Breaking News About Ms Krazie

Urban Kings Music Group BREAKING NEWS. UKMG Artist Ms Krazie has just inked an exclusive sponsorship deal with Uber Virgin Hair. To celebrate the partnership, Uber Virgin Hair has named their platinum blonde hair color after Ms Krazie, creatively naming it the “Ms Krazie Platinum Blonde 613″. You will be able to see Ms Krazie modeling her new Uber Virgin Hair very soon. Uber Virgin Hair has all different colors and lengths available, for every taste and style. They have great deals on hair online at their website at! Make sure to visit their site and check them out!

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California Love Tank Is Back In Stock

We have just stocked up on many of our top selling designs today. Some designs sold out quickly, and some were sold out of different sizes. We are proud to announce that many designs are now available for purchase in our Online Store! Including the California Love Tank Top, which has been unavailable in different sizes, but now back in stock for all sizes! Make sure to get yours today, before it sells out again!


Happy Veterans Day

Old English Brand would like to honor every person who has served in the military. From Army, to Navy, Marines, Air Force and National Guard, we salute everyone who has had put on a uniform and fought for our freedom and justice for our country. Every day our military should be honored and remembered, but today is an extremely important today, because we all have family and friends who has spent time in the service. We hope everyone has a blessed day, and we will remember the fallen soldiers who have given their lives to our country. God bless.

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Summer Burnout

Our good friend 2 Tone will be performing with Dj Quik, GMalone, Mack 10, and Suga Free. The show takes place on September 25th 2010. So if you’re in the Laughlin Nevada area make sure to stop by and check that out.

BTW check him out sporting that King of the Streets shirt by Old English Brand