I gotta get me one of these

Hash does Por Si Alguna Vez Te Vas from the Ms Krazie’s Firme Homegirl’s Oldies 2. If your wonder what he has in his mouth its called a talk box. Mc Magic also uses it, you can catch him using it in his music video Todos Mis Dias from his new album The rewire. It looks like fun to try hmm lol Stay tune for MY video of using the talk box for one of Ms. Krazies songs jk.


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Cant Live Without You – Music Video – Featuring Old English

Old English Brand is featured in the brand new music video called “Cant Live Without You” by Billy Dha Kidd, one of the hottest artists from the Midwest. Billy enlisted MC Magic on the hook, and the rest is history. Billy has always supported Old English, and Old English always supported him. For “Cant Live Without You”, Billy flew to Los Angeles to film the music video alongside MC Magic, and Old English Brand was behind the scenes of the music video, as it was shot in the cool Southern California weather. This is a really dope song, and also features a few different Old English Shirts, including the new Street League – Crew Neck, as well as the  OE University Tee and Sicker Than Your Average. Make sure to watch the video and show support to Billy Dha Kidd, MC Magic and Old English Brand.

Mean Muggin’

A brand new item here at Old English Brand just landed, and its one of the coolest new accessories we have had in our store. Y0u know when you made it when you have your own cup, and not just any cup, but a mug, and not just a mug, but a Kings Mug. With the brand new  Ol’e English Mug , you get over 25 ounces of any drink you want. These are very limited edition, and I believe we only have one available for right now, as they are still in the process of being made. Make sure to get yours today, because they will be going fast! Cheers!

Got A Mug Full Of Liquor And You Dive In

25 Ounces Of Excitement – Drink Like A King

Drink UP

Hold UP


Ol’e English Mug

Side View

Round 2

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Old English Brand Sneak Peak

Today we have an exclusive sneak peak of a brand new tee shirt! This is a new design that has been finalized a few days ago, and has already started production to be included in the Old English Brand Summer 2014 release. This tee says “Los Angeles Natives” and features the classic Old English Brand Logo. We have been designing and creating many different ideas for the Summer Season Release for 2014, and we found the final designs that will be included. I personally like this shirt, because when I travel to different states, people recognize Old English Brand when I wear it. And many people who I talk to are from Los Angeles, or has lived in Los Angeles before. We also posted it on our Instagram – @OldEnglishBrand – and we have been getting awesome feedback! Stay posted to our site for more information!

C.A Runs The Streets

Old English Brand is back with another new design to bring in the new year. With the brand new Old English Brand “C.A Exclusive” White Tee, with Royal Blue Lettering. This is another super dope creation we have been cooking up here in the O.E offices and it came out amazing. With the custom drawn design of C.A, it came out Crisp and Clear and Creative. We have been dropping the ideas around for the Exclusive C.A Exclusive through some random customers and our celebrity friends and artists, and we had not one negative response from our feedback. And we have even more good news for everyone. The C.A Exclusive White Tee is out now and now in the Old English Brand Store!! So please don’t delay on ordering, because there is only a limited amount of stock available. Remember, Either you run the streets, or the streets run you. – OE

“C.A Exclusive White Tee” is currently available in White, sizes M – 3XL

Only, In California

We Keep It Rockin

We In The State Of 911

C.A Where We Dont Play

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Are You Ill Tempered?

Old English Brand Spotlight for the day is one of our most popular pocket tees. It is one that came out dope and we created 4 different colorways. Including Navy Blue, White, Burgundy and the Green. This is the OE “Ill Tempered Pocket Tee in Green” and it proves that no one could tell you nothin. This is a tee that I rock on a regular and can be thrown together with a dope pair of 501s and some clean green Jordans. We have this tee available now in all sizes, at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and Inside Our Online Store!

Old English Brand Flagship Shop

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