Letter to my Felon-Ms. Krazie

Still haven’t heard that has been set on repeat since the day it came out? Ms. Krazie’s Letter To My Felon is on the Street Anthem 3. Get your copy of the 3rd Street Anthem or get it now on ITunes. You can also find the Street Anthems 3 at all FYE stores near you.

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Meet Our Old English Staff Member – Burst Rock

As you may have noticed, Old English Brand has a very colorful, distinctive and actually very famous staff. We would like to introduce you to another vital member of our team, Burst Rock. Burst has exploded to the entertainment world in 1999, with Sprite knocking on his door to be a part of their new commercial, and from there, it was history. Burst Rock blasted into superstardom, taking place in various commercials for huge multi billion dollar companies, like McDonalds, Nissan, XBox, Nike, Pepsi and more. His biggest commercial to date was a during the 2002 Super Bowl, (which at the time was over $1,000,000) was a Levi’s commercial. The Super Bowl ad chain reacted, with the BBoy movement becoming mainstream again in the entertainment world, Swizz Beats contacted Burst Rock to be apart of his brand new video,(called Guilty), which took a major storyline in the music video, which Burst did the crazy legs for Swizz and others. Next, the Black Eye Peas Artist Fergie DEMANDING Burst Rock to be a part of her music video (Fergalicious). He then hosted the world famous DUB SHOW, which is Dub Magazine’s yearly car show tour with the biggest artists. After these major accomplishments, Burst decided to tour the world, from here in the states, to international cities, Burst has accomplished more than the average man. With all the fame and fortune, Burst decided to come back home and be apart of Old English Brand, where he holds many titles, from creative member, to customer service, to shipping, to photography, concepts and ideas. Burst does it all, and we love him for it. Make sure to follow Burst now on instagram at @BurstRock27Junkies, his official website 27 Junkies and Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/johnny.cervin.

Fast As Hell Joggers

Old English Brand released the first ever bottoms to our collection. It is the OE “Fast As Hell Jogger Pants” and they been a hit since they came out. With fashion trends changing, we always stay ahead of the rest and release clothing that will be popular, and these are no different. The style with the Old English Brand carries a new style for the public. With Old English Brand boldly across the leg, along with Athletic Dept. Track and Field, these have been a hit with everyone. Make sure to check them out today and get your pair. I have been wearing mine throughout town and always get asked about them. Plus they are comfortable too. Check them out, available in black! Available at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online at The Old English Brand Online Store! We ship worldwide!

Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Monday – Friday

Hours : 12pm to 6pm


Isuppose comes back to Old English Brand to showcase his freestyle skills. Like a savage he takes the spot and shows us why he is on the come up.

Check out the video and give it a share.

True Starr At The Cannibus Cup!

Check this out, Old English Brand Sponsored Artist True Starr went to the High Times Cannibus Cup. The Cannibus Cup is always a dope event, with all the dope weed companies, dab bars and glass bongs. It was a really dope event. He had a camera crew with him to follow him throughout his adventure, tryin different strands of green, dabbin different waxes, and being a special guest at the King Legazy 2020 Hii Effect Booth. Watch the video and check it out!