Ms. Krazie – Te Deseo Lo Peor Cover By Nereida

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This one was done by another Nereida.

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The Old English Brand Shield is the top gun when it comes to reppin the O.E pride and out in Houston, Texas we are the law. Shinning with The Swisha House out is the wild west, Lil Young expressed it best,with the O.E and Swisha House you just can’t F*** with.

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My Pleasure Starts at 7PM

Old English Brand is proud to release the World Premier of our latest video campaign called “My Pleasure”. The campaign stars Suicide Girls Model Riley Jensen showcasing the latest Old English Brand Collection, including the OE “Off The Shoulder Women Sweater” and the OE “Racerback Tank Tops for Ladies“. The premier will debut at 7PM Pacific Time and you will not be disappointed! Have you seen the behind the scenes video for “My Pleasure” yet? If you haven’t, make sure to watch it below, and get ready to watch the official video later today!

Sneak Peak of My Pleasure – Presented by Old English Brand

Shine On Me Music Video – Behind The Scenes

Tomorrow is the day that Chino Grande from Charlie Row Campo will be premiering his brand new behind the scenes footage of the “Shine On Me” music video, and it also features songstress Carolyn Rodriguez! This special collaboration we did with our friends at The UKMG Music Group, we sponsored the Shine On Me music video, for all clothing worn by Chino Grande while filming his scenes for the video. Old English Brand was on the live set, along with many special guests who came through during the day, like Pocos Pero Locos Host and Actress Khool Aid. This video is certified as top quality, as it is filmed by Echosworld Films and they always do the best work, as he is also another artist we sponsor for Old English Brand. Make sure to come to our blog tomorrow to see the behind the scenes of the music video. We have seen the footage, and it looks amazing, but you have to come back tomorrow to watch it for yourself!

Hangin With Baby Bash

Old English Brand was hanging out with one of our good friends, Baby Bash. He let us know he was going to be in the studio in Los Angeles and we met up with him to listen to some new music and to take him a shirt he liked. Bash is known worldwide for his hits like “Suga Suga“, “Baby Im Back“, “Cyclone“, “What Is It“, “Go Girl“, “Fantasy Girl” and many more. I was telling Bash about our OE “On The Rocks Tee“, and he seen it, so I wanted to take it to him personally and give him one . We hung out for while, he played us new tracks that he’s working on and some ideas he has for his next album. We took a few photos of that day, make sure to check them out. I am also posting Baby Bash’s biggest song below too, called Suga Suga. Make sure to watch the video below and turn it up. The OE “On The Rocks Tee” tee is available now inside our Online Store!

Baby Bash x Old English Brand

Welcome To Bashtown

On The Rocks

Available Now

Baby Bash – Suga Suga – Featuring Frankie J

My Homies Music Video Sponsored By Old English Brand

Old English Brand sponsored a music video for hip hop artist Ybe for his new song called “My Homies“. The song will be featured on his upcoming album “The M$M Family”. Its a really dope song and when we first heard it, we knew we wanted to be a part of the video. We then went on set, hung out with Ybe, the models and the filming crew. We let Ybe pick his favorite tee, and he decided to showcase the OE ”On The Rocks Crew Neck” during one of the scenes. Make sure to support this video and watch it now! You can also leave us messages about what you think of it at The Old English Brand Facebook Page.