Loca’s Lesson #39

“Although you want to know everything about you man or you want to tag along with him all the time, be reasonable and give him his space.”


Free Old English Brand Bandana With Your Order!

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Gymkhana Seven – Los Angeles

Check out this really dope video we were watching of Ken Block and his always popular Gymkhana Racetrack. If you have never heard of Ken Block or Gymkhana, let me give you the details. Ken Block is a world famous professional rally driver and co owner of DC Shoes. He then sold his stock in DC to focus on his new brand, Hoonigan Industries. He then created his own Gymkhana courses throughout the country. He has set up tough courses that only he would be able to master, and he shuts down the city to dominate it. Watch as Ford donates a custom 1965 Mustang, specially for Ken to use during this Gymkhana that shut down Los Angeles. Will be dominate? Watch and see!

Pretty Wicked


I just came across this video today of an artist named Autumn in June. What first caught my eye on him was on facebook, with a bright neon picture with an x on the face. Catching the life of video games, cocaine and the nightlife, Autumn in June puts it all into one video. With a dope 80′s rock n roll electric synthesizer beat, rapping and singing, he captures a Los Angeles lifestyle of hip hop and rap. Watch the video and take a listen on Pretty Wicked by Autumn in June. We cant wait to hear whats next from him.


Chino Grande Just Released His Album Snippets

Old English Brand Sponsored Artist Chino Grande has just released his album snippets for 1300 Block Boys through his record label The Urban Kings Music Group. Everyone has been pumped up about the album, since the release of some songs, and this is that exclusive first listen to how the album sounds. The album is really really dope, Urban Kings let us hear the album before everyone, and it pumped us up. Plus, Old English Brand sponsored Chino’s new music video “Under The Sun”, which is coming out very soon. 1300 Block Boys releases worldwide on July 25th!

9 More Days Till Christmas

There are only 9 days left until Christmas is here. Everyone has been getting into the holiday spirit worldwide. Its always good to see Christmas lights on houses, homes decorated with Christmas Trees, Santa Claus, Elves, Presents and more. The year seemed to pass by quick this time, and another year we are thankful to the people who support us and represent our brand with us. I remember last year we just went to our Christmas Staff Meeting, and talked about what plans we had for 2013, and I think we conquered most of them and more. And as we continue to grow, we continue to stay ambitious and motivated and dedicated to releasing the best products possible, and only top quality items will do. I will be the one this year two O’l English 25 oz Mugs full of milk and drink milk and cookies with Santa.