Free Ms Krazie Meet & Greet!!! Find Out Where

Thats right!!! Ms Krazie will be doing a FREE AUTOGRAPH SIGNING AND MEET AND GREET this weekend on Sunday, March 6th at the Bayou Cajun Bar & Grill in El Paso, Texas. It will be going down at 5pm till everyone meets Ms Krazie! Also at the autograph signing will be Duende, Payaso 915, Looney, Vicious, La Silent and Pachuco Records. There will also be a Carshow and some dope artists performing there as well, starting at 12 NOON to 5PM. This is an ALL AGES EVENT and brought to you by All Star Ent. So come by, take pictures with Ms Krazie, get your cds autographed, and say hello to the loca herself!



Old English Brand Fashion Show

Old English Brand was featured clothing brand during the Los Angeles Fashion Week this year. It all took place in Hollywood, California and we took our photographer and videographer down to the event to capture it all. We featured many items from our collection, including the OE  Natives, Run N Gun, and the OE Logo Tank Top. It was a very good event, that brought out many models, fashion designers, industry executives and fashionistas. Watch the video and we have been invited back to Fashion Week for next season! Make sure to support us and come down to the event. We will be giving you more information

OEB on Money to the Fans -Cholo Adventures GIVES BACK!

Cholo adventuers gives back by grabbed some of this youtube money they earn and Gave back to the Local SoCal fans! This guy are awesome! Durring there adventures of going fan to fan house they got asked to signed a pic it turns out the pic is from our Old English Brand website. Check the video below.
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Supporter of the Month

I hope Luis doesn’t get mad that we upload this pics on our page but how could we ignore our supporters. Especially when they have a gun lol with the O.E Stay Paid This is the only way we could show him that we appreciate him and all the supporters that support the movement. Wearing the O.E Weast Coast (which we got to see how they got made) and at a chicano rap signing, that’s how to spend the cali afternoon.Got to take his picture taken midget loco who was wearing the O.E Plea the Fifth and Oso Visious. Got another picture with ese Spanky Loco . And also got to post up with Lil Yogi. Its like a kid in a candy store what more do you want.

Posted By Alejandra

Cholos dont dance they Cumbia!

Here is another Super Ego and Sleepy Brown video. As you can see our Stay Paid makes a appearance on the video. If you havent meet Super Ego and Sleep Brown click here.You can purchase by clicking image below.

Lyrik is a Straight Vandal with Xzibit

Xzibit and Lyric posted up. Lyric throwing up the "W" representing the West Coast and what better way to reprent the West Coast but with Old English Brand. Also known as the West Coast Anthentic Brand. In this pic he is wearing our OE Vandal’s tee and there is plenty more to add to the collection.