Hello Loca

Ms. Krazie has a thing for hello kitty, for others it can be tinker bell or Betty Boop (Betty Boop rules lol). This is her profile picture for her Twitter account. If you guys want to know what she is up to follow her on twitter. She always responds to her followers and gives advice when its needed. Plus you get to know her and she can make you laugh. If you want get your hands on her most recent releases, Firme Homegirl Oldies 2 and her newest song Letters to My Felon is featured in the Urban Kings Street Anthem 3 which is going to be released on April 19th. When you pre-order the Street Anthems 3 your also get a poster (which has Ms. Krazie) and you have a chance to get the poster autographed by our artist (not saying who but Baby Jokes is one of them lol) and on top of that you get to win of of the 25 exclusive prizes.

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Baking in the Oven

As day is getting close, where this website will never be the same again. As new Old English Brand website is in its finial touch ups and getting ready to get launched. We have to admit that we had fun with this style. But like the saying goes out with the Old in with the New. Always doing the best and never getting any sleep (the boss lol)

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Our First Warehouse Sale

This saturday it will be the first time we open our warehouse to the public for our very first back to school warehouse sale. We will be giving out 10% to 75% off our merchandise in the store. We wanted to make this event pop like all the events we do so we will have music, and a skate ramp provided by our friends from Unmodern. So bring your boards.

Never Ask Michael Jordan For A Picture

Today we are bringing up a classic event that was talked about around hip hop. Its a story that rapper Chamillionaire asked Michael Jordan to take a picture with him at a Jordan Brand event for Reggie Bush. Its a really famous story, and some people have known or heard about it, but many people haven’t. Chamillionaire talks about the story himself, to tell a legendary story of when he first won an auction for a Jordan autographed jersey, to asking Jordan after the event for a photo. I don’t really want to give too much away, so your going to have to watch the video yourself, but I will never ask Mike for a picture lol.

Higher From 7 Triiibes – NJ

Check this one out, our good friend, music artist legendary tattooist Spanky Loco, brought Higher from 7 Triiibes of New Jersey down to the Old English Brand Warehouse to talk about the music, fashion, and lifestyle of New Jersey, since we havent been out there for a few months. With 7 Triiibes coming up quickly in Jersey and surrounding states on the Eastcoast, we booked a restoration shop to do a photoshoot. Check out a few of the photos from the shoot, we will be posting more next week. Higher is rockin the OE “OE Logo Sweatshirt” along with the OE “Members Only Snapback Hat“. Both are available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside our website!

Welcome To The Turf

We are gearing up for our next release from our Set For Life – Ambition Since Forever campaign, and with the next drop scheduled to be the upcoming OE Turf Club Tee. This tee is for all those people who are dedicated to their area, their community, their residence and their neighborhood. A common message for those who are represent what their community is. From the struggle and close knit bond we have with the people raised with us. Our area, thats our turf, the ones who are from here. Everyone has a turf where they are raised. Represent with pride. We are releasing the OE Turf Club in Burgundy and Black and they will be dropped next week! Stay posted for more information! It will be available at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online!