Mc Magics interview in the Norwalk signing

The interview of the nowarlk signing for the Mc Magic’s album The Rewire. Mc Magic, Baby Jokes and Chino Brown where signing stuff for the fans.Baby joke’s song I am is on the album. In this interview Mc Magic also is going to talk about his futre plans of working with Ms. Krazie so stop delaying and click play already lol
Posted By Alejandra

Conquer Los Angeles

I was out shooting a video this Sunday and I happened to end up in the LA River. After I was done filming I started to enjoy the sounds of the city as they echo through the river bed. From the distance I saw a man about to jump into the water, which is not something I would suggest anyone to do, but there he was taking off his shirt, his socks and unbuckling his belt. All we could say was, “The struggle is real.” We moved on, trying to jump the fence without the cop that patrols the train tracks could see us. By that time I turned to my left to watch the view that I never seem to get over, the sun settling behind DTLA. The rays of light piercing between the skyscrapers as if it was the heavens giving hope to the concrete jungle. “This is what they call the Golden hour. Stay gold Pony boy, stay gold.” I said out loud to myself. “Who’s Pony Boy?” the homie said. “Oh nothing, just a reminder to myself that if you can make it in this city, you can make it anywhere; conquer Los Angeles is the mission.”


XXTALES from INK to Skin

When a man has the desire to make something good out of himself, there is nothing that will stop him. Obstacles are just challenges because nothing good comes easy and nothing easy is always good. I met Big Sikes from Riverside, a man that has done a total of 20 years in prison. In his time in prison Sikes would use his passion for tattoos to survive. He would draw and apply ink to former inmates in return for soups, which is a commadity in prison. Now a free man, Sikes is putting all of his energy and focus in becoming the next great tattoo artists. “If I survived in prison doing tattoos, why can’t I do it out here?”

Filmed by: Sammy T.

Photos by: King Kast

Plead The Fifth

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