La Enferma Nina gets sketched

Mr.Timido from the San Diego 619 sketched up La Loca and sent it in to Urban Kings. If you got your on drawing of Ms. Krazie send them in and we’ll post it on the blog at So come on ladies flaunt them skills.

Posted By Alejandra

Old English Brand – Ms Krazie – Hello Loca Phone Case

Old English Brand and UKMG and UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is back at it again! The winning team is back to bring our fans and supporters a brand new item, just in time for Christmas. We have created a brand new cell phone case called the “Limited Edition Hello Loca iPhone Case”. As of now, we only have cell phone cases for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5. We also have two colors available, in both Black and White. These was originally only for Ms Krazie, but these came out so great, we had to share them with everyone. These are going to make any Ms Krazie and Old English Brand fan very excited and makes a perfect stocking stuffer. Make sure to pick up yours today!

Because its Christmas, we are offering a Limited Time Only Price, so make sure to go to the Old English Brand Store

Top Shelf Is Now Available

Now without further ado, Old English Brand would like to present the brand new video commercial called “Top Shelf”! Top Shelf showcases the brand new OE “Blow Trees Tee Shirt“, a item that is from the OE Summer Collection. This is a really dope DOPE video that we had a interesting concept of, and we put our ideas to work and created a master piece with this one. Make sure to check out the visual and graphics of the video and pay attention, because top shelf is always the purest, and we only debut the best. Make sure to support Old English Brand and watch the video, and share it with your friends on social media!

Have You Met Alexandra Bombshell?

Have you ever met Alexandra Bombshell? You may recognize her as the sexy model from Music Videos from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle ft Lloyd “Feelin Myself”, Nipsey Hussle “A Million”, The Game “Cherry Khool Aid”, Bobby Brackins, YB aka Ya Boy, Nu Jerzey Devil, The Pricks featuring B Real, and more. We recently shot a few video clips of her wearing the Old English Brand Shirts “LA City Of Angels : Where There Are No Angels” and the “First Off I Wanna Thank My Connect” Tee Shirts. We will be releasing the video on Friday, June 15th so make sure to keep our blog posted!

No Borders – Old English Brand Campaign 31

For as far as humans have lived they have been nomadic. People that travel from land to land, just to find that place they can call home. These traveling men never stop fighting, never stop moving, and they are never afraid to take the hard road. We at Old English brand have a nomad mentality. We are constantly moving and we are always fighting to create something which identity has no limits nor borders. A brand that is for the tough traveling man like you. Old English Brand World Premier’s our brand new video called “No Borders” staring Greg T Brown and showcasing the Old English Brand Summer Collection! The OE “Leaders Of The Pack Tank Top“, “Natives” and the “Ill Tempered Pocket Tee in Burgundy” are available now in our store! Enjoy, and share with your friends on FB, IG and Twitter!

A Sneak Peak Into The OE Winter Lookbook