Don’t Touch The Icing

This is a birthday cake you will never forget. This cake was for Lady Cruz for her birthday, the best design I have ever seen. Follow Lady Cruz and Ms. Krazie on twitter.

Get Your Free OE Cecilia Poster

Old English Brand is giving away an exclusive poster we made special for our fans and supporters. The photo is of beautiful model Cecilia, which is the exact same photo that is featured from the OE “Cecilia Tee“! It is now available for everyone, and for free! It is free with every $50 order! Now you can own this poster and put it anywhere you like. Make sure to get yours! This deal applies to all orders at the Old English Brand Flagship Shop and the Old English Brand Online Store. The OE Cecilia Tee is available in both Black and Burgundy, in all sizes!


The Old English Brand Shield is the top gun when it comes to reppin the O.E pride and out in Houston, Texas we are the law. Shinning with The Swisha House out is the wild west, Lil Young expressed it best,with the O.E and Swisha House you just can’t F*** with.

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West Coast Pop Locking

A glimbs to the west cost pop Locking scene. Soul 2 Soul b boys along with the Funny Bones crew have been keeping L.A Street dance scene alive. Over a decade of work the dvd will be bringing street roots of the L.A west coast pop locking. Dvd also features Urban Kings artist, Old English Brand and 27 Junkes. Be on the look out which we will be having more updates.

Showcasing The L.A Tank Top

Todays Old English Brand showcase is the OE “L.A Tank Top in Dodger Blue“, which has always been a top seller in our collection since its release. With a National Heatwave, this tank comes in perfect time to fight the heat of the sun. We showcase the tank because its dope, and also because its the tank I wore today. Lol. Make sure to check it out in person at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and also available 24 hours a day inside The Old English Brand Online Store!

Tattoo’d Livin

Jesus Looking Down at it All

Close To The Heart

Up Close and Personal With Jesus

Old English Reppin

Our homie Negro came in the building the other day to chill out with his Old English Brand Fam Bam. He was showing us the newer ink he had since the last time we seen him. He got a dope Jesus piece blended with the Virgin Mary. Old English Brand isnt just a clothing line, its a way of life and representation of those who are like us.