Love You Til Death Music Video

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Ms Krazie released a really dope music video taken from her album “Forgive Not Forget“. The video was for “Love You Til Death ” featuring Kozme and it was her biggest songs from the album. It was directed by Echosworld, who has done music videos for B Real, Waka Flaka, The Game, Ty Dolla Sign, Nipsey Hussle, Tyga and more. The video came out really dope, and it was the first single from her album. We all worked really hard on the music video, and it came out really really dope. We really cant wait for the next music video from Ms Krazie, hopefully for her upcoming album “Sad Girls Club”!!


Old English Brand is pleased to announce the release of LA City Of Angels Where There Are No Angels Tanks. Just in time for Summer, available in our online shop and authorized retailers. The LA City Of Angels Tank Tops come in two colors Dodger Blue & Heather Gray high quality fabric, original design. Get Yours Now While They Last!

Pillow Talking With Gabrielle

Here is one of my favorite videos of all time, not only because its Old English Brand, but because one of the most sexiest models was enjoying her new OE “Original Pillow“. Watch Gabrielle as she is happy to own her very own OE Pillow, which is now available in the The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and Our online store, and just in time for Summer. You can pick it up in person directly from the shop or order online and have it sent straight to you!

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Rich With Ambition Commercial

Have you seen the Old English Brand “Rich With Ambition” commercial featuring the official “Set For Life Pocket Tee” and the OE “Original Beanie in Black“. We had Russian supermodel Olga Gittera pose for this commercial as well as a photo shoot for the tee. This is one of the biggest tee’s released last year, because it was exclusively for the “Set For Life” concert that Old English Brand sponsored, and the concert was the only pop up shop to order the shirt, until recently. This shirt sold out at the concert, then sold out the first week of being online. Now we have these tee’s in stock for all sizes. Watch this video, cleverly titled “Rich With Ambition”, and watch this shirt come to life.

Merry Christmas From Old English Brand

Old English Brand would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas this year. It has been a great year for us, both as a clothing brand and personally for our staff. We have alot to be thankful for. Thankful for the support and representation from everyone who wears our clothes, hats, shoes, beanies and bandanas. Success does not come overnight, but with hard work, dedication and teamwork. We hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas this year, and while you are celebrating today, we are in the office plotting on taking over 2014. Thank you for your loyalty and we will not let you down for the new year, but work even harder to bring you what you deserve. Merry Christmas and blog to you tomorrow!

A Cruise To Remember

Now a days we rush pass situations that are meant to be significant in our lives. Its only when its too late that we realize our mistakes but one thing that can never lead you wrong is being grounded.There use to be a time when a date was picking up your significant other to go for a ride around the town. Where people knew a thing or two about pride and respect. When a man wasn’t measured by the pistol that he holds but the value of his word.  Life may never give you the easiest road but one decides where it leads to. Cuz once your time glass ends so does your existence so enjoy it will it last. Living life in the fast-lane leaves a mark of  a foot step on the beach. Cruise through life take a few stops, catch up with those that mean something in your life and take them along for the ride because it will soon just be a memory.

Published By Elena