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Midget Loco Update!

Midget Loco stops by to update us on his new album and his mixtape coming out this year, First Loco At The Streets. He also shows us a shirt brought to you by Old English Brand. The Shirt is called Plead The Fifth and it features Midget Loco with a gun. It is really good and its available at

Meet Our Old English Staff Member – Grafik

We have been introducing our staff members little by little, and this time we have Grafik up. Grafik is one of our creative directors here at OE, doing everything from tee shirt designs to photography, as well as coming up with cool concepts and ideas. Grafik started his career in the clothing business when he was 6, already choosing his clothing. He was voted best dressed in first grade through college, and has not lost his step. He is a fashion guru, even wearing reading glasses, although he does not know how to read, and his vision is flawless. He has been a costume designer for films such as “Flubber” and “Ms Doubtfire”. He recently landed in hot water when he had an altercation with Andy Dick on Tmz. Grafik is a big part of our company and he said “its nice to meet ya” to our readers.

Fall Back In Love

Its official, Summer is over and Fall is now here. Weather is starting to change to cool off the country and warm clothes are coming back into season. Since the weather is coolin and the Halloween season is coming up, nothing is better to keep you warm and stylish than the Old English Brand  ”Original Beanie“, available in many different colors! Make sure to browse through our selection and pick your favorite color today!

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La Vida Enferma – First Look

Today we have featured a shirt that is going to be available never. Lol ok well not never, but only one place, and one place only. These exclusive, one of a kind La Vida Enferma Tees that are from the very creative minds of Old English Brand and Ms Krazie. We have made some really unique items with Ms Krazie through our collaborations, that include hats, shirts, and much more stuff we have in the works, including some beanies and totebags. Yes, we can never stop, because we love giving our fans some exclusive things that only the lucky few will get. This tee will only be available at the upcoming XSetForLifeX Super Show staring Ms Krazie, MC Magic and Chino Grande. The concert will be All Ages, taking place November 23rd at The Yost Theater! Make sure to come out, watch a great concert, and get exclusive items, because they will only be available there, and no where else. The XSetForLifeX Super Show is brought to you by Urban Kings and Sponsored by Old English Brand.

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After Hours At Old English Brand

We told you that we were back at it again, and we gave you a sneak peek photo of our video campaign for our latest release, “After Hours”. Now, we are back at it, releasing the After Hours video today, which stars Rosa J, who was featured in the music video for The Game. Watch as we capture her at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop after we close and as she settles into something a little more comfortable.