Gold Blooded Girl

Ice Cube & His Sons In A Cypher Freestyle

Check out this video I was watching today. I had to blog it because I appreciate a dope freestyle session, especially if its a cypher. Since all the hype right now is centered around the NWA Straight Outta Compton Movie, I thought this would be dope to post the cypher featuring Ice Cube and his son, Dough Boy, who plays Ice Cube in the movie too, along with OMG. The cypher also features Rev Run of Run DMC along with his sons Diggy and Jojo. Check it out and let us know what you think at The Old English Brand Facebook Page!


Did you know that we are closing in on 20,000 LIKES on the Old English Brand Official Facebook. Everyone has shown huge support for our page and it does not go un-rewarded. This week, we gave away 10 FREE OE “Brown Bag Totes” to each order, and I heard we might have one left for the free giveaway. Facebook is cracking with cool pictures, videos, and stuff like the free random giveaways. Make sure to follow us, because that is the only way you are entered to win any of the cool stuff we do!

Vandals Worst Nightmare

We got new markers and to find out this one didn’t come out with the tip. Its like a kid finding out his dog is missing. Another thing you got to look out for when it comes to being a vandal.

True Starr Snippets From His Upcoming Album

Old English Brand Sponsored Artist True Starr is gearing up to release his new album “You’re Welcome” very soon, and his record label Urban Kings just dropped the snippets for the album. Its a dope sneak preview mix of the album. The mix is pretty dope and has solid bangers on it. Some of the songs we heard before, because he has made some music videos already for them, but it pumps us up to cop the new CD. The official release date for the album is March 4th. We will keep everyone posted on the music, so make sure to stay updated to our blog for more information, upcoming concerts and more music videos!

No Borders – Old English Brand Campaign 31

For as far as humans have lived they have been nomadic. People that travel from land to land, just to find that place they can call home. These traveling men never stop fighting, never stop moving, and they are never afraid to take the hard road. We at Old English brand have a nomad mentality. We are constantly moving and we are always fighting to create something which identity has no limits nor borders. A brand that is for the tough traveling man like you. Old English Brand World Premier’s our brand new video called “No Borders” staring Greg T Brown and showcasing the Old English Brand Summer Collection! The OE “Leaders Of The Pack Tank Top“, “Natives” and the “Ill Tempered Pocket Tee in Burgundy” are available now in our store! Enjoy, and share with your friends on FB, IG and Twitter!