Ms. Krazie – Te Deseo Lo Peor Cover By Nereida

Check out one of the submissions off the “Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest”

This one was done by another Nereida.

If you’re not familiar with the contest make sure you click here.

Lyrik is a Straight Vandal with Xzibit

Xzibit and Lyric posted up. Lyric throwing up the "W" representing the West Coast and what better way to reprent the West Coast but with Old English Brand. Also known as the West Coast Anthentic Brand. In this pic he is wearing our OE Vandal’s tee and there is plenty more to add to the collection.

Eastside Poetry

Did you know that our friends from Old English Brand sponsored an event with our other friend, Emmy Nominated Actor Richard Cabral, and his company Lineage Entertainment, to give a place for  talented individuals in our community a place to show off their skill. It gave an opportunity to showcase your talent, whatever it is. From poetry, music, acting, dance, story-telling or whatever it may be. It starts off with Old English Brand CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr as he describes the event, then to Richard as he tells what the goal is, and then to audience feedback. Make sure to watch the video and stay posted to Urban Kings and Old English Brand because we may have another event coming soon.

We Run The Streets – Street Breed – OEB

Heres your exclusive sneak peak of our brand new Old English Brand Crew Neck Sweater, called “Street Breed”. This is a new design and concept that we have added to our Old English Brand Catalog. With Street Breed on a heather grey sweater, and white ink, this sweater is releasing exclusively through our store, and just in time for the very cold weather. We have product tested the sweaters durability, quality and it meets our standards. The Design has also been through different tests from all types of various people, and no matter what style the people were, everyone had agreed this style sweater was dope and many placed pre-orders to receive the sweater first. The Sweater is available now, here are some pictures of the brand new crew neck sweater, Street Breed, by Old English Brand.

“Street Breed Sweater” is currently available in Heather Grey, sizes M – 3XL

You Run The Streets

Or The Streets Run You

Street Dreams

Watch The Throne

Old English Brand

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The Loud As Hell Speaker

Old English Brand has a really dope wireless portable speaker for everyone, but its a very special limited edition item in our electronics section. It is the OE “Loud As Hell Bandana – Blue Tooth Speaker“, which is available now. Its a really dope speaker that is portable, so you can take it anywhere. Plus, it can connect to your phone, iPad or tablet, or your iPod. Or, you can just use an aux cable and connect it directly from your music player to the speaker. You can also just plug in a memory card and play your music that way if you want. All we know is that this is a dope design, it gives you different options to listen to music, and it bumps pretty loud. Make sure to not miss out and dont let this opportunity pass you by. You can come down to The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or order online!

Nipsey Hustle Rocks With Old English Brand

OE Classic – Old English Brand was hanging out with Nipsey Hussle in Los Angeles as he was finalizing his $100 mixtape called “Crenshaw“, a free mixtape for online mixtape websites, and it became the First $100 mixtape ever, and sold 1,000 copies in its first day. Old English Brand caught up with Nipsey to talk about the mixtape and to talk about the Old English Brand “Since 96 Thug Life” Tank Top, which is available now! Summer is here and tanks are going fast, and Nipsey picked his favorite OE Tank. With BET Weekend starting tomorrow, we might be running into Nipsey again, so stay tuned!