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Fresh With The Gear

Have you seen this Old English Brand video commercial yet? With every idea, design, concept, our creative team comes up with the coolest things to do. We sat around and threw ideas around and come up with this video. Then we thought of what Old English Brand Tee Shirt we should showcase for the video, and thought it would be a perfect match for the OE “Live For The Fight“. So we went to work and created this commerical called “Hot & Ready”. Make sure to watch the video above and let us know what you think!

From Father To Son

Puttem Up

We just did a photoshoot with David Weeg Hernandez wearing the Old English Brand Division Seal Tee. We always try to find people who have that distinguished look that represents Old English Brand as a company. David called us out of the blue, saying he was coming to the warehouse to pick up some fresh new designs. When he came over, we talked about doing a “on the spot” photoshoot. So we went around our city, and took shots at various locations, and these are what we came up with!

We currently have the Division Seal in Black, in sizes M – 3XL

Like Father Like Son

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The Old English Brand Bank Sale Exclusive


We are letting everyone know that Old English Brand will have a booth at this years upcoming The Bank Sale. Old English Brand will be releasing 4 exclusive designs for The Bank Sale, and we are letting everyone see the first design that will be available. The Bank Sale is a clothing expo for upcoming clothing brands and Old English Brand was invited to attend the event. You have the opportunity to buy directly from us at our booth, which will feature some cool, unique giveaways, have some special guests come through, and hang out with us. It will be a fun day that include a special performance by Ty Dolla Sign of Taylor Gang. Come chill at the Old English Brand Booth at The Bank Sale February 8th at The Los Angeles Convention Center. It is all ages and open to the public! And stay posted to our blog so you can see some more exclusive designs that will be released for the bank sale.

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Beer Me…Again!

Old English Brand presents a brand new commercial. In honor of Saint Patricks Day, we made a video that would be enjoyed EVERYDAY. We are showcasing one of my favorite items from our OE Collection, called the “Ol’ English Mug” 25 oz Mug. This Mug has been around with me since I received it the very first day that came into our offices. I use it for beer, coffee, more beer, alcohol, soda and pretty much basically whatever I want at the office. I actually have two of them, one that is strictly for my office, and one that I use for my house. Watch our brand new commercial that we made, and remember, your always cooler when your drinking out a Mug, especially a 25 oz mug!

Cant handle the VANDAL!

Every wonder who comes up with The Vandals designs? No one else but our one and only boy EdGutter. He has his own site where he puts up his work to real life. So you can get to see the creativity that goes through his mind when he comes up with the designs. We don’t have no nerd designers here just real people putting their thoughts into play.