Ms Krazie @ 7 Eleven’s Video update

Here is the video i promised regarding the 7 Elevens stores. Sorry it took forever but it was well worth it. As i was doing the video i decided to make this a special one. So yes we will be giving away prizes to those who go out and support! Its only right we give back to those who give us so much in return. Click on the video to find out how you can win free prizes from UrbanKings. 

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Gymkhana Seven – Los Angeles

Check out this really dope video we were watching of Ken Block and his always popular Gymkhana Racetrack. If you have never heard of Ken Block or Gymkhana, let me give you the details. Ken Block is a world famous professional rally driver and co owner of DC Shoes. He then sold his stock in DC to focus on his new brand, Hoonigan Industries. He then created his own Gymkhana courses throughout the country. He has set up tough courses that only he would be able to master, and he shuts down the city to dominate it. Watch as Ford donates a custom 1965 Mustang, specially for Ken to use during this Gymkhana that shut down Los Angeles. Will be dominate? Watch and see!

Exclusive Photoshoot With Mitchy Slick

Old English Brand had scheduled a photo shoot with one of the artists we have been bumping since he came out. Mitchy Slick is a hip hop artist from San Diego, California as is from a hip hop rap group called “Strong Arm Steady”. If you dont know about Mitchy Slick, he is a westcoast legend that is known for his aggressive rap style, working with artists like Lil Wayne, Menace, E 40, Xzibit, The Game, KRS-One, Jay Rock, Talib Kweli, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Planet Asia, Kurupt, Too Short and more. A true westcoast legend, Mitchy Slick has been reppin the west for years, from his first album, that charted on Billboard #13 on Top Independent Albums Chart in 2001. Mitchy Slick is currently gearing for an upcoming project with YG Hootie, who is currently signed to Waka Flaka Flames Bricksquad Monopoly, so stay posted for that album, which is coming very soon. Mitchy Slick is wearing the Old English Brand “3rd Strike Baseball Tee” which is now available in our online store! We also shot a behind the scenes video of our exclusive photo shoot, so make sure to stay posted to our blog for the official release date!

“3rd Strike” Baseball Tee is currently available in White & Black, sizes M – 3XL

Wrongkind Is Everywhere

Feet Match The Paint

YG Hootie & Mitchy Slick

Behind The Scenes Video Of Our Photo Shoot Coming Soon

Mitchy Slick – Trigeration Station – Music Video

Mitchy Slick – Gangland Episode

The Truth Is Now

TV has become a symbol for pop culture, and pop culture sets the standard in which society should live by. We want to break that cycle, we want to destroy all the deceptions, all the standards that the mainstream media feeds us and anger us. We want to think freely and live freely. Old English Brand proudly showcases the brand new “Ill Tempered Pocket Print Tee” available now in various colors, like BurgundyBlueWhite and Green. Make sure to support Old English Brand by watching the video above and sharing it on your FB , IG and Twitter. Ill Tempered is a featured pocket print taken from the Old English Brand Summer Collection! Watch the video and we will keep awesome commercials coming!

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The Quick On The Wet – Watch Now