Love You Til Death Music Video

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Ms Krazie released a really dope music video taken from her album “Forgive Not Forget“. The video was for “Love You Til Death ” featuring Kozme and it was her biggest songs from the album. It was directed by Echosworld, who has done music videos for B Real, Waka Flaka, The Game, Ty Dolla Sign, Nipsey Hussle, Tyga and more. The video came out really dope, and it was the first single from her album. We all worked really hard on the music video, and it came out really really dope. We really cant wait for the next music video from Ms Krazie, hopefully for her upcoming album “Sad Girls Club”!!

You Can Own This For Just $40,000

Working Prop Car Made For The Movie “Tron”

Also Glows In The Dark In Neon Coloring

It has just been announced that an exclusive sale of the Light Cycle from the movie “Tron” (the new version), will be auctioned off in May. It will be auctioned by RM Sothebys, and is expected to have a selling price about $40,000. The first question everyone asks, does it work. Yes, it does work, and not only does it work, its also electric with a 96V motor. It was built by Hammacher Schlemmer, the company who creates everything hi tech and customization that you would see in a movie. After being built, the owner also added to the Light Cycle. And just like the movie Tron, everything on the bike lights up to glow, which would look crazy driving down an interstate late at night. The specifics are crazy, including the customized seat that is only 28 inches off the ground, seating you like a laying down position. For everything shown, and the customization and modifications of the Light Cycle, if it sells for only $40,000, that would be a steal, because this bike is worth more than that. Riding it though, may be another story.


Vandals Nation

Old English Brand presents Old English Vandals. This is a new series of shirts and the next coming days we will be uploading the remaining shirts. Click on pic to view more.

More Fathers Day Suggestions!

Fathers Day Suggestion #3

Fathers Day Suggestion #4

Fathers Day Suggestion #5

Old English Brand is your guide for those last minute choices when you just cant decide what to get your Dad for Fathers Day. We have put together another quality list for some great tips that will help you find that perfect present. (I added a few items for my father from my own suggestions, and put together a dope outfit with a matching OE Tee, Snapback and Backpack). Today I included the OE “West Snapback Hats” (also the East Snapback Hats for all my readers on the Eastcoast), as well as the super brand new OE “Venture Backpacks” along with the OE “Ill Tempered Pocket Print Tee“, which is also new from the Old English Brand Summer Collection. To be truthful, I had to buy myself some Fathers Day gear too, so I can be fresh for tomorrow! Old English Brand wishes every Father out there a great Fathers Day!

Problemz Is Sicker Than Your Average, Are You?

We stay grinding, we stay working, we stay hustling, we stay Sicker Than Your Average. We had a photoshoot done with Problemz from Smooth Hustle/DSG. Problemz is an upcoming rapper and is also a boxer. He was a top choice to sport the new Old English Brand “Sicker Than Your Average” Tee. This shirt came out dope, with a really dope design of the writing, and once released, became a fan favorite. The concept was simple, how can we show that we are better than most, without even having to say it. The Old English Brand creative team went to work and created the design by hand. Hand drawn art has always came out awesome, especially with our staff members being so talented. So if you want to show people that you are Sicker Than Your Average, without having to brag about it, this is the shirt for you. Its not only a cool shirt, but its a statement!

Make sure to follow Problems on his Facebook Page and also on Instagram at @ProblemzDSG!

“Sicker Than Your Average” is currently available in Black, sizes M – 3XL

Problemz – Smooth Hustle/DSG

Too Sick

Sicker Than Your Average

All I See Is Dolla Signs

Ready For Anything

Click Here To Order “Sicker Than Your Average” Today!

Ahead Of The Rest

The Old English Brand Showcase Today is one of the coolest Tee Shirts we have released from our collection. It is called the “Ahead Of The Rest Pocket Tee“, and it features a dope OE logo on the front of the tee, along with the Ahead Of The Rest design on the back. It was sold out for two weeks, and now it is back in stock in many sizes, and available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop. We are open from Monday – Friday from 12Noon to 6PM. The address is below.

The Old English Brand Flagship Shop


11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670