Ms Krazie and Lala Romero In The Studio

This is a picture Ms Krazie took herself at the studio with singer Lala Romero. They were hangin out listening to some music in the studio for a very anticipated song that both Ms Krazie fans and Lala’s fans have been asking about for months and months. Will it happen? Will a song by both of them be? Thats waiting to be seen but fans all around will be happy with the outcome. Make sure to stay updated to our blog to see and listen to any upcoming news regarding Ms Krazie and her new upcoming album that will be releasing this year called “Forgive Not Forget”.

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Support Your Local Vandal

Support your local vandal. The third installment from Old English Vandals make sure you click on the image and pick this shirt up!

Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Metta World Peace

Metta World Peace “In The Trenches”

Ron Artest Rocking OE

Old English Brand very good friend Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest, former NBA All Star And Defensive Player Of The Year was pranked a few days ago by Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy Kimmel has pranked Metta before, during a fake animal rescue charity for the show. This time, Jimmy got together with NBA All Star Amar’e Stoudemire to prank Metta during a Limousine ride through Los Angeles. Its a very funny clip and they got Metta good. Also above is Metta wearing the Old English Brand “In The Trenches Tank Top” and its available now in our online store! Make sure to watch the video below!

Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Metta World Peace

All That Money, Thats The Motive

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