Meet Your Maker

Remember the poster that you guys got when you ordered the Ms. Krazie Tshirt. Well guess what I found in the Urban Kings Headquarters  while I was organizing (doing some spring cleaning lol). The original rough draft of the Ms Krazie “Try Me” the one that was sketched by edgutter. Its the only one of its kind (trust I check for more lol). This is an official Urban Kings’ limited edition (there’s only one) so we are framing it and its going on Urban Kings Wall of Fame. Which only those that have access to get to get in Headquarters get to see it. If you guys want her newest poster pre-order the Urban Kings Street Anthem 3, which comes with her song Letters To My Felon. You get the official poster and if your lucky it will be autographed by one of our artist and/or come with one of 25 exclusive prizes that can only be one when you pre-order. So don’t miss out on your poster collection of La Loca.

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Studio Session With True Starr & Oh No

Old English Brand was invited to the studio with our sponsored artist True Starr. He was recording a song with OH NO. The session was dope, and we were chillin in the middle of the mix and the track came out dope. The song is called “Right Now”, and is featured on his new album “You’re Welcome“. Our friends at Urban Kings put it all together and True Starr and Oh No recorded the song, and I know its going to look dope. We took these photos during the studio session, so you can see what to expect from the music. Also check out True Starr rocking the brand new OE “Faded Beanie“, which is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside The Old English Brand Online Store! True Starr’s new album You’re Welcome is available now at


Kruk One just dropped his new music video “Dip Slide” and is featuring one of our XX Champion tee. Really dope music video, check it out:

We Got These Back In Stock!

Attention, we got these back in stock! The original Old English Brand Old English Brand Members Only Snapback in All Black. These have been sold out for weeks at both, the Old English Brand Flagship Shop and our online store. These Members Only snapbacks have been a staple from our collection, with the official Old English Brand logo on the front. We have many different colors from the Members Only line, and we will be receiving more snapbacks that are also sold out. Make sure to keep an eye out on upcoming collection for Spring/Summer! We will be posting more information, sneak peek artwork for the designs we are working on, and some little extra surprises that we have in the works. You can always come down to The Old English Brand Flagship Shop to check out what we have in person, and get some Free Pins with your order!

Flash Sale!

Old English Brand Surprise Sale

The Old English Brand Surprise Sale is here! For Today and Tomorrow (Thursday and Friday), we will have the OE “Ill Tempered Pocket Tees” all on sale! All colors, including White, Blue, Green and Burgundy are all available for just $15! No promo code, No coupon. Make sure to find your favorite color and save on this item today! Available at the The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and also inside The Old English Brand Online Store! Our Shop hours are Monday – Friday , 12pm to 6pm!

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