La Loca’s Lesson #25

when your mom told you: dont run, walk. she ment take ur time growing up. UNLESS you were chunky then she really ment RUN lol


OE Sponsored Music Video – Chino Grande – Shine On Me

We have a brand new music video that Old English Brand has sponsored for one of our exclusively sponsored artists. This is a music video by Chino Grande, featuring Carolyn Rodriguez, called “Shine On Me“, taken from Chino’s upcoming album “Trust Your Struggle“. This is a very dope music video, and we are proud to have been apart of it, along with Chino and his record label, UKMG. This song is the very first single from Chino’s album, and its really heartfelt and honest, as this is Chino Grande’s first recorded song since coming home. Everyone make sure to check out the video! It was directed by our friends at Echosworld Films.

OE Women Racerbacks Are Available Now!

Have you heard about the new release Old English Brand had this week! Its something just for the ladies, a brand new collection of Old English Brand Racerback Tank Tops! With the Summer being hotter than ever, we release these new tanks just for the ladies. So today we are showing the brand new OE “Racerback Womens Tank in Heather Grey“. Perfect for all day, these racerbacks are ready to wear at the beach, bbq’s and all summer fun activities. Today we are giving you a closer look into the brand new racerback, so you can see it up close and personal!

Old English Brand Racerback Tank Top for Women

Available in sizes S – XL

In Heather Grey with Burgundy!

Another View!

We Got Your Back

Facing Forward

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A TRUE STORY of The OE Varsity

OE Varsity

Limited Edition – Not For Sale

Today I got a story for my blog readers about the “Old English Brand Varsity” a jacket that we made about a year ago. Ok, let me tell you what happened. Last year, we were thinking of doing the first ever Old English Brand Jacket. It was an idea we made with our friends at UKMG. These jackets would only be made exclusively for Urban Kings artists. It was to be a very limited edition that would not be sold to the public. We had the OE Varsity designed and manufactured, and we received a sample of our new creation. It looked great, the quality and the stitching were perfect. It was exactly how we wanted it. Then we had some problems and manufacturing issues with the making of more jackets, leaving us with only one. We got an email a few days ago, from Maria. She asked us about an Old English Brand jacket that she seen in a video, but does not see it in our store for sale. We told her that it is not for sale and that there was only one made, EVER. That it is the only jacket OE has ever made. She insisted in having it and offered us $400 to own it. She emailed us about the jacket, then called us about the jacket, we knew that she was serious about it and it was something she wanted. We ended up selling her the jacket (below what she offered us), simply because we knew how much she cared for it. Here are a few pictures of the OE Varsity, before it was shipped off to Maria. The moral of this story is, Maria wanted the jacket, and did everything possible to own it. If you go after something, you can have it, if you work hard enough to get it.

Bank On It – The OE Bank Sale Video

We have just released a brand new video called “Bank On It” which is our exclusive video for The Bank Sale Clothing Brand Expo. This is the first year we will be attending The Bank Sale and we made a really dope clip showing us making an exclusive tee that will be available at the show. Its a unique clothing expo, that gives the public an opportunity to see great street brands and buy directly from them. The event is all ages, so everyone is invited to come out and hang out with us. Buyers from large clothing chains will also be at the event, choosing which companies will be in their stores as well. Their will be many guests that will be attending, and last year comedian Kevin Hart came and so did Kid Ink. This year, more celebrities are scheduled to shop, and special performing artist Ty Dolla Sign of Taylor Gang will be performing his #1 song “Paranoid”. So without further ado, please watch our brand new video called “Bank On It” our exclusive video for The Bank Sale, which is taking place February 8th at The Los Angeles Convention Center.

Bank On It – Old English Brand Official Bank Sale Video