Happy Birthday Ms Krazie

Today is a special day today. It is Ms Krazie’s birthday and now it is time to celebrate. She has had a big year since her last birthday, first starting with the Hello Loca 2012 Tour, wrapping up her album of “Forgive Not Forget”, organizing her first concert which was a charity event, radio interviews and radio spins and more. Ms Krazie is not just an artist, she is also a very close friend with all UKMG staff members. We want to all wish Ms Krazie a very Happy Birthday and all the happiness and joy not just on her special day, but for many more birthdays. Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Ms Krazie, Happy Birthday To Yooouuuuu!!!!!

Here is to you, Ms Krazie Happy Birthday!

The Bank Sale 2014

Old English Brand will be participating in the upcoming Clothing Brand Expo called “The Bank Sale“. This is a unique clothing expo/trade show that gives buyers and the public a chance to see top clothing companies in person. Now, the public has a rare opportunity to come visit the Old English Brand booth and buy product directly from us. This event is scheduled to have many celebrities shop, as well as a concert after the booths close! We have just confirmed that Ty Dolla Sign of Taylor Gang will be headlining the event, along with special guest artists! Their will also be various hosts for The Bank Sale, including models, dancers, artists, athletes, photographers and more! Old English Brand will be releasing 3 brand new Tee Shirts that will be available at The Bank Sale, and nowhere else. They are the “Run N Gun” Tee, the “Hard Knock” Raglan Baseball Tee, and the “Anger Management Crew” Tee! The Anger Management Tee will be available in 4 colors, Green, Navy Blue, White and Burgundy. The Bank Sale is an all ages event, and Tickets Are Available Now.

Old English Brand Exclusive Tee Releases For The Bank Sale

Old English Brand – Run N Gun Tee

Old English Brand – Hard Knock Tee

Old English Brand – Anger Management Crew Tee (Available in Burgundy, Blue & White)

Old English Brand x The Bank Sale Promotion

Ty Dolla Sign Performing LIVE!

Old English Brand x The Bank Sale Video Commercial

Bank On It

Let Your Talents Do The Work

Winner Will Be Announced Today!

Today, we will be announcing the winner of the First Annual Old English Brand Pumpkin Carving Contest. We appreciate everyone who has entered, and we know how hard it is, and how long it takes to enter. To really understand how much work that you have done to enter, we picked teams of two and carved pumpkins between the OE Staff. We will post the picture tomorrow, but we will be announcing the winner of our contest later today, we were flooded with many more entries on Halloween Day, that caused us a little late on the announcement. Check with us on Instagram for the announcement. We will also post the winner and the winning pumpkin here at the Old English Brand blog!

Interrogation of a Vandal

An Old English Vandal Arksseven. Bet your surprised that she’s a chick. (Sorry guys she’s taken). She went out painting in the Spirt of the New Year to kick of the year, and still catching Land Marks. The world is a vandals canvas, they let the creativity run free through the colors and stlyes of letters. We asked her some questions about her life being a female graffitti artist…

Q. When did it all start?

A. mann, shit started a cool minute ago.. like about 4 years ago but with some toy ass shit, I wouldn’t consider myself an actual bomber till about 2 years ago.

Q. Did anyone take you under there wing?

A. Nah, i never had that person to look up to. Sometimes i wish i did though, so i could of known the Do’s and Dont’s of the game you know…

Q. What do guys think when they first find out you bomb?

A. Just being a girl they automatically thing im just another “graff groupie”, but that never intimidated me.. I just let my skills speak for themselves.

Q. Being a vandal have you ever had a close call?

A. Well actually there was this one time, but thats a whole other story. hahaha

Gangsters Wife

Ride With Us

Take a little trip with us to Downtown Los Angeles, as we check in on the restock of our sold out tees. We check into our manufacturing building, which happens to be the original American Apparel warehouse. Ride backseat with Old English Brand CEO Jaime C Diaz as he describes the situation, and shows you the remade items we will add back into our store. Jaime also gives you a rundown of the upcoming plan for the OE season. Watch the video and see what we’re talking about. All Tees in this video are available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and inside our Online Store!