Jenni Rivera Preordered Ms Krazie’s CD!

Everyone is really hyped up about the Forgive Not Forget CD. From fans, to friends, to family and radio personalities. We just posted about the Ms Krazie new cd Forgive Not Forget on our Official Urban Kings Twitter Page, and Ms Krazie Re-Tweeted it. Then a few minutes later, Jenni Rivera retweeted the same message saying she already got the album on presale. This album is really really good, especially having artists like Jenni Rivera looking forward to it, who knows, a collaboration between Jenni and Krazie might be something that HAS TO HAPPEN.

Ms Krazie’s cd is available to presale today at The UKMG Merch Store, and includes a Signed Copy of Forgive Not Forget, A FREE POSTER, A FREE STICKER and A FREE RINGTONE. It will also be shipped NO LATER THAN SEPT 14th, so you will get your copy no later than the release date (September 18th). It will be in stores Sept 18th at Best Buy, FYE, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store.

Old English Brand Winos

Sometimes people say its hard to fill someones shoes. To be compared to someone else, or to be following someones footsteps. Its always much easier to do anything in more comfortable shoes. That is why Old English Brand created our OE “Wino’s” shoes. These shoes have a classic look and canvas feel of the shoe will a gum sole. The Winos were the first ever shoe that was released by Old English Brand and has been a fan favorite among our footwear. I have worn these before and they are great, durable and reliable! We have the Winos available in Black, sizes 6-11. They are available at Old English Brand Flagship Shop and in The Old English Brand Online Store!

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Old English Brand

Today we are showcasing one of the favorites of the Old English Brand Summer Collection. We had showed you the video of our friend Greg called “No Borders” last week, and now I wanted to show everyone some of the photos we took during the video shoot. We shot these while Greg was showcasing the “Ill Tempered Pocket Print Tee in Burgundy“. These are just a few of the photos from the shoot, and we thought these would be awesome to let our blog readers see them before anyone else. What do you guys think of the pictures? Make sure to tell us and let us know at the Old English Brand Facebook Page. The Ill Tempered Pocket Tee is also available in Green, White and Blue!

Creating The New Run N Gun Tee

We have let the cat out of the bag for this exclusive design from Old English Brand. It is the brand new “Run N Gun Tee” that will be available at The Bank Sale. We are excited about this exclusive release and took some pictures of our staff creating the new shirt. Now you can see how this shirt was made, and what goes into making a quality piece of clothing. We also made a behind the scenes video of how the shirts were created, so stay posted to our blog to see that video, which will be dropping very soon! Since we have debuted the shirts design, everyone has been asking if we can put this tee for sale for a limited time, but we are making it available for sale at The Bank Sale. The Bank Sale is a clothing brand expo taking place February 8th at The Los Angeles Convention Center, and Old English Brand has a booth at this event. You can come and hang out with us and buy 4 brand new designs, straight from us! It is open to the public and all ages, with a special performance of Ty Dolla Sign.

Creating Run N Gun

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Riff Raff – Rap Game James Franco

At Old English Brand, we always keep our eye on fashion, from those who inspire, and those who start new trends. We also keep our ears to the streets, listening for the next big artists. I have been a big fan of Riff Raff for a while, since hearing about him since the Myspace days and seeing him on Worldstar, then seeing him on Tv (From G’s to Gents). He always had a style and trend that is his own, and his rap style is unique with millions of different words that can describe it. A man of many nicknames, from Riff Raff to Jody HighRoller to the Butterscotch Boss to thousands more dope creative names, and he makes a new nickname every few days. His newest mixtape is also dope, which dropped in December of last year, called Hologram Panda. Make sure to be on the lookout for his new album coming in 2013, called “Neon Icon”, and has Drake, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky and Future locked down for collaborations on the album.  Make sure to check out one of my favorite Riff Raff music videos, called “Rap Game James Franco”.

Riff Raff – Rap Game James Franco – Official Music Video

A Day Off II

Old English Brand keeps them coming with another brand new video. We called this video “A Day Off II” with Ja Su. Watch as Ja Su hangs out on her day off and casually spends her day at leisure, without a care in the world. What would you do on your day off without having to work or any responsibility? I know it sounds like an easy question, but giving it a thought and actually doing it, would be two different things. Watch as she hangs out in her room and lets the time pass by. Ja Su is wearing the Old English Brand “3rd Strike Baseball Tee” (Available Now) while hanging out! Watch the exclusive video below to see what im talkin about!

A Day Off II – Featuring Ja Su

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