to get  advice from your favorite artist. All you have to do is LIKE Ms Krazie’s Facebook Page. Thats all you have to do!


old english all day

It may be cold but we got what you need to still be able to go out side. (We even have bennies lol) But most of our sweaters are limited edtion. So get yours before some one else does. Where’s yours?

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The Best Drinking Cup EVARR!

Downtime is a b*tch? Not for me it isn’t. Well, I don’t really have much downtime, they’re mini downtimes. As files are saving, the internet slows down, uploading and downloading files I start adding a little piece of art to the cup. I first started with the skull on the right side with the roses around it. And then worked my way around the cup. I wouldn’t say it the best drawn thing in the world, but i will say that it looks bad ass. It’s a conversation piece. Its art. Its my damn drinking cup. lol.

And now its for sale. Any bids? lol.


We Got These Back In Stock!

Attention, we got these back in stock! The original Old English Brand Old English Brand Members Only Snapback in All Black. These have been sold out for weeks at both, the Old English Brand Flagship Shop and our online store. These Members Only snapbacks have been a staple from our collection, with the official Old English Brand logo on the front. We have many different colors from the Members Only line, and we will be receiving more snapbacks that are also sold out. Make sure to keep an eye out on upcoming collection for Spring/Summer! We will be posting more information, sneak peek artwork for the designs we are working on, and some little extra surprises that we have in the works. You can always come down to The Old English Brand Flagship Shop to check out what we have in person, and get some Free Pins with your order!

OE xSet For Lifex Give Back

Old English Brand has joined forces with our friends from Lineage Entertainment, Urban Kings Music Group, Actor Richard Cabral, and Vndta. We all would like to bring some Christmas cheer to some unfortunate children. We created the xSet For Lifex Give Back, where we set up a toy drive donation where we ask everyone to donate toys to those less fortunate than others. Each company is donating money, time and toys to give away this holiday season. We believe that the kids are our future, and we know that for some families, it is tough to spend money on toys and presents while many people are out of work. We will be accepting donations at the Old English Brand Flagship store. We ask to receive all donations by December 17th because we will be distributing the toys on December 18th, on a first come, first serve basis. We will also have a Santa Claus who will be making an appearance for the kids and will also be taking pictures for kids as well. Their will also be some special guest artists, actors, athletes, and celebrities that will be stopping by to say hello, so make sure to come out and hang out with us!

The Give Back Donation drop off will be Monday Through Friday from 12pm to 6pm from now until December 17th.

The Give Back Toy Distribution will be on Thursday, December 18th, starting at 12pm until 2pm, on a first come, first serve basis.

A Kodak moment to post up

Cacthing a pic of Mr. Blue with the old english homicide back up by the Centro Side clan If you don’t know who Mr. Blue is, do yourself a favor check out his music video It’s Chicano Rap which is featured in the 1st Urban Kings Street Anthem.
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