Hello Loca

Ms. Krazie has a thing for hello kitty, for others it can be tinker bell or Betty Boop (Betty Boop rules lol). This is her profile picture for her Twitter account. If you guys want to know what she is up to follow her on twitter. She always responds to her followers and gives advice when its needed. Plus you get to know her and she can make you laugh. If you want get your hands on her most recent releases, Firme Homegirl Oldies 2 and her newest song Letters to My Felon is featured in the Urban Kings Street Anthem 3 which is going to be released on April 19th. When you pre-order the Street Anthems 3 your also get a poster (which has Ms. Krazie) and you have a chance to get the poster autographed by our artist (not saying who but Baby Jokes is one of them lol) and on top of that you get to win of of the 25 exclusive prizes.

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Shut Up And Dance Releases Today!

Today we will be releasing our brand new commercial from our creative team. We told you about the commercial yesterday, and later today we have the Official World Premier. We took a dope photo during the commercial and this is what we came up with. We had so much fun making the commercial and when the excitement happens naturally, that makes the video come to life even more. The video is so awesome that I don’t want to give away too much information on it, but trust me, your going to love it. The only thing we can tell you, is that the OE “Stay On Your Toes” will be featured in the commercial. We put our resources together and our whole staff thought its one of the top commercials we ever made. Make sure to tune into our blog later today for the premier the brand new Old English Brand video, called “Shut Up And Dance”.

We Live To Dream

Old English Brand has always been a group of people who just had a similar dream. Be ourselves and inspire others to see our vision. We dared to dream with one idea to become the creators of clothing that we like, that we want and that we wear. We created a video called “Dream On Dreamer“, with an important message to inspire those who want to  be successful and a way of achieving it. Watch the video, showcasing Old English Brand clothing, and get inspired!

OE Showcase – Grimey Ski Mask

Old English Brand was excited to release this item since we first thought of it. We wanted to make an item that was raw and original and at the same time, create something classic. With the idea of the OE  ”Grimey Ski Mask“, we bring something fresh and powerful. A bold statement that says life is Grimey. But it is also artistic and beautiful. We step out the box and create something that says that we are the youth of the world and we need to be heard, and shown. Take notice of our actions and our accomplishments by the stats and not the gender or race or age. Make your voice known and your deeds acknowledged. Today we showcase our Old English Brand Grimey Ski Mask, which is available now in our online store in black. Make sure to check them out below with a better view and get yours before they are sold out!


Old English Brand Grimey Ski Mask Is Available Now!

Stay Protected

Grab Your Ski Mask

Dome Shot

Straight Up Grimey

Click Here To Order The OE “Grimey” Ski Mask Today!

Ms Krazie & Old English Brand

Have you seen the Collaboration Collection from UKMG Artist Ms Krazie and our friends at Old English Brand yet? It featured many dope items, like Tee Shirts, Beanies, Snapback Hats, Tote Bags and more. Really one dope, unique collection that has it all. It originally premiered at the UKMG xSetForLifex Concert, and fans loved the clothing so much, we released it online for everyone to represent. Make sure to check out the entire collection now at www.MsKrazie.com!

Old English Brand – In Motion

Everyone at Old English Brand gets creative when it comes to any idea with unlimited possibilities. When we decided to make a short campaign, we went to Los Angeles with Gunz, who has been featured in many television shows and music videos, like Bones, Gang Related, Scandal, and music video appearances by ASAP Rocky, Calvin Harris, Tinashe, Maino and more. Watch as we took him throughout LA and did many shots as part of our seasons Look Book. Make sure to watch this video while we create our magic.