More Contestants For Ms. Krazie’s Guy Contest

We will keep collecting all the videos to our Urban Kings Tv so everyone can vote and see them all in one place. (without the advertisements like youtube). If you don’t see your video here, don’t worry it will soon be up there.

Old English Brand Commercial Premier

OE – Where The Clocks Dont Work


Here is the Official World Premier for the Old English Brand Commercial – Where The Clocks Dont Work. We worked on this commercial for a few weeks perfecting the filming and editing process to where it was perfect. With the help of Jeff “Echo” Reyes from , this video became what we have envisioned for it. A dope commercial with some dope filming and the editing was awesome. Make sure to give our commercial a Thumbs up, A Good Comment and Share the video all around Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else you can! Shout out to everyone wearing Old English Brand, Our Staff and Jeff “Echo” Reyes and the whole Echos World Team!

I Would Trust Her

Trust No One Fear No One t-shirt photo shoot. Enjoy.

Old English Brand Winos

Sometimes people say its hard to fill someones shoes. To be compared to someone else, or to be following someones footsteps. Its always much easier to do anything in more comfortable shoes. That is why Old English Brand created our OE “Wino’s” shoes. These shoes have a classic look and canvas feel of the shoe will a gum sole. The Winos were the first ever shoe that was released by Old English Brand and has been a fan favorite among our footwear. I have worn these before and they are great, durable and reliable! We have the Winos available in Black, sizes 6-11. They are available at Old English Brand Flagship Shop and in The Old English Brand Online Store!

Last Day For Our Warehouse Sale

Today marks our very last day for the Old English Brand Warehouse Sale. Since Friday, we have offered 50% Selected Items throughout our Warehouse Store, and sales on other OE products as well. We took this picture of one of our sections, the Old English Brand x Ms Krazie Collaboration Collection, featuring the La Vida Enferma Tee, the “5150″ “LOCA” and “Krazie” Snapback Hat, No 1 Tote Bag, and the “Enferma” and “Mexside” Beanies! The Warehouse Sale is going on right now and doors will close at 8pm! Make sure to come down and not miss out because this is the very first (and probably last) time we do a 50% Off Sale. We will see you  here! The address for the warehouse is 11781 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670!


OH YEAH! Its finally coming. Check out a sneak peak in to just 2 of the OE Vandals shirts!