Behind The Scenes of Ms Krazie’s Music Video

I still remember when we were on set of  Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie of her very first music video ever, called “Love You Till Death“, a song taken from Ms Krazie’s newest album called “Forget Not Forget“. This behind the scenes featured an exclusive trailer commercial for the video, as well as the behind the set action. Follow Ms Krazie, UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr and Director Jeff Echo as well as Kozme and Problemaz as they show you what it takes to do a video and to star in one! An Urban Kings Exclusive!

Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget – Official Album Cover


In our travels of Las Vegas’ Magic Show we had a chance to meet a great street graffiti artist by the name of Norm. We also had a chance to watch Norm paint a few pieces of art. If you wanna get a wuick glimpse at them make sure you watch this video by clicking here.

OE Behind The Scenes Photoshoot With MC Magic


Old English Brand did a behind the scenes video of our past photoshoot with MC Magic (formerly of NB Ridaz). MC Magic has been influential behind huge hit records like “Runaway“, “So Fly“, “Sexy Lady“, Reasons – Live” and more. He has been one of our favorite artists and has been one of the few artists we really wanted to work with. You can check out MC Magic in this video sporting the Old English Brand “Street League” Crew Neck, OE “University” Tee and the Old English Brand “Heavy Lies The Crown” Tee. Make sure to check out the video and support MC Magic and Old English Brand. Make sure to visit MC Magics website at

Old English we got YOU

Onorio Corrales sent his batch of old english. I like how you got the Fiesty 2 Guns Talking guns (you got on that when it got out huh, props). And you got the new editon Ms. Krazie Try Me Shirt that we busted a mission for. I’m wondering if you got the Firme Homegirl Oldies 2 and The Oldie Collection at 7eleven. Because if you did and you got in on video send it to us and we’ll post it. I like the Trust No One Fear No One. ( I got that shirt too : )). Also got the Stomper’s New Testiment I hope you have seen the music video Aztlan is the truth, speaking on him, he came the other day. Rockin the West Coast, OE Sweat shirt and the Evil Side Skull. Damn thanks for the showing and supporting us Onorio. Send us your collection at and we will post it up. Keep on supporting.

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The Hot Vegas Nights


Caught Jasper in the City Of Sin hitting the strip. With the OE shirt LA now available in four different colors to pick from at Old English Brand. You can also get Jasper’s newly released album EastSide Assassin, now available in all FYE locations, Itunes, and 

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