Come Down To The Urban Kings Flagship Shop Today

Come down to the Official Urban Kings Flagship Shop in Santa Fe Springs, California, to shop and find your favorite UKMG CDs! We have all UKMG albums available right now, from all our artists! Everyone from Ms Krazie to Chino Grande, Spanky Loco, Stomper, Lil Minor, Midget Loco, Jasper Loco and soon music from our latest artist True Starr. We also have available all the music Urban Kings has distributed, including music by Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Slush Tha Villain, Conejo, Street Anthems and Chicano Rap Love Dedications. Our flagship shop is now open and ready for you to come down to get your music! The address is below, make sure to come down!

The Urban Kings Flagship Shop


11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

The Grey Steezs

You gotta have your footwear on point. Have you seen the “Steez Shoes in Grey”? Our footwear department has been a success with all different colors, including Grey, Black, Blue and Burgundy. We are working getting some new colors in stock for the Steez’s too. We took a few photos of them around town to showcase the Steez’s and they came out really dope. What do you think of these kicks and would you rock them? Let us know at The Old English Brand Facebook Page! These are available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and available online inside The Old English Brand Online Store!

Browse Through Our Collection

Have you seen the past Old English Brand Winter Collection Look Book online? We made it into a video so you can watch our catalog. See new collection as it takes its trip through Downtown Los Angeles. Each item showcased is available inside the Old English Brand Flagship Shop! It is also available online in the Old English Brand Online Store. Make sure to watch the lookbook and come down and visit us at the shop! We are open 12PM to 6PM, Monday through Friday! Our address is 11781 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA. We also had our celebrity photographer James Mooney take photos from the collection.


Trouble Brand X OE Brand

Posted Like A Mailbox

Pushin The Whip

Lookin Killer In A Mini

Flowin In The Breeze 

Meet Fat Louiz, a clothing designer from Brazil. He has a clothing line called “Trouble Brand” and has been working hard on making his company world famous. These are a few pictures of his recent photoshoot for Trouble Brand with model Monique Perez aka Lady Ink. They are working on new and different designs in Brazil, we connected and made the Old English Brand Califas Shirt , designed by Louiz himself. We have been in discussion with Louiz for a new design for the Old English Brand Company and it might be in the works already, you got to wait and see. We wanted to shout out Louiz for making this really dope design that is a fan favorite of those who support Old English Brand. Make sure to check out Trouble Brand’s blog at by CLICKING HERE !

Our Snapback Collection Is Available From Old English Brand

Old English Brand called our Snapback Hats into a full line up. Some awesome customers came down and they wanted to see a line up of colors and styles from our snapback collections. This was the very first one, and it featured the OE “Members Only” and the OE “Stay Humble” Snapbacks. We also carry the OE “East” and “West” Snapback Hats. We have all our snapback hats available at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online in Our Online Store.