Mc Magics interview in the Norwalk signing

The interview of the nowarlk signing for the Mc Magic’s album The Rewire. Mc Magic, Baby Jokes and Chino Brown where signing stuff for the fans.Baby joke’s song I am is on the album. In this interview Mc Magic also is going to talk about his futre plans of working with Ms. Krazie so stop delaying and click play already lol
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Old English Brand – Black Friday Commercial – 20% OFF!!

Old English Brand presents our official Black Friday Commercial for 2014. Everyone has been hyped up about about the sale, because everyone can save 20% off the whole website! Its not just good for the website, but also for the Old English Brand Store, the new flagship store that opened last week! You can save 20% off all orders of Shirts, Tanks, Crew Necks, Shoes, Slippers, Sweaters, Bandanas, Tote Bags, Accessories and Ladies Racerback Tank Tops. All you have to do is type in your promo code and collect your sale price. Watch the video and see what is available on sale! Remember, our Black Friday sale for online ends at midnight, and our instore sale ends at 7pm! The Old English Brand Store Address is 11781 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA!

Promo Code – Blackout

Fold, Tag, Label and repeat

We got new shipments coming in and we are going to need make more room to for them. We got to fold, tag and organize them in our warehouse.Want to see what we restocked on just click here.

You can say this is our library collection

All the shirts are organized by size and by theme.

These sweaters still need to be reviewed to make sure they are up to quality standard. Then folded, tagged, separated and then finally organized by its size.

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Shootin With Marty JayR

Yesterday, I got a phone call that one of my good friends is in town. His name is Marty JayR and he is signed to Baby Bash’s “Bashtown Records”. He is working on his solo album and let me know he was doing a cameo for a new music video, to roll through and lets do a photo shoot for OE. We drove to the set, met up with Marty, and had him rock a few tees. The first shirt he picked was the OE “Digital Camo Tee“, and we drove to Downtown LA to a warehouse location. What do you think of these photos we took? Let us know at The Old English Brand Official Facebook Page!

Riff Raff – Rap Game James Franco

At Old English Brand, we always keep our eye on fashion, from those who inspire, and those who start new trends. We also keep our ears to the streets, listening for the next big artists. I have been a big fan of Riff Raff for a while, since hearing about him since the Myspace days and seeing him on Worldstar, then seeing him on Tv (From G’s to Gents). He always had a style and trend that is his own, and his rap style is unique with millions of different words that can describe it. A man of many nicknames, from Riff Raff to Jody HighRoller to the Butterscotch Boss to thousands more dope creative names, and he makes a new nickname every few days. His newest mixtape is also dope, which dropped in December of last year, called Hologram Panda. Make sure to be on the lookout for his new album coming in 2013, called “Neon Icon”, and has Drake, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky and Future locked down for collaborations on the album.  Make sure to check out one of my favorite Riff Raff music videos, called “Rap Game James Franco”.

Riff Raff – Rap Game James Franco – Official Music Video

New OE Sponsored Artist – True Starr

Old English Brand is proud to announce we have just signed a new sponsored artist. He goes by the name True Starr and he is definitely an up and coming hip hop artist. He has some songs that will be releasing this year that will blow your socks off. We have worked with True Starr last year, showcasing and premiering the OE “Blow Trees Tee Shirt” which is available now. Check out True as he rocks the new OE “Cecilia Tee“, along with the OE “LS ANGLS Snapback Hat” and the OE “Fast As Hell Jogger Pants“. Welcome to our family True Starr!

True Starr In The OE Top Shelf Video Campaign