La Loca’s Inspired Make Up

So far, this is one of the best ones I have seen. This video is coming from MzDulceBaby. Upload your take on Ms. Krazie’s look and don’t forget to subscribe to her youtube channel.

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Our New Shipment Is In

We just got our new shipment in for Old English Brand Clothing. We are now re-stocked with all the Old English Brand and Old English Vandals, in different colors and all sizes. We got boxes on top of boxes with all the shirts you have been waiting for. Make sure to click on store or you can click Shop on the tab above to check out our new shirts!

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Today Old English brand is will be giving out some pies, just in time for the holidays. Check out the following locations:



The Old English Brand Gabrielle Canvas Is Available Now

Old English Brand proudly presents the OE “Gabrielle Fine Art Canvas” which we created from a photo shoot, taken of model Gabrielle Jeanne by Old English Brand Photographer Famous 8. The canvas is one of a kind, and is displayed inside the Old English Brand Flagship Shop. But we are giving away the opportunity for someone to own this awesome canvas for your home or office. The canvas dimensions are 18 x 24 and makes a great piece. To see the canvas in person, you can always come down to The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or you can purchase online inside The Old English Brand Online Store! Our shop hours are 12pm to 6pm, Monday through Friday.

Let Your Talents Do The Work

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Sometimes people overthink what they love to do, that they forget why they are doing it. For the next 15 seconds, we want you to relax and focus on doing what makes you happy. Old English Brand made a brand new short video commercial for everyone to watch and enjoy. Especially when you stop for a while, and look at the small things in life that makes our view beautiful. We encourage everyone to take a minute and click the picture above and watch this video that is exclusively for the Official Old English Brand Facebook Page. LIKE our page then watch the commercial!