Behind The Scenes of Ms Krazie’s Music Video

I still remember when we were on set of  Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie of her very first music video ever, called “Love You Till Death“, a song taken from Ms Krazie’s newest album called “Forget Not Forget“. This behind the scenes featured an exclusive trailer commercial for the video, as well as the behind the set action. Follow Ms Krazie, UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr and Director Jeff Echo as well as Kozme and Problemaz as they show you what it takes to do a video and to star in one! An Urban Kings Exclusive!

Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget – Official Album Cover

Welcome to The Turf Club

Starting your own brand will be one of the most difficult challenges you might face, but that comes with everything that is good and worth fighting for in life. Some of us came from a background were we didn’t have a lot of financial opportunities, we weren’t the smartest in class, we weren’t the most athletic, but what we did have was a lot of heart. We learned that our passion to over come our pain in the struggle will make us stronger and more wiser. We surrounded ourselves with the same type of minded people. Formed our own circles of ambitious, passionate and loyal individuals with the same goal to keep moving forward no matter how tough it got.  We learned that it will be inevitable that along the way those without heart will quit or fall behind, and that’s alright. The Turf Club isn’t for everyone, but created for those with heart to take the blood, the sweat and the tears that comes from the struggle of making your dreams a reality. In the Turf Club we don’t lose, we either win or we learn. So are you ready to join?

The Tuft Club – Coming this August 13th

Model: Adam (Instagram: @adduummm)

Photos by: @Famous8

Ahead Of The Rest – Pocket Print Tee

We have a brand new shirt that is from the Old English Brand “Sorry We’re Late, Here’s Summer Collection”. We have been working on this design and created something that we really like. It is called the “Ahead Of The Rest” Pocket Print Tee. We knew these pocket prints would have a big response, and they have so far. We have added a few more angles of these shirts so you can see the entire shirt. With a classic OE Logo Design on the front pocket print, and the Ahead Of The Rest Spiral design on the back, the entire shirt came out perfect. Make sure to view the shirt in all its glory below!

“Ahead Of The Rest” Pocket Print is available now, in sizes M – 3XL


Front View

Got Your Back

Close Up

We’re Ahead Of The Rest

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1 Day Ms Krazie Sad Girls Club Sale

Old English Brand and Ms Krazie has collaborated again for the upcoming SadGirls Club Collection and it will be a special 1 Day Sale! There will be Shirts, Snapbacks, Totes and more that will be part of this collection and everything will be from 20% – 30% Off! The sale will be taking place November 25th, right before Thanksgiving! Stay posted to our website and we will be giving out more info on the sale! All items are available exclusively and only at!

The Old English Brand Flagship Hours

Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Open Monday – Friday

12pm to 6pm

OE Partying With OPM x RIF LA Tonight

Old English Brand will be attending a very dope, very exclusive event at world renown sneaker boutique RIF LA. RIF has always been a mainstay and the go-to shop when it comes to sneakers, for those limited edition and hard to find kicks. Tonight they are doing an event with OPM with special guests Dom Kennedy, Jay 305 and Niko G4. We are amped up to be invited to the event and we will be posting exclusive pictures from this event onto our blog, as well as the Old English Brand Instagram. Make sure to follow us on IG so you can see some new pictures from tonight!