It Was One Krazie Night

We have shown everyone the sneak peak of the upcoming “One Krazie Night” concert that took place during the XSetForLifeX concert a few months ago, staring UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. This was Ms Krazie’s very first concert in Los Angeles and it was a sold out show. Plus we gave out 50 FREE LOCA HATS to the first 50 fans in line! The concert was one that everyone been asking for and we brought Ms Krazie to LA with a bang! She performed all of her hits, brought out special guest artists and it was the realest show to date. The DVD brings you from behind the scenes, to the stage, to preparing for the concert. Join Ms Krazie and follow her throughout her journey to perform at her first concert in Los Angeles, backstage in Ms Krazie’s dressing room and on stage! I cant describe all the footage that is on the DVD, so you just have to watch it and see! If you havent seen the sneak preview, make sure to watch it below!

One Krazie Night – DVD Trailer Preview

Ms Krazies Gift From Old English Brand & Urban Kings

We have been working on something really cool for Ms Krazie, who is an exclusively sponsored artist, and also an artist that we can collaborated with THREE times, from the OE “Ms Krazie – Try Me” Tee, the OE “Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget” Tee, and the Hello Loca 2012 Tour. We first talked to people at Urban Kings about our idea, and we decided to give Ms Krazie this gift from us both. We then asked our friend Yayo of Frosted Treats (his Instagram is @YayoImInHere) to create the infamous Ms Krazie Logo, which is featured on ALL her Urban Kings Music Group album covers. This is the outcome of the dream, a black and gold chain, that came out dope. With Yayo’s work, he always brings out the best quailty, the fastest turn around time, and the lowest price. Hes the only one we trust to do something this special, especially for Ms Krazie. He also made the Old English Brand Chain for us, so we certify his work as being the best!

2Mex – This Too Shall Heal

It’s interesting how we are engaged in people’s life journeys through social media. One artist that has really inspired me in the recent months has been hip hop artist 2Mex. I started really paying attention to his instagram posts when he first checked into the emergency care due to complications with his diabetes. As the posts kept updating the time line kept getting darker. 2Mex was about to lose his leg and maybe his life. Suddenly I see an ig video in a dark hospital room, the flashlight from the phone shining at the empty spot were his leg used to be, and him repeating, “This too shall heal, this too shall heal.”  2Mex’s right leg from the knee down was amputated and his life was changed forever. I kept checking up on his instagram and saw how many people came to support him. How much love and prayers were sent his way. Which it seems that all that love from his fans, family and friends seemed to give him strength. I am now currently staying updated in his progress from him learning to walk with a prosthetic leg, to going to back working weekly at 93.5 KDAY and his new journey on advocating health. Which it is one thing that we lack on. We think we are invincible, we think we may live forever, we think that it can’t happen to us. The reality is, we are all fragile, sure we are distracted so much that we forget to take care of our health or we think is not relevant to teach or learn healthy choices that can make us stronger. The thing is what is fame and fortune if you are sick? What is fame and fortune if you can’t get out of bed to enjoy it? Health is the greatest gift given to man. So in words of 2Mex ‘Everybody use what the fuck has happened to me as an example go take care of yourself.’

Clips from 2Mex Benefit show:

Written by: Famous8

The Quick And The Wet – Releasing Today at 7pm

Click Here To Watch The Old English Brand Facebook Video!

Old English Brand will be releasing a brand new video campaign today at 7pm Pacific Time and we have a special interview with one of the models who was featured in it. Her name is Kitty Moww and she is a model from Southern California. She tells you a little bit about the concept of the video and tells us how excited she is to create it with us and bring the vision to life. Make sure to watch the video above or you can Click Here To Watch On The Old English Brand Facebook Page. Also make sure to tune in at 7pm to watch the final result of the video to see who wins!


Riff Raff – Rap Game James Franco

At Old English Brand, we always keep our eye on fashion, from those who inspire, and those who start new trends. We also keep our ears to the streets, listening for the next big artists. I have been a big fan of Riff Raff for a while, since hearing about him since the Myspace days and seeing him on Worldstar, then seeing him on Tv (From G’s to Gents). He always had a style and trend that is his own, and his rap style is unique with millions of different words that can describe it. A man of many nicknames, from Riff Raff to Jody HighRoller to the Butterscotch Boss to thousands more dope creative names, and he makes a new nickname every few days. His newest mixtape is also dope, which dropped in December of last year, called Hologram Panda. Make sure to be on the lookout for his new album coming in 2013, called “Neon Icon”, and has Drake, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky and Future locked down for collaborations on the album.  Make sure to check out one of my favorite Riff Raff music videos, called “Rap Game James Franco”.

Riff Raff – Rap Game James Franco – Official Music Video

RSDJz D Money

Shout out to our homie D Money from Radio Station HOT 97.5 in Las Vegas Nevada. He reps the RockStar DJz Dj Crew. He always been down withUrban Kings and Old English Brand and hes showing his support while mixing, wearing the Old English Brand - First Off I Wanna Thank My Connect Shirt .