Fan Tattoo’s Ms Krazie

A huge Ms Krazie fan sent us a picture that she just got tattoo’d. The concept was taken from Ms Krazie’s first album, called “Brown is Beautiful”. The fans name is Sneaky Cookie and she is from North Carolina. She has been a Ms Krazie fan since she released this album, and considers it one of the best albums in her music collection. We love it when fans submit artwork, pictures, or cover songs and send them to our email. We want to shout out Sneaky Cookie for getting this dope tattoo, and for supporting Ms Krazie and Urban Kings. If you want the world to know that your a die hard Urban Kings fan, or a fan of any UKMG Artist, make sure to take a picture of your cd collection, tattoos, drawings, airbrush, or whatever you have that is about Urban Kings or our artists. We will put your pictures up on our blog, and we will give you some shine by putting your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, Tumblr, whatever links you got! All you got to do to send the picture is send them to us by CLICKING HERE.

My Pleasure

This is the very special Video Campaign Presented by Old English Brand. It features Suicide Girls Model Riley Jensen in a sexy  new video that showcases the OE “Off The Shoulder Sweater“, the OE “Racerback Tank Tops“, the OE “Fast As Hell Jogger Pants“, and the OE “Pillows“. All items are available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop as well as the OE Online Store! Make sure to watch the video now and support Riley Jensen, Suicide Girls and Old English Brand!

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Today Old English Brand presents the great West Snapback Mashup for Black Friday. These brand new OE “West Snapback Hats” are part of the Old English Brand Summer Collection and new to our store. We feature over 10 different colored themes for you to pick the one that matches your style. Each snapback was designed for the top colors of this season, and we will display a few of them today for you. So sit back and look at the top favorite colors features on this blog, and browse through the whole OE Snapback Collection to see our entire stock! These are available for our Black Friday Sale, where you can take 20% Off Each Snapback, by entering the promo code! Sale is only good until Midnight Tonight, so dont miss out!

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New Leaked Ricky Hil Songs

We have some really dope brand new leaked music from Ricky Hil. These are NOT taken from his brand new upcoming project “Slickville 2″. These are previously un-released and just now seeing the light of day. We had a photoshoot with Ricky and we always support his music. Here are his new songs, make sure to bump them and support Ricky by downloading his album, Slickville 2, which will be releasing on September 10th to the world. Until then, here are 5 brand new songs! You know Old English Brand will announce the exclusives first!





Gang Injunctions On MTA Graffiti Crew

Click to play.

Los Angeles – Investigators say “Metro Transit Assassins,” also known as “MTA” is an elite tagging crew with only ten members. The crew uses the Metropolitan Transportation Authority logo and their favorite tool is a spray can.

MTA’s favorite tagging spots are on freeways, trains, trucks and anything that gets their name around.

Deputy City Attorney Jim Mcdougal says the taggers actually rented a helicopter to scope out the LA River Bank.

Now Sheriff’s deputies have served MTA with the first ever gang injunction against a tagger crew.

Chris Blatchford has more on the injunction in this video report.

spotted at Vendetta Republic

Welcome To Our Family

Old English Brand is proud to showcase the newest addition to the OE Original Beanie Collection. We release the OE Original Beanie in Princess Pink. Who is ready for this new color? This will be a fast going beanie so make sure to get yours before they are out! We currently have all Old English Beanies available in stock at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop as well as The Old English Brand Online Store!