Behind The Music – Ms Krazie’s Video Biography

We bring a very special Urban Kings Tv exclusive video by the queen of Urban Kings herself, Ms Krazie. She talks very candid about her life, from her childhood, to making music, she talks about all different subjects. Theres not really much that we can say, without Ms Krazie telling you herself, so make sure to check out the video, watch the video, and listen to how she went from growing up into the beautiful person she has become. This is a 30 minute long video of her story, so listen to Ms Krazie’s ride from childhood, to adulthood, to becoming a female rapper.



Plenty of califa luv to go around

After hearing you guys demand the old calif to be back in stock Old English got to work and called Baby Jokes for a quick welcome back shot. So allehuja your prayers were answered lol

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Old English Brand Black Riot Sale

It is about that time of year again for the Old English Brand annual Black Friday sale. We are calling this sale “Black Riot” because we are rioting for the best deals. In fact, we know a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy that was able to get in the main database of this site and make this one time deal. We will have to take off the sale Monday, but the damage will already be done. You want the classic Old English Brand shirts, the OE Vandals shirts? The new Summertime In The OE shirts? Or some Sweaters, Bandannas, House Shoes, or you can even get accessories, like Stickers, Posters, Glasses, or Art? We got it all available for you NOW. All you gotta do is go to The Old English Brand ONLINE Store and loot on what you want. Our sale is only GOOD FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY, and it is only available online, you can riot with the best of them and not have to sleep outside. Watch last year of people going crazy last year from the clip below, and now this year, with this sale, you dont have to fight at a walmart to get our deals!

Black Friday 2011

Extendo Gang With The Reaper

Extindo Gang Comin At  Ya

Finess X DMack Swagger X Bounc3 X MerLo X OE

MerLo & DJ Calindamix

Have you heard of this new upcoming group from the westcoast named Extendo Gang? They are a branch from The Rej3ctz, presented by Rej3ctz member Bounc3. Bounc3 was one of the creators of the song “Caddy Daddy – Staring Chris Brown“. This is the new project Bounc3 is working on, and he did a photo shoot with the members of his new group “Extindo Gang”. The pictures came out great, and featured MerLo rocking the Old English Brand “Reaper Bandana” in the photos! The Reaper Bandana is available now in our Online Store. Check the pictures out and also check out the two music videos below, of Cat Daddy & Good Weed. OE also sponsored an upcoming Extindo Gang music video, that will be coming out very soon, so make sure to stay posted to our blog for more info!

Cat Daddy – Music Video – Staring Chris Brown

Extindo Gang – Good Weed – Music Video

Sean Brown Sportin Old English Brand

We were sent this photo from Jeff “Echo” Reyes from Echosworld Photography, of Sean Brown, who is signed to Tha Alumni, which is the same record label as Kid Ink. Sean been a rising star in the music business and with his new song “Forever”, he is continuing to make dope music and is widening his fanbase. Sean Brown is an upcoming rapper and is wearing both the Old English Brand Shirts University Tee and the Keepers Of The Streets Tee. The video was directed by Echosworld Films and came out sick. Make sure to check it out below, its called Forever!

Sean Brown – Forever – Music Video

The Quick On The Wet – Watch Now