Jenni Rivera Buying Ms Krazie’s Album

I was on my twitter yesterday talking to Jenni Rivera, and all of the sudden we started talking about Ms Krazie’s brand new album “Forgive Not Forget”. The new Ms Krazie album had everyone wanting the new cd, including Jenni Rivera. Jenni is as famous as you can get, being a role model for many women throughout the world, and her 1.1 MILLION Twitter followers will prove that. I seen Jenni talking to Ms Krazie about getting the new cd, and I offered to give Jenni a few copies. Jenni immediately responded by saying “I want to support by buying it. I will…I promise. And you too can now own Ms Krazie’s new CD “Forgive Not Forget” which is available everywhere from FYEHastings, and Best Buy, also digitally through iTunes.

Lookin At You

Old English Brand did a photography campaign collaboration with our friends from BUMS clothing. We recorded and documented the shoot, which featured hip hop artist/actor Gunz Lozano. He was recently in the television shows “Gang Related”, “Scandal”, “Bones” and more. He was also featured in Music Videos for A$AP RockyCalvin HarrisTinasheMaino and more. The photos came out amazing, and the video campaign came out awesome as well. Make sure to watch the video above and see what magic we created together.

Ride The Positivity

Old English Brand isnt about just a clothing company. Its also about inspiration and creation. Positivity and reaching goals. We were hanging out with our friend Kay G, who had some legal issues and has now turned a complete 180 and turned a negative into a positive. But like everything in life, its not always easy. Its a process of getting better and better and positivity comes more and more. But we always have to remember to always keep going, never giving up, and always doing your best, whatever the task is. We featured Kay G as we traveled through Venice, California as he gave us an insight on what gives him hope. Thank you Kay G for inspiring those who listen. He is wearing the Old English  Brand “3rd Strike Baseball Tee“, available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or online inside Our Online Store!

Just remember, always keep in focus what you do have, and work to get what you dont have. 

Introducing Alexandra Bombshell

We gave everyone a quick introduction to who Ms Alexandra Bombshell is. She been in everyones music video from The Game, to  Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Nu Jerzey Devil, and many more. We made a little video to show everyone a brand new model we are working with. Old English Brand not only represents the hustlers, but the female hustlers too. And Alexandra Bombshell hustles and works hard in the entertainment industry and got to be an established model because of hard work and dedication and that is exactly what Old English Brand recognizes and represents. With that being said, Old English Brand would like to introduce you to, Alexandra Bombshell!

Funny or Die

Midget Loco is featured in the newest clip of Funny or Die. For those who don’t know the website . Its basically the MAD TV of the internet. It’s a comedy web site where celebrities work with regular users who can collaborate effects that they think is funny. Funny or die was created by the guys at Gary Sanchez Productions (Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy) and many more. In this clip they use the beat from Rick Ross song Blowing Money Fast (BMF) and turn it to a story of Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.

*Posted By Alejandra

Put On For My City With Chadaze

We have created another brand new video that showcases 3 of our top three designs of the month, taken from our collection. We featured popular tattoo model Chadaze as we shoot photos and videos throughout Los Angeles and Hollywood. Rockin with the OE “L.A Tee in Black“, we hit Downtown and did a dope set of photos. Next, we headed to the opposite side of Los Angeles, and shot the OE “Leftcoast Tee in White“. We got another dope set of pictures from that session, then we traveled towards Hollywood to shoot the OE “Money Is The Motive Tee in Black“. All three tees have been doing great in June and July, so we wanted to shout them out. They are all available at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and The OE Online Store!