Be LOCA For 1 Hour Was A Huge Success

Urban Kings, Ms Krazie and Old English Brand want to thank everyone who took part in last weekends “Be LOCA For 1 Hour” sale last Friday. It was amazing to do something like this for the first time and completely sell out. The sale was for an hour, but since we only made a limited number of LOCA Snapbacks, we barely made it past the half of that, selling out about 35 minutes into the sale. These LOCA Snapbacks have been in a huge demand, since the announcement and release of them ONLY AVAILABLE at Ms Krazie/Old English Brand/Urban Kings Pop Up Shops in Southern California and Las Vegas. We took a picture of them being sent out today, so if you were only of the lucky ones to get your LOCA Snapback Hat, make sure to Tag Us On Instagram at @UrbanKings, @HelloLoca and @OldEnglishBrand.

Interrogation of a Vandal

An Old English Vandal Arksseven. Bet your surprised that she’s a chick. (Sorry guys she’s taken). She went out painting in the Spirt of the New Year to kick of the year, and still catching Land Marks. The world is a vandals canvas, they let the creativity run free through the colors and stlyes of letters. We asked her some questions about her life being a female graffitti artist…

Q. When did it all start?

A. mann, shit started a cool minute ago.. like about 4 years ago but with some toy ass shit, I wouldn’t consider myself an actual bomber till about 2 years ago.

Q. Did anyone take you under there wing?

A. Nah, i never had that person to look up to. Sometimes i wish i did though, so i could of known the Do’s and Dont’s of the game you know…

Q. What do guys think when they first find out you bomb?

A. Just being a girl they automatically thing im just another “graff groupie”, but that never intimidated me.. I just let my skills speak for themselves.

Q. Being a vandal have you ever had a close call?

A. Well actually there was this one time, but thats a whole other story. hahaha

Old English Brand Commercial Premier

OE – Where The Clocks Dont Work


Here is the Official World Premier for the Old English Brand Commercial – Where The Clocks Dont Work. We worked on this commercial for a few weeks perfecting the filming and editing process to where it was perfect. With the help of Jeff “Echo” Reyes from , this video became what we have envisioned for it. A dope commercial with some dope filming and the editing was awesome. Make sure to give our commercial a Thumbs up, A Good Comment and Share the video all around Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else you can! Shout out to everyone wearing Old English Brand, Our Staff and Jeff “Echo” Reyes and the whole Echos World Team!

In Motion With Gunz

Everyone at Old English Brand gets creative when it comes to any idea with unlimited possibilities. When we decided to make a short campaign, we went to Los Angeles with Gunz, who has been featured in many television shows and music videos, like Bones, Gang Related, Scandal, and music video appearances by ASAP Rocky, Calvin Harris, Tinashe, Maino and more. Watch as we took him throughout LA and did many shots as part of our seasons Look Book. Make sure to watch this video while we create our magic.

Fast As Hell Joggers

Old English Brand released the first ever bottoms to our collection. It is the OE “Fast As Hell Jogger Pants” and they been a hit since they came out. With fashion trends changing, we always stay ahead of the rest and release clothing that will be popular, and these are no different. The style with the Old English Brand carries a new style for the public. With Old English Brand boldly across the leg, along with Athletic Dept. Track and Field, these have been a hit with everyone. Make sure to check them out today and get your pair. I have been wearing mine throughout town and always get asked about them. Plus they are comfortable too. Check them out, available in black! Available at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online at The Old English Brand Online Store! We ship worldwide!

Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Monday – Friday

Hours : 12pm to 6pm