Ms. Krazie – Don’t Come Close Cover By Brenda

Check out one of the submissions off the “Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest”

This one was done by Brenda.

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Showcasing – Live For The Fight

With ambition, self knowledge and dedication, we have made shirts that symbolizes that hard work and never give up attitude can take you to your goals. I took a picture of one of my favorite shirts from our new season line, called the OE “Live For The Fight” Tee. We always try to release meanings that are special and motivational, with some really dope, fresh designs. This is one of the newest designs from our collection, and we hope you love it as much as you do. Make sure to see a more detailed look of Live For The Fight tee below, and order your shirt today!

“Live For The Fight” is available in Grey, sizes M – 3XL

Live For The Fight

Fight For Your Beliefs

Old English Brand Certified

Straight Up

We Got Your Back

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Old English Brand Wino’s Shoes Trooper Division

Old English Brand has debuted our brand new shoe, called the “OE Winos Shoes Trooper Division“. This is our very first shoe, and we are very pleased about how they are a very trendy looking shoe, and the quality and durability these shoes are amazing. In black, these Trooper Division shoes can match with almost everything. And the tough gum sole will provide the comfort and is durable in all weather conditions. With a classic wino design, the shoe will attract attention from everyone. With a variety of size options, there is no reason not to order the first Old English Brand Wino’s Shoes Trooper Division!

Old English Brand Winos available Now, sizes 6 – 11

Dress To Impress

Write The Dress Code

Stay On Your Two

Lookin Good From The Back

On Top Of It All

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Grim Reaper of the OE Collection

Murdering walls with every spray.  Old English is presenting its new line of Old English Bandanas. Soon to be worn by a vandal near you.

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A Day Off II

Old English Brand keeps them coming with another brand new video. We called this video “A Day Off II” with Ja Su. Watch as Ja Su hangs out on her day off and casually spends her day at leisure, without a care in the world. What would you do on your day off without having to work or any responsibility? I know it sounds like an easy question, but giving it a thought and actually doing it, would be two different things. Watch as she hangs out in her room and lets the time pass by. Ja Su is wearing the Old English Brand “3rd Strike Baseball Tee” (Available Now) while hanging out! Watch the exclusive video below to see what im talkin about!

A Day Off II – Featuring Ja Su

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Slow It Down by Chino Grande

There is just 9 days away for Christmas, and today we are going to showcase the fan favorite of UKMG Artist Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo. This is one of my favorite albums from Chino Grande. The album is called “Slow It Down” and features songs like “In My Neighborhood“, “Im Yours“, “You Fell In Love With A Gangsta” and “Smooth Xicano Flavor“. The whole album was dope, and has alot of dope music, from rap, to slow jams, to some oldie tracks, to political songs and even empowerment songs. All over very dope beats and hard hitting lyrics from Chino. The album features UKMG Artists Jasper LocoFiesty 2 Guns and Ms Krazie. The album also features Baby Jokes, Conejo, Troub Nasty, Oso Vicious, Wicked of Brownside, D Salas, Tierra and more. If you dont have this album, your missing out. It is available at all major music retailers, like FYE, and digitally through iTunes. You can also order online through the UKMG Merch Store! Below I put the music video for In My Neighborhood, make sure to check it out!!

Chino Grande – In My Neighborhood Music Video – Featuring Jasper Loco & Oso Vicious