Check Out Ms Krazie

Check out what we have received in our official Urban Kings email. They are some brand new pictures of UKMG Artist official Ms Krazie that she sent us. She is gearing up for some upcoming performances for the year, and sent us in these pictures for us to post for her fans. Team Loca is a very dedicated fanbase that always shows love to the Queen of Urban Kings, and we always find ways to show that the feeling is mutual for our fans. Ms Krazie is currently still riding the success of her most recent album, called “Forgive Not Forget“. This was a really great album, and featured a music video single, which was Ms Krazie’s first music video ever!

Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death Music Video – Featuring Problemaz & Kozme (Album Version)

Taken From – Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget – Album

True Starr In What You Need

Old English Brand Sponsored Artist True Starr released his latest music video, called “What You Need” and it is already a huge hit. The video is Presented by his label, the Urban Kings Music Group, and directed by Kast N Fame. Its a really dope song and the music video came out super dope too. The song has a really chill vibe, but lyrical and rhythmic with the patterns and flow. Its definitely worth listening to, and its also featuring Old English Brand Clothing, like the OE “Original Beanie“. It has over 7,000 views on youtube and What You Need is now available on iTunes. Make sure to check it out!

Old English Brand Working During Lunch

Waiting For Our V.I.P Table

The Destination – International House Of Pancakes

Creative Team Member Jaime C Diaz Jr

Junior & Mark Deciding What To Get

Ponce Made His Choice

Jose Waiting For The Food To Come

From Pancakes To Crepes To Omelettes & More

Pulled Up To The Scene With The Pancakes Missin

To start the new season off right, we all had got together and had a break at a restaurant and talked about strategies, marketing, promotion, ideas, concepts, and all types of things that goes into running a successful business. You can see pictures of our meeting, and also our meals. We are not only co-workers here, but we are also family. Old English Brand is known to let our creativeness out and make our dreams a reality. Old English has many new plans for this year, including the new “Larger Than Life” campaign, which will debut very soon. With a variety of new design concepts, we are getting more positive feedback for each new product we release. This year, we have already released four new designs, which include two brand new crew necks, the OE “Street Breed” and OE “Street League“. The two new shirts designs include the OE “Sicker Than Your Average” and OE “C.A Black Tee” and OE “C.A White Tee“. Even when we are on break we work. We have more designs that will be Larger Than Life, so stay tuned to our blog to see the outcome of we create!

Shut Up And Dance – New Commercial

The premier is finally here for the brand new Old English Brand commercial called “Shut Up And Dance”, staring OE Creative Team Member Jaime C Diaz Jr. This is one of the funniest, coolest, imaginative commercial we have came up with from the Old English Brand Creatives. With the idea and concept developed, the last thing to do was to grab Jaime, and have him dance all day. Since all the moves were improvised, there was no same dance moves. This is the final version of what we have created, and everyone is proud of their contributions on the finished product! Now, with no further ado, The World Premier of “Shut Up And Dance”.

Shut Up And Dance – Old English Brand Commercial

Its going to be a good friday!

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Too Fresh

Have you seen this Old English Brand video commercial yet? With every idea, design, concept, our creative team comes up with the coolest things to do. We sat around and threw ideas around and come up with this video. Then we thought of what Old English Brand Tee Shirt we should showcase for the video, and thought it would be a perfect match for the OE “Live For The Fight“. So we went to work and created this commerical called “Hot & Ready”. Make sure to watch the video above and let us know what you think!