Love You Til Death Music Video

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Ms Krazie released a really dope music video taken from her album “Forgive Not Forget“. The video was for “Love You Til Death ” featuring Kozme and it was her biggest songs from the album. It was directed by Echosworld, who has done music videos for B Real, Waka Flaka, The Game, Ty Dolla Sign, Nipsey Hussle, Tyga and more. The video came out really dope, and it was the first single from her album. We all worked really hard on the music video, and it came out really really dope. We really cant wait for the next music video from Ms Krazie, hopefully for her upcoming album “Sad Girls Club”!!

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EMC Senatra Is Just Passing By

Just Passing By – Short Clip with AK47 Artist EMC Senatra for Old English Brand. EMC Senatra is rockin the OE “Logo Sweater” and the OE Faded Beanie.

Old English Brand Featured In True Starr’s Music Video

Today is finally the day that Old English Brand Sponsored Artist True Starr released his latest music video, called “What You Need”. The video is Presented by his label, the Urban Kings Music Group, and directed by Kast N Fame. Its a really dope song and the music video came out super dope too. The song has a really chill vibe, but lyrical and rhythmic with the patterns and flow. Its definitely worth listening to, and its also featuring Old English Brand Clothing, like the OE “Original Beanie“. Make sure to check it out!

Free For You, You and YOU!!!

Here at Old English Brand, we love giving back to those who support us! So now with every order from or our other sites ( look at top bar) you will recieve a sticker. ON US, NO CHARGE. 5 Different Designs, From The Psycho Shop, To Urban Kings, To Old English Brand To The Homicide and Hustle Hard design. This is just another way for us to say thank you for your support.And tell me who gives away free cool stuff like this, just because! WE DO!!!!

Behind The Scenes Of The Ms Krazie Tee

Have you ever seen this video from Old English Brand when we collaborated with Ms Krazie for our “Forgive Not Forget” tee. We filmed a behind the scenes as Kast touched up the design and the video came out dope. It gives fans an insight on what goes into making a design look the best it could be. This tee has been in very high demand, and has been sold out many times. One of the tees that we just cant keep in stock! We will be receiving the Forgive Not Forget tees very soon, so make sure to stay updated to our blog!