Brown Is Beautiful by Ms Krazie

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie has released a classic album through Urban Kings, and it was her very first album. The CD is called “Brown Is Beautiful“, and features Mr Shadow, Knightowl, Payaso, Abusivo, Mal Hablado, Danger, The Pricks and D Salas. This album features the jams like “Walk Away“, “From The Throne“, “Mommys Little Girl” and “Always“. Brown Is Beautiful is a classic album and features all the hit songs from Ms Krazie! Urban Kings even digitally remastered the album, and added 3 new bonus tracks! Brown Is Beautiful is available now at all Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes! I put a song below so you can hear a song from the album, its called “Chinga Tu Madre” and one of Ms Krazie’s most requested songs at her concerts!

Ms Krazie – Chinga Tu Madre – Taken From Brown Is Beautiful

High On Paisley

Today is Tuesday, we are working toward goals for this week, creating new videos and campaigns, and we even have a dope artist profile we will be doing this week with a very talented artist/painter. So we will keep grinding towards are goals, and continue to stay motivated. We will always reach for the stars and we are already floating there. This is one of my favorite photos we took of OE Creative Team Member Sammy, as he sports the OE “Fast As Hell Jogger Pants” along with the “Seal Tee in White“. He is also rockin the OE “You Got To Chill” Slippers. All items are available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside our Online Store!



Lil Cuete at The Lowrider Super Show

Lil Cuete was at the Las Vegas Lowrider Super Show and performed a few of his songs sporting none other than Old English Brand. He’s wearing our “Stay West Coast” shirt. If you like the shirt click on the banner below to purchase it.

Your Reality Check Is Now

Old English Brand did a photo shoot in uptown to showcase a few of our top selling products. Since Fall is now here, we wanted to do a seasonal concept. Today we featured the OE “Reality Check Pocket Tee” in Burgundy. Since its release, it has remained a top 5 seller. It is one of my personal favorites and is also available in Black. We also showcase the very popular OE “Original Beanie” in many different colors and styles to choose from. With the season starting to cool down, these are the two perfect items to rock!

Mixtape Monday – P Wildd – PS4

Today is our Mixtape Monday, a review on some of the hottest mixtapes out right now. This week, P Wild of The Slutty Boyz released his highly anticipated mixtape “Project Styles 4“, features 19 tracks from P Wild and collabs with Meatchi of his Slutty Boyz Crew, along with Oochie, Gizzle, Foams and JusDaRookie. With some of the biggest beats in hip hop right now, P Wild ran wild with these joints, like Trap Nigga, Back To Back, Sky Fall, The Hills and News Or Sumn. The whole tape is full of that dope trap shit from DC. Recommended to listen and download for free from


Sometimes I spend a lot of time in the office editing videos, photos, or coming up with the next thing to do. By the time I step out of the warehouse the sun is already gone. When I step out all I see is a dark parking lot; which that can be a mood killer. I don’t think humans are meant to sit down in front of a computer all day. Besides is not like we really sit down in front of the computer, now we carry a small version of them in our hands. So an excuse to stay inside the whole time can be well, an excuse. “Not today tho, not this day.” I was determine to do something that I could enjoy doing and I could bring back to show you guys. I decided to hit up my friend Riria Niimura from Tokyo, now staying in North Hollywood. “Meet me at the bridge an hour before sunset.” I told her. She called her uber and down she came to join me on this Golden hour. What can I say, but any day that I can enjoy a bit of the late afternoon sun is a good day to me.


Riria Niimura is wearing a white and gold Old English Brand Razor Tank top for women. 



Written by: Famous8