Ms Krazie and Lala Romero In The Studio

This is a picture Ms Krazie took herself at the studio with singer Lala Romero. They were hangin out listening to some music in the studio for a very anticipated song that both Ms Krazie fans and Lala’s fans have been asking about for months and months. Will it happen? Will a song by both of them be? Thats waiting to be seen but fans all around will be happy with the outcome. Make sure to stay updated to our blog to see and listen to any upcoming news regarding Ms Krazie and her new upcoming album that will be releasing this year called “Forgive Not Forget”.

Art of a SKATER! Old English Vandals

A skaters playground, its the perfect escape. Created by Eddie Anaya. Bet you can’t do this even if it was a class assigment lol.

Honey I shrunk the pool.

Pool party anyone?

try to jump off this.

Posted by Alejandra

I just got to tell you how it is..

Life’s A Risk Commercial Releasing Jan 14th

Old English Brand will be releasing a brand new commercial on Thursday, January 14th featuring Old English Brand Sponsored Artist True Starr, showcasing our latest item, the Old English Brand “Life’s A Risk Tee“, which is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop! Make sure to stay posted to our website for the commercial!

The Old English Brand Flagship Shop 

11781 Slauson Ave

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Shop Hours : Monday – Friday : 12pm to 6pm

3 Rumored Songs From Michael Jackson & Freddy Mercury

There were rumors that these two legends worked on a collaboration back in the days, and with the leak of a song called “There Must Be More To Life Than This”, confirmed that some music was recorded together with Michael Jackson and Freddy Mercury (who was the lead singer for rock group “Queen”). A new report has risen from TIMES Magazine that claimed to have received three never before heard songs between the superstar artists, which one has already been released (“There Must Be More To Life Than This”). That leaves two songs to be heard, which TIME Magazine estimates its recorded year of 1983. The songs are called “There Must Be More To Life Than This”, “State of Shock” and “Victory”. With the death of Freddy Mercury in 1991, and the death of Michael Jackson in 2011, MJ’s estate has recently cleared the tracks and plan on releasing the music this fall. Until then, we will let you hear the first leaked song below, make sure to check it out!

Michael Jackson – Freddy Mercury – There Must Be More To Life Than This – Currently Unreleased

King Lil G – Out To Get Me – Behind The Scenes

Out To Get Me – Behind The Scenes 

Additional Behind The Scenes Video

Old English Brand Clothing has another dope video for everyone to check out, it is the behind the scenes of King Lil G’s brand new Music Video for “Out To Get Me”. There are two official behind the scenes for Out To Get Me, and we have both Official Videos that show what it looks like behind the camera, not in front of it. We sponsor our good friends at Echosworld Films, and we shot our boy  Hittman Gottem a dope “OE California Love Tee” that was also featured in the music video. We have love and support all artists, and shout out to King Lil G, Hittman, Echosworld and everyone who loves and supports Old English Brand. Make sure to check our blog tomorrow to see the King Lil G Music Video for “Out To Get Me”!