La Loca’s Lesson #25

when your mom told you: dont run, walk. she ment take ur time growing up. UNLESS you were chunky then she really ment RUN lol


Top Shelf

Old English Brand presents Top Shelf, a dope artistic campaign we put together to showcase the OE “Blow Trees Tee Shirt“. Blow Trees is taken from the Old English Brand Collection, and has been a top seller. Top Shelf features Old English Brand Sponsored Artist Tru Starr, an upcoming hip hop artist from California. Since the shirt is called Blow Trees, we decided to blow your minds with the Top Shelf video, giving you some crazy dope video effects, something  you wouldn’t expect. We also show some photos taken during the video shoot, so make sure to watch the video today! Blow Trees is available now in all sizes!

Go For It Buy Today

Be The Go Getta

We have been pushing our movement for a while. To work for what you want to get to be where you want. Its the mentality that you can do and be anything you want in life if you push for it. And keep pushing, and when you get there, to keep pushing more to reach an even high level. To never be satisfied of your success but to reach your goal then work even harder to surpass it. Imagine for a minute what would have happened if Bill Gates or Steve Jobs would have quit after they turned their companies into a million dollar business, and just been happy to reach that status. There would be no new Microsoft or Apple technology, and if there was, it wouldnt have the Bill Gates or Steve Jobs touch to be the best item possible. They didnt just be contempt with reaching where they wanted, but got to their goal, then went even further, to go from a million dollar business to a billion dollar business. Thats what “Set For Life” is all about. Even if it means to follow your dream when you know you can settle for something mediocre, or go all out, sacrifice it all to win it all. You cant be afraid to step out of normal life to stretch your goal. Thats what we are about, and thats the motivation behind the OE “Set For Life Tee” in both Black and Olive Green colors. Available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or inside our online store!

Tonight is Industry Mondays – OE & Ron Artest

Tonight its going down. Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace, former Los Angeles Laker and New York Knicks forward, along with Strange and Deacon and Old English Brand Presents Industry Monday. Every Monday Night inside the Infusion Lounge at Universal City Walk. This event is 21 and over and features the top upcoming talent in the Southern California Area. Tonights Featured Artists are Hittman Gottem, Young Sam, Anthony Gates, Tango From The West, Antidote, Freddy Hefner, Gizzle, and IEZ. We will also have 5 of the sexiest ladies hosting the night, and there will be $150 Ciroc Bottles all night long! Old English will have free giveaways for the event as well!

The Old English Brand Look Book Video Campaign!

Old English Brand releases our new video look book featuring our Winter Collection. We called the campaign “Lost” because sometimes you can lose yourself in the big city of Los Angeles, but the perks about losing yourself in LA. You can also find the motivation, the inspiration and the strength to be somebody. If you can make it in this city, you can make it anywhere. Showcasing the OE LA Tee in Black and the OE Money Is The Motive in Blue. This video is part one of our look book, and the second will be available soon. Stay updated to our blog for more information!