Jenni Rivera Buying Ms Krazie’s Album

I was on my twitter yesterday talking to Jenni Rivera, and all of the sudden we started talking about Ms Krazie’s brand new album “Forgive Not Forget”. The new Ms Krazie album had everyone wanting the new cd, including Jenni Rivera. Jenni is as famous as you can get, being a role model for many women throughout the world, and her 1.1 MILLION Twitter followers will prove that. I seen Jenni talking to Ms Krazie about getting the new cd, and I offered to give Jenni a few copies. Jenni immediately responded by saying “I want to support by buying it. I will…I promise. And you too can now own Ms Krazie’s new CD “Forgive Not Forget” which is available everywhere from FYEHastings, and Best Buy, also digitally through iTunes.

Sick Jacken & Old English Brand

Check this one out! Do you see who is wearing an Old English Brand pocket tee? It is non other then hip hop legendary artist Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm. He is wearing the classic OE “Reality Check Pocket Tee” in Burgundy. Sick Jacken stopped by the Old English Brand warehouse to see the line from the Summer Collection, talk about his upcoming album “Psychodelic” and some worldwide tour dates he will be announcing soon.

This Is How We Do

Old English Brand continues to show what will look dope. Here, we have the Old English Brand Exclusive “C.A Black Tee“, coupled with some dope grey and black Emerica shoes, and some classic Levi’s. This will complete a really dope outfit for whatever comes up, from bbq’s to the mall, to clubs and afterparties. Stay fresh representing Old English Brand and follow our guide to continue to stay best dressed, in school and in the streets.

Art Or Vandal!

In the aftermath of street artist Zevs’ “liquidation” of Giorgio Armani’s store in Central , the Frenchman has had to deal with his arrest and subsequent court case in which he pleaded guilty to one count of criminal damage.

Representatives of Giorgio Armani demanded nearly HK$6.7 million in damages. They say because they could not remove the paint from the store’s facade because of its sandstone nature. Zevs said he deliberately used a water-based paint that ought to have been easily removable. But professional cleaners hired by Armani claim otherwise.

Whats Your Favorite Color?

Today we want to know what your favorite color is. We did polls with past customers and current customers and friends about what colors we should release for the Old English Brand “Racerback Tank Tops” for women. The final answers came in and they were red, grey, black, white, blue and charcoal grey. Since the release of these Racerbacks, fans have been ordering them non stop because of the national heatwave. Something stylish, sexy, cute and fun, the OE Racerback tanks are the perfect comfortable way to go. Click Here To Browse The OE “Racerback Women Tanks” Today!

I’ve waited as long as you guys for these!

Yes we finally got them in and im excited as much you guys to get my hands on them. Im trying to push them on our site by today if time allows. Taken pics, cropping, posting etc sometimes takes up to 6 hours to be perfect. Come back through out the day to see if i actually made it on time. Thanks for the support and always share, post and tweet about this post.