Jenni Rivera Buying Ms Krazie’s Album

I was on my twitter yesterday talking to Jenni Rivera, and all of the sudden we started talking about Ms Krazie’s brand new album “Forgive Not Forget”. The new Ms Krazie album had everyone wanting the new cd, including Jenni Rivera. Jenni is as famous as you can get, being a role model for many women throughout the world, and her 1.1 MILLION Twitter followers will prove that. I seen Jenni talking to Ms Krazie about getting the new cd, and I offered to give Jenni a few copies. Jenni immediately responded by saying “I want to support by buying it. I will…I promise. And you too can now own Ms Krazie’s new CD “Forgive Not Forget” which is available everywhere from FYEHastings, and Best Buy, also digitally through iTunes.

Lil Cuete at The Lowrider Super Show

Lil Cuete was at the Las Vegas Lowrider Super Show and performed a few of his songs sporting none other than Old English Brand. He’s wearing our “Stay West Coast” shirt. If you like the shirt click on the banner below to purchase it.

The Land Of The Cheap

Its that time of that year again, bring out the illegal fireworks and watch out for your local police.This weekend only when you spend 20 buck or more you get 10% off your whole purchase order. This is everything that we got in our warehouse: Psycho Realm, Old English, movies, cds, bandannas you name it. Find what you want from any of our sites youbuycds, oldenglishbrand or thepsychshop.  Spend a Jackson and save on your transactions.  Get something to celebrate about this weekend for the land of the cheap (lol jk) FREE.

Can I Get A Planker With That?

Just the way I like it, extra daring.

Im taggin and baggin bitches..

For two weeks i was waiting anxiously for these stickers to come in. When i got the UPS box and opened it i was stoked. The stickers came out perfect just as we imagined them. Since they came out so sick i want everybody to actually get a chance to see them, so we decided to include them free on every shirt. We have limited in stock and the best part is the back of the sticker. “Im taggin and Baggin Bitches cause my name is famous in the streets” OE VANDALS Series..